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Bruce Bartlett wants Tea Party small enough to fit ‘down the toilet’


Columnist and historian Bruce Bartlett appears unhappy with the Tea Party. It seems like only yesterday that the Tea Party was often described as “irrelevant,” and now it’s purportedly wrested control of the destiny of the nation and demanded fiscal responsibility. The horror!

MSNBC contributor and Miami Herald columnist Joy Reid re-tweeted the Tea Party flush dream of Bartlett, a man who, according to his Twitter bio, worked for Ron Paul and Jack Kemp as well as served in the Reagan White House.


Is it any surprise that someone who worked for Republicans who tends to say things liberals like isn’t a fan of the Tea Party?

Business Insider CEO sizes up Dave Brat’s platform: ‘No govt., no schools’


Underdog Dave Brat was an unknown to many before tonight’s stunning victory in Virginia against Eric Cantor, and those who are trying to catch up are cutting corners and labeling Brat a Tea Party extremist. Business Insider editor and CEO took a guess at Brat’s platform, and it looked a lot like anarchy.


That’s right. No government, no schools, no phones, no lights, no motor cars.


But … Tea Party!


Maybe a quick check of Brat’s website would be in order.


Yeah, don’t bother.


Tea Party president in Stop Common Core shirt denied access to Kasich event

The president of the Cincinnati Tea Party says she was denied admittance to a get-out-the-vote campaign stop by Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich Monday night and threatened with arrest because she intended to ask a question about the governor’s support for Common Core.

Tea partier @annbecker1999 ejected from @JohnKasich #ohgov rally. Disruptive, or just wearing anti #CommonCore shirt? http://t.co/DmC2FnEXDW

— Chrissie Thompson (@CThompsonENQ) October 14, 2014

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s state capital reporter, Chrissie Thompson, reports:

Ann Becker, tea party president and a Butler County voter, said she was wearing an “Ohioans Against Common Core” T-shirt when private security stopped her from entering the event at Voice of America MetroPark and asked if she was invited.

The security officer went inside to confirm the invitation with Butler County GOP officials, who hosted the rally, while about eight other people got into the event without being stopped, Becker said.

Becker, who served as a Butler County GOP central committee woman until May, said she was told she was not on the guest list, even though she showed the officer the email RSVP she had sent to the Butler County GOP earlier in the day.

“He said I had to leave the premises immediately or I would be removed,” said Becker, who was among a group of T-shirt wearing protesters who were denied access to the event.

UPDATE: @JohnKasich campn spox @conniewehrkamp says local tea party hed @annbecker1999 ejected 4 being 'disruptive,' http://t.co/4S4b3bzZT6

— Carl Weiser (@cweiser) October 14, 2014

Becker posted a photo of her “disruptive” group to her blog:


Well, at least someone tried to talk some sense to the governor about Common Core.

@annbecker1999 Welp, so much for that guy.

— Eric Silver (@EricSilverUSA) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 Way to go, Ann! Keep up the good work! #CommonCore must go! Ohio voters deserve answers from Gov. Kasich.

— Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 @OhioAgainstCCSS I hope you got the police officers name who stood with this fascist government. Shame on you @JohnKasich

— ✝Joe B✝ (@NRA_LIFER) October 14, 2014

@NRA_LIFER @OhioAgainstCCSS @JohnKasich Officer was just doing his job. Knew it was wrong.The Butler Co GOP/Kasich staff pulling the strings

— Ann Becker (@annbecker1999) October 14, 2014

@annbecker1999 Ejected from a .@GOP Rally by a Republican Governor who we got elected in 2010. & These people expect us to send $ & Vote

— Roy Wagner (@royw07) October 14, 2014

Katie Pavlich, Michelle Malkin post Tea Party pics for Throwback Thursday

What’s better than a Throwback Thursday shot of Katie Pavlich at a Tea Party gathering five years ago? A photo of Katie Pavlich and a photo of Michelle Malkin, that’s what.

Tea Party falls to incumbents in Texas midterms

This one's over:
P. Sessions (i) 68.7% 15,843
K. Pierson 31.3% 7,226

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) March 05, 2014

It’s been a rough day in Texas for the Tea Party, where incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions handily held off Tea Party rock star Katrina Pierson, and Sen. John Cornyn did the same with Rep. Steve Stockman.






Surprising no one, the race for Texas governor has come down to Attorney General Greg Abbott and state senator Wendy Davis, who rose to fame with a nearly 13-hour filibuster against more strict regulation of abortion clinics.



Young Republican official: Tea Party is full of ‘senile angry people’


Nothing gets establishment GOPers more animated than the chance to trash conservatives who actually want to take back the country from socialist statists, rather than just manage the decay and benefit from crony capitalism. The latest kerfuffle between those who lovingly embrace the status quo and the “radical” Tea Party began with a debate between Breitbart.com writer Brandon Darby and Sen. John McCain campaign consultant John Weaver, who orchestrated such resounding conservative victories as John McCain 2000 and John McCain 2008.

Shortly thereafter, Luke Niles, Southern Regional Vice Chair for Young Republican National Federation, decided to jump into the fray:



Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the Tea Party, establishment Republicans sound a lot like Rachel Maddow?


Notice who was calling names in this exchange. It was the same guy whining that his opponent was a “bully.” And of course, he impotently declares victory at the end:


We urge you not to tweet at Mr. Niles, as he seems awfully sensitive and will probably accuse you of bullying him. We’d hate to break his thin-skinned, myopic, surrender echo chamber.


How ’bout that? Niles deleted his tweets.

Riiiight. Also, Twitchy is forever.


Here’s what the Young Republican National Federation has to say: