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He Shot A Gun At Himself Underwater, And The Reason Why Is Just Insane

Everyone knows that pointing a gun at yourself or someone else is never a good idea, but this guy seems to have made a hobby out of it. Instead of playing sports or creating art, he spends his time testing incredible theories. For this one, he got into a pool and stood directly in front of a submerged gun. After a few seconds, he pulled the trigger.

This is physics at its finest.

Thank goodness we didn’t actually just witness a man shooting himself. Water is essential to human life, and this is just a very literal interpretation of that fact.

If Your Car Is In Water And Sinking Fast, This Is What You Need To Do To Survive

What are you supposed to do if you get caught in a car that’s going under water?

It might seem like an unlikely scenario, but last year, more than 100 people were killed when their cars were caught in a river or flash flood.

The water rises incredibly fast and the light grows dim…but what’s more alarming is that the first 30-60 seconds are crucial for your survival.

Here’s how to escape with your life.

Let’s all hope that we never have to put this knowledge into practice. But if you do, you’ll certainly be in a far better position to save your life than before.