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What Happened When She Saw This UFO Might Be A Coincidence, But What If It’s Not?

UFOs are known for doing a few things when they’re spotted by humans. They sometimes cause blackouts and make cars start all by themselves, but they don’t usually break cameras.

But this might be a new tactic if the latest news out of Brazil is true. A woman there claims that the camera on her smartphone mysteriously broke after she accidentally snapped a startling picture of a UFO.

The woman said that she was watching a soccer game in the city of Marmelo when she got bored and started taking pictures of the scenery around her. That’s when she caught this UFO cruising through the sky.

According to the woman, she didn’t actually see the UFO at first. But after snapping the picture, her smartphone suddenly turned off and there was a bright spot on the screen where the UFO had been.

Those who have seen the photo believe that it might be the same UFO that was spotted in La Paz, Bolivia, on December 6, 2015.

You can see the UFO from that Bolivian sighting in the video below.

(via Mysterious Universe)

If UFOs are now going around and breaking people’s cameras, I think we might have a bigger problem on our hands than we originally thought.

There Are Some Questionable Things Showing Up In These NASA Photos

Last fall, NASA released thousands of photos from every manned Apollo mission that took place between 1961 and 1972. The collection includes about 13,000 images from the NASA archives, most of which are photos of smiling astronauts living the dream in outer space.

But Redditor my_newz_account sifted through all of the pictures and came across some bizarre shots. This NASA enthusiast is certainly not a space expert, but that hasn’t stopped the Reddit community from wondering what’s going on here. I’m inclined to share their concerns.

This looks like a standard photo of the moon’s surface…except for that tiny dot up there.

In this image, there’s a slightly bigger dot hanging out in the sky.

And this one’s even larger.

What is this thing?

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Well, that object is alarmingly huge.

And then we have these tiny anomalies. They’re probably just stars, but what’s with those streaks below them?

Here’s where it all gets really strange. What’s that blue orb?

It appears in many of the images.

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Here, it looks like it’s beaming down.

Is it a shooting star…or an alien spacecraft? We might never know.

I’m going to assume that because NASA released these photos, they have a reasonable explanation for the craziness. But then again, Kipp Teague of the NASA Project Apollo Archive did say that the reason why he released them online instead of publishing them in print was because the organization was facing budget cuts at the time, so maybe it’s up to us to figure it out.