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Hillary Clinton gives play-by-play of violent protests in Tunisia

“The ambassador and his team were desperate for help,” Hillary Clinton dramatically told the Select Committee on Benghazi today, recalling not the terrorist attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi but violent demonstrations in Tunisia.

Why was Clinton recalling the unrest in Tunisia? Because of that darn YouTube video that she and President Obama blamed for the “spontaneous” attack that killed four Americans. It just will not go away, so there must be some way to integrate it into the administration’s narrative.

Clinton recounted Tunisia as some sort of success story to counterbalance the debacle in Libya: “I called the president, President MarzoukiI said, Mr. President, please deploy your presidential guard, at least show that Tunisia will stand with the United States against these protestors over this inflammatory video. To his great credit and to my great relief, that is exactly what he did.”

WHOA: Sean Spicer parody’s Gianforte tweets bring out VIOLENT, unhinged Lefties

After Greg Gianforte WON in Montana last night, Sean Spicer’s parody account (@sean_spicier) took full advantage of how reactive and emotional the Left can be by tweeting about how Gianforte will fit in and Trump body slamming people.

‘F*ck Steve Scalise’: HuffPost writer wishes political violence were more ‘organized’

‘MOORE’ violent rhetoric: Michael Moore all but declares war on Senate Republicans for July 4

For years we made fun of the Left and their shaky-fisted threats and pretty glitter bombs, but what we’ve learned is that while most of them are harmless (just really annoying) some take their progressive rhetoric too far. As we witnessed in Alexandria, VA. last month.

Apparently though Michael Moore doesn’t seem to get it …

Turkish Embassy issues ‘ridiculous’ statement on bloody protester beatings in DC

During A TV Interview, This Killer Learned The Body Of His Victim Had Been Found

In 2011, Stephen McDaniel committed the brutal murder of his law school classmate Lauren Giddings. The two had come to know each other casually in one of their classes. That’s when McDaniel became obsessed with her. They both happened to live in the same apartment complex, and on the night before Giddings was supposed to move back home, McDaniel made his move. He broke into her apartment and murdered her.

To cover his tracks, he dismembered the body and placed body parts in various dumpsters on the Mercer University campus. McDaniel thought that he had done a good job hiding the corpse. Police, however, found the body parts fairly quickly. McDaniel learned this while giving an interview about the missing Giddings girl for a local television station. Can you pick out the moment when he knows he’s been caught?

(via The Telegraph)

In 2014, with evidence mounting against him, McDaniel confessed to the murder in extreme detail. He is currently serving a life sentence for his heinous crime.