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TFW Lauren Duca tweets there should be no men ANYWHERE and gets dragged by Ben Shapiro

As more and more news comes out about predators in Hollywood, D.C. and the media, we should be able to look toward strong, well-balanced, rational feminists for words of wisdom about how women are strong and capable, while recognizing that some men are also victims. Right? Oh wait, it’s 2017, what were we THINKING?!

This is a response from a ‘feminist’:

This Dad Asked His Little Kids What They Thought About Presidential Candidates

I remember the carefree days when I was a kid…but only vaguely.

I didn’t have to worry about politics, war, or really anything on the news other than those segments that featured cute newborn pandas. Life was good.

Whether or not you allow your kids to be more involved with current events, sometimes it’s hard to shield them from everything. And since children are basically like adorable sponges when it comes to absorbing information, you’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to them remembering something they overheard.

When this dad asked his kids some questions about a certain Presidential candidate, their responses were kind of hilarious.

I do remember thinking everyone older than me at that age was 200, too.

Do you let your kids watch the news if they express an interest in it or do you try to shield them until they’re older?

NAILED IT! Greg Gutfeld MOCKS the media’s obsession with Trump and Russia in 1 perfect tweet

The media has a problem. Well, the media has LOTS of problems, but their biggest one is the constant screeching and paranoia around Russia. Every time they think they have a ‘gotcha’ story on the president they end up just making themselves look more foolish and desperate.

Greg Gutfeld had the perfect example of the media’s ‘handiwork’:

They tricked us: White House explains the Russia-only photo-op in the Oval Office

(Russian Foreign Ministry Photo via AP)

CNN’s Jim Acosta reports on how the Russians were able to take photographs of President Trump in yesterday’s Oval Office meeting with AmbassadorSergey Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:

ALT CNN HEADLINE: Our sources don’t know if this is true or not, but please click because RUSSIA

How the fake news is made, continued…

Step 1 — Tweet something with an explosive allegation in the headline:

Trump cancels trip to Israel

Yesterday we reported that Donald Trump was headed to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu on December 28.

But according to Trump this morning, the trip is off:

Trump gave no reason for the cancellation, butNetanyahu did criticize Trump’s plan to temporarily band Muslims from the U.S. Could the two be related?

We’ll update as soon as we know more.

Editor’s note: A typo has been corrected in the headline.

Larry Elder’s truth-slam about Trump’s biggest accomplishment in first 100 days is pure BOOMITY

The media has been HARPING nonstop about Trump’s first 100 days and what he has (and has not) accomplished. Even people who weren’t exactly Trump supporters are speaking out in support of the president at this point, mainly due to the nonsensical and endless bitching from the Left about everything.

On that note, even if Trump does NOTHING else in the next four years, this accomplishment was YUGE:

iPads used to sell merchandise spotted at Trump rally in S.C.

We reported earlier how Donald Trump told Apple he was boycotting the company and had stopped using his iPhone to tweet unless they helped the FBI hack the phone of the San Bernardino terrorist. But it might be a little harder for The Donald to quit using Apple’s products than he thinks it is.

Check out the scene outside a campaign rally tonight in S.C.:

Maybe the boycott starts tomorrow?

Earlier from Donald Trump: