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A Dentist Once Wrote About A Condition That Caused People’s Teeth To Explode

We often associate sitting in the dentist’s chair with annoyance and pain, but dentists never get enough credit for making that experience much less painful than it actually could be.

Thomas Morris, a writer and avid researcher of medical history oddities, wrote a piece about the history of dental explosions that’ll make your skin crawl. (Yes, seriously.)

In the 19th century, a dentist by the name of W.H. Atkinson wrote about a bizarre condition that caused people’s teeth to explode in their mouths. (And you thought getting cavities filled was painful!)

In 1817, Atkinson recorded the case of a reverend in Springfield, Pennsylvania, who suffered from a painful toothache.

One morning, he heard a loud crack in his mouth that sounded “like a pistol shot.” After his tooth shattered into tiny pieces, the pain went away.

In 1871, a young woman’s tooth blew up from a similar affliction.

Some say the sound that came from her mouth was so loud that she went deaf for a few days after the fact.

No one is quite sure if this condition actually existed, but one of its causes could have been that severe tooth decay often leads to gas buildup at the root.

When the tooth is filled with too much gas, it explodes like a balloon.

Another theory is that two different metals used for fillings back then reacted to each other by producing hydrogen.

That could explain the bizarre explosions.

(via Thomas Morris on BBC | Unexplained Mysteries)

But these are only theories, of course. Most modern dentists have little faith that this syndrome was ever actually a thing. Did Atkinson really treat a man with an exploding tooth problem, or was this just part of a sophisticated ploy to get his patients to floss more? We may never know.

To read more about the weird history of medicine, follow Thomas Morris on Twitter.

An Observant Traffic Worker Saved This Street-Crossing Pooch’s Life

If you live in Arizona and use State Route 51 on your commute, you know how busy this road can be. As you can imagine, this area is no place for a little puppy to be wandering around, but one unlucky dog recently found herself on the crowded highway.

Someone at the Department of Transportation’s Traffic Control Center was monitoring the highway’s cameras when he spotted the pooch. That’s when he decided to take action.

No one knows where the dog came from, but she was seen attempting to cross State Route 51 In Pheonix.


Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) employee Gil Estrada was monitoring the cameras that day when he noticed the terrified dog. When he picked her up in his car, she was curled up on the median.


The dog was given to the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO), and they offered to help find her a home.

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Last night, Jan. 25th, 2016 an employee who monitors ADOT cameras noticed a dog on the freeway median of SR51. The…

Posted by Arizona Equine Rescue Organization on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So far, the owners of the pooch haven’t come forward, and AERO plans to put her up for adoption. They have named her ADOT in honor of the employee who saved her life.

Disney’s Paris Haunted House Just Got Creepier When A Body Was Found Inside

At one point in Disney’s famous Haunted Mansion attraction, the “Ghost Host” proclaims that the estate is the home of “999 happy haunts,” and that “there’s room for a thousand.”

Well, it seems the creepy host just got his wish, as the dead body of a Disney employee was recently found in the Disneyland Paris version of the ride. It seems one of the most popular dark rides in the world just got that much darker.

While repairing a light fixture at Disneyland Paris’ take on the popular Haunted Mansion ride, Phantom Manor, a 45-year-old Disney employee was believed to have been electrocuted.

The man, who had worked at the park since 2002, was found by other Disney employees between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. By 10 a.m, he was declared dead.

The ride was immediately shut down for investigation.

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This is not the first death to occur at the European resort. In 2010, a 53-year-old employee became trapped underneath one of the boats in the It’s a Small World ride and died on the way to the hospital.

More recently, in 2013, a five-year-old guest fell out of one of the boats on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and was trapped between the boat and the exit platform. The boy was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital but, thankfully, survived.

Getty Images

In a statement to BBC, Disney commented on the death of their beloved employee saying, “We are truly saddened to learn of the passing of one of our Cast Members, and our hearts go out to his family and friends during this very difficult time.”

Despite the incidents listed above, Disneyland Paris has seen very few deaths in its 23 years of existence. It’s pretty admirable, considering the number of complex and sometimes dangerous machines the employees have to deal with on a daily basis.

Think Your Commute Is Bad? Try Climbing A 1,500-Foot Tower Every Day

The worst part about working is always the commute. Sitting in traffic is horrible, and taking public transit is always enough to give you a headache. But to get to their job, these workers only have to travel 1,500 feet…off the ground.

Someone has to fix all of those huge TV towers, right? Watch as one brave worker climbs to the top of one of these structures, dragging his 30-pound bag of tools along with him all the way.

Full disclosure: I work from home and I’m still feeling pretty ho-hum about the commute from my bed to my desk. As a lazy person who also has a pretty significant fear of heights, this video is a nightmare on so many levels.

Instead Of Euthanizing Unwanted Cats, This Shelter Is Giving Them A New Purpose

Despite the work of tens of thousands of animal shelters and even more volunteers around the country, nearly 3 million companion animals are euthanized each year. More than half of them are cats. To combat this, SpokAnimal struck up a program with the goal of giving unwanted cats a second chance.

So how do they do it? They match cats to farms, warehouses, and other properties where the furry felines can offer their rodent-killing services.

Not only are they saving the cats from certain death, they’re also giving them a new purpose in life.

Learn more about the program here!

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SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. is on a mission to save as many cats as possible. Find out how they’re helping ferals get a second chance at life.

Posted by The Animal Rescue Site on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

You can find out how to help these cuties, along with other shelter animals, by visiting SpokAnimal’s Facebook or by donating on their website.

This Hero Loves Bacon So Much, He Decided To Cure His Own

How much do you love bacon?

No matter how many meals you arbitrarily sprinkle it on, you’re never going to love the savory topper more than Reddit user fourthwardco. When he bought 8.6 pounds of pork, he decided to actually cure his own bacon.

As he walks us through the steps, you’ll realize the difference between cooking bacon and curing it is like the difference between babysitting a child and having one of your own. And rest assured, this guy loves his little bacon baby!

When fourthwardco bought this 8.6-pound slab of pork at his local butcher, he knew exactly what to do with it.

First, he lathered his prize in a layer of pure maple syrup.

Next, he made his own rub with pink curing salt, kosher salt, brown sugar, and ground pepper.

He made sure to spread that deliciousness all over the meat on both sides.

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Now for the actual curing…fourthwardco put the meat into a 2.5-gallon Ziploc bag (yes, apparently those exist) and stored it in an aluminum pan, in case it leaked.

For seven days, he let the juices marinate the meat, flipping it over at least once a day to redistribute the seasoning.

Finally, it was smokin’ time! The meat went onto a smoker with 200°F coals and chunks of hickory wood for extra flavor. The smoking process took around four hours.

When the meat reached an internal temperature of 150°F, it was ready.

He put the pork back in the fridge overnight and sliced it up the next day.

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Ahhhh the good stuff…

It may have taken over a week to make a BLT, but I think we can all agree it was SO worth it.

And that’s how bacon babies are made, ladies and gentlemen.

Honestly, I’d eat that bacon seasoning on its own. I may have a bacon problem.

This Soldier Suffers From PTSD, But Found Therapy In Hiking With His Dog…And Cat

It’s always a gift to have a soldier return home from war, but nowadays, about 20% of veterans returning from the Middle East struggle with PTSD, which is a different kind of battle entirely.

When Stephen Simmons came back from Iraq in 2008, he had trouble adjusting to life at home. His body had become so accustomed to the endorphins that were triggered by his high-stress occupation. To combat this, Simmons created his own “adventure therapy” program. He, his dog Puppi, and his cat Burma hike Oregon’s mountains to help the vet get back on track.

I’ve never seen a cat so cool with hiking…and in the snow, no less! I guess if Simmons can use the hikes to get over his PTSD, Burma is willing to get a little wet in the process.

Mother Nature Will Blow Your Mind Once You See What’s Inside This Jellyfish

You wouldn’t think that the underside of a jellyfish would be a safe place to hang out, but when predators start circling these baby fish, they know that there’s one place where the big guys won’t think to look.

Watch as Earth Touch captures one of the most bizarre forms of symbiosis.

The fish hiding inside the jellyfish are scads and the predatory fish are groupers. When the little scads were near the jellyfish, they noticed that the groupers stayed away from them. Clever, right?

A Book Was Written About The ‘Titanic’ Disaster…14 Years Before It Happened

We all know the story of the RMS Titanic — the British passenger liner that tragically sank after colliding with an iceberg on its maiden voyage, causing the deaths of 1,500 people — but there’s something about this story that you probably don’t know.

More baffling than the fact that James Cameron’s famous movie Titanic beat out Good Will Hunting for the Oscar that year is the book that was written about the ship sinking…14 years before it actually happened.

Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan was written in 1898 by Morgan Robertson. It tells the story of a fictitious ocean liner called the Titan that is said to be “unsinkable.”

Sound familiar? Just wait.

Halfway through its voyage in the North Atlantic, the shiphits an iceberg, and there are not enough lifeboats for all of the passengers.

It doesn’t say anything about how buoyant the ship’s doors are, however.

Here’s where it gets insane. In Futility, the boat hits the iceberg on the starboard side on an April night, 400 miles away from Newfoundland. The real Titanic hit an iceberg on the STARBOARD side on APRIL 14, 400 miles from Newfoundland.

What’s going on here?

When the Titanic sank, people understandably accused Robertson of clairvoyance, but Robertson insisted that he just knew a ton about maritime practices and shipbuilding, and that any similarities between the tragedy and his story were pure coincidence.

If You Don’t Think Teddy Was Our Most Hardcore President, This Will Change Your Mind

Teddy Roosevelt is commonly depicted as a hardcore frontiersman charging his steed into a herd of buffalo, and despite being born the sickly child of a wealthy Manhattan socialite, he pretty much was the legendary figure that we make him out to be.

Need proof of his awesomeness? Well, did I mention that the guy was once shot in the chest and then proceeded to give a campaign speech mere minutes later? I didn’t? This is how it went down.

During the 1912 presidential campaign, the Republican Party was split between Taft’s more conservative outlook and Roosvelt’s, which was more progressive.

Losing the Republican nomination to Taft, Roosevelt decided to form the Bull Moose Party.

But some Republicans saw this separation as an affront to the stability of the party. Someone who was decidedly unhappy with Roosevelt’s approach was John Flammang Schrank, who owned a saloon in Milwaukee.

Hearing that Roosevelt was coming to Milwaukee to campaign, Schrank attended a dinner held by Roosevelt at a hotel. As Roosevelt was leaving to go deliver a speech, Schrank shot him in the chest.

Fun fact: Schrank claimed that the ghost of former president William McKinley appeared to him in a dream and instructed him to shoot Teddy.

The bullet flew through 50 pages of a folded document (on which Teddy’s speech was written) and a steel eyeglass case before entering his chest.

Despite all of that, Roosevelt delivered his speech. The audience marveled at his opening lines: “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.”

Being an experienced hunter, Roosevelt concluded that because he wasn’t coughing blood, the bullet hadn’t reached his lungs.

The bullet did not penetrate his pleura, meaning that it would be more dangerous to remove it than it would be to leave it in place. Teddy kept the bullet in there for the rest of his life.

The wound caused Teddy to be off the campaign trail for several weeks and kept him from doing his daily exercises. This is when Teddy started to gain weight. In the end, Roosevelt defeated Taft by a slight margin, but it was not enough to beat the Democratic Party that year. Woodrow Wilson took office in 1913.