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10 Of The Creepiest Things People Have Found While Taking A Stroll Through The Woods

Have you ever stumbled upon something creepy while taking a walk through the woods?

Most people take walks in the wilderness to relax and enjoy nature. However, as we learned on Reddit, you never know what you’re going to find when you stray from society. Deep in the woods are all sorts of creepy and unexplained sights just waiting to be discovered.

Here are 10 of the creepiest things people have found in the woods. The stories are told in their own words, so don’t blame us if you can’t sleep tonight!

1. A random doll head.

“It was right in the middle of a short trail. No garbage or anything around it. And no other doll pieces were near it. It was like someone wanted someone to find it. And the very next day it was gone.”

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2. A dead horse surrounded by negative film strips.


(via Reddit / orilykid)

“I was backpacking in Yellowstone above the tree line at about 10,500 feet. We are hiking on a ridge above a lake when all the sudden we come across a horse skull. No body just the skull, pretty cool looking. We get to our campsite not too far away from the lake near where we found the horse skull. When we climb down to the lake we find the body of the horse rotting on the edge of the lake with with negative film strips floating in the water and lying around the shore near the body.”

3. A statue with gold nipples.

“She looked ghostly…She was wearing nothing but rain boots and her nipples had been painted gold…We started looking for something to take with us for a trinket that would go unnoticed and scrounged around for a few minutes before I noticed a piece of bark…On it was a very detailed picture of a vagina and written in black it said ‘Looking for 40+ year old models.'”

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4. The remains of a dog.

“Went for a walk in the woods with my girlfriend and found the remains of a dog…We thought it was a small deer at first as the two parts were separate, we looked for more parts and found part of the skull and the lower half with the pelvis (which is broken in the picture). Around then we realized it would have to be something else as the rib, pelvic skull and limb structure do not match a deer at all. We just took a bunch of pictures and labeled it as a dog.”

5. A bronze mask.

“So I was out fossil hunting last weekend when I happened upon something…strange…I have no idea what to make of it. Maybe someone tossed an old art project down there. Maybe someone stole it off a statue. I really have no idea. It looks like it’s been down there for a while. The forehead design, mouth and one of the ear/strap holes have been sealed shut by thinly melted copper, and sand concretions. There are still some small holes in them. There’s quite a bit of sand concretions on the face of the mask too.”

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6. A bloody backpack.


(via Reddit / Estrad7)

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“I once found a bloody backpack and a termite infested book nearby. Clearly someone had left this here for a very long time considering the amount of termite damage. I picked the backpack up to see what was inside it and I saw that it left an indentation in the pine straw below. Inside the backpack was a mint condition notebook and a decaying binder. I left to tell my parents about the discovery. When we got there, the objects were just gone. It was like the backpack was never even there. There was no indentation left in the ground and there were no termites at all. My footprints were still there, but there weren’t any other footprints anywhere.”

7. A startling confession.

“Went for a walk through the woods today and discovered this…”

8. Long-lost gravestones.

“Whoever it was died at the age of 34. The epitaph was: ‘Beneath this stone here lies a youth Whose soul was goodness and whose heart was truth Cropp’t like a flower she witherd in her bloom, Though flattering life had promis’d years to come. The years she liv’d, in virtue’s paths she trod, But now her spirit soars to meet its God. In realms of bliss, where Joys eternal reign, Devoid of care and uncontrol’d by pain.'”

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9. A deer carcass raining blood.


(via Reddit / JFRHorton)

“Some college friends and I were hiking in backcountry Maine, pretty deep in the woods. One girl mentioned she felt it start raining, but when she wiped the raindrop off, it was blood. We looked up to see the back half of a deer that had been stashed by a mountain lion. One if its hind legs had been severed, and was hanging by the achilles tendon on a lower branch.”

10. A dead body.

“While on a walk exploring some woods in a park I discovered a very dead homeless man. I say very dead because he was already decomposed quite a bit. I was about 12 and I got scared so I didn’t call the police or tell my parents. I actually feel pretty bad about that now. The smell was atrocious, I have yet to smell another odor so horrific.”

Yikes! Those stories are all the reason I need to stay inside and watch Netflix forever.

What They Found On A Hike Is Bizarre And Incredibly Morbid…This Isn’t Normal

When you go for a hike, it’s always a good idea to let at least one person know where you’re going and how long you plan to be there. Usually, nothing happens and you come back safe, but there’s always that chance of disaster. Or, in the case of Redditor indigoaway, a chance of a brutal sacrifice by a possible cult.

He and a friend were on a hike when they found something deep in the woods…

Indigoaway decided to go on a spontaneous hike with a friend. Not long after they began exploring, the two stumbled upon a rusted old barrel. From the outside, it just looked like trash, inside, though?

Well, it was filled with bones and other organic debris. Indigoaway’s friend had come across it a month earlier, too.

Even though what we’re probably looking at are animal bones, it’s still an extremely freaky thing to find in the middle of the woods.

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Indigoaway said it looks like someone used a saw on the bones before throwing them into the barrel and burning them…oh, and the heads? Nowhere to be found.

While many Reddit commenters say this looks like the work of poachers trying to cover up their illegal hunting, indigoaway claims the woods are known for cult activity. Whichever explanation you believe, I don’t think it makes this discovery any less freaky.

(source Reddit)

Much of this sounds like the opening scene to a sequel of the Blair Witch Project. If I were them, I’d have hightailed it out of there.

A Boat Builder Had A Crazy Idea In The Forest. One Year And $11,000 Later, THIS Perfection Exists.

I’ve never met Brian Schulz, but he’s now my hero. He had an idea to build a Japanese Forest House in the middle of an Oregon forest… and after 1 1/2 years and $11,000, he completed it. What’s even better about this home in the woods, it was mostly built from natural, locally sourced materials. In other words, this place was mostly funded by his hard work and innovation – something truly inspiring. Take a look at Schulz’s home and his journey along the way below.

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this is the finished home in the woods of Cape Falcon, Oregon.

As mentioned above, the truly inspiring part about this house is that nearly everything you see was locally sourced.

Schulz said, “it is undeniable that the pursuit of local materials connects more deeply to your landscapes.”

“The simple act of searching adds richness to our lives,’ he added.

The entire idea started when he went to a recycling center and found a brass sink.

He started fantasizing about building an entire house around it.

So… he did.

He set out to salvage all of the necessary materials.

It’s incredible that so much of what you see in this house was pulled from his local surroundings.

Schulz says, “With deep enough pockets a person might be able to duplicate such a structure by writing a large check to a talented builder, but that would risk missing the point entirely.”

He also did quite a bit of traveling to find all the right resources. He conveyed that this was one of the best parts of the process.

“You meet people, you discover new places, you have adventures, you learn things, AND, you come home with beams, windows, doors, and shingles.”

No home would be complete without an outhouse.

A (mostly) natural outhouse.

This is Brian with a kayak that he built. He clearly has an unbelievable talent.

Schulz stated that the $11,000 cash mostly went to concrete, insulation and shakes. After all, it’s tough to build a home this awesome completely from your surroundings. All in all, he did a fantastic job that should inspire the creativity in all of us. As much as I love the house, his experience building it is absolutely priceless. Source: Cape Falcon Kayak A year and a half of work deserves some credit. Share this awesome house with others; inspire them.

They Were Out In The Woods Looking For Ghosts, But The Ghosts Found Them Instead

Regardless of whether you think the paranormal is real or not, it takes a lot of guts to be part of a ghost-hunting trip. That goes double for when you’re looking in the woods versus inside an old house. At least if things get spooky in an enclosed space, you know where the exits are. In the woods, you can never be sure where the spookiness begins and ends.

While venturing into a forest at night in search of something is scary enough, it’s even worse when the ghosts you’re looking for find you instead. That’s exactly the situation one group of friends found themselves in while exploring the wilderness around a graveyard a few years ago…so freaky.

It only makes a quick appearance, keep your eye out for it:

(via The Paranormal Blog)

While I’m always skeptical of ghost videos, especially grainy ones, I’m not so sure about this one. Everything about it points to it being genuine, yet it still seems off. Regardless, I’ll continue to keep my policy in place of staying inside after dark.