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If Your Skin Was Blotchy This Summer, Don’t Worry, You Were Just Covered In Fungus

Have you ever noticed splotches on your skin after getting a sick tan in the summer?

We’ve all dealt with redness and peeling, but if you see light and dark patches on your skin right now, you’re probably just covered in fungus. It’s fine. This is fine. The fungus in question is called tinea versicolor, and it digs hanging out on human skin when there’s a buildup of yeast.

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Looking more like a cheetah and less like a human? Tinea versicolor may be to blame.

If you’re like 98 percent of people, you have yeast chillin’ on the surface of your skin right now. When that yeast goes into overdrive because of hot, humid conditions, it can attract fungus that cause blotchiness.

The fungus is particularly fond of moisture and oil, so areas that secrete large amounts of sebum are the most vulnerable. Just ask this girl, who now has to deal with some nasty nonsense on her forehead.

The good news is that it’s pretty much harmless. That being said, the symptoms aren’t exactly attractive. Because the fungus doesn’t allow skin to tan, affected areas are clearly visible after sun exposure.

In some cases, tinea versicolor can become so intense that people mistake it for vitiligo, which is a more severe skin condition that causes uneven pigmentation.

As far as treatment is concerned, those dealing with tinea versicolor can grab some antifungal creams from their dermatologists or opt for homemade concoctions to achieve similar results.

While natural oils with antifungal properties like lavender, thyme, and clove can help cut down on irritation, anyone struggling with a serious case of fungal insanity should probably go for the strong stuff.

Summer may be on its way out, but if you’re one of the unlucky folks contending with tinea versicolor right now, the season’s cruelest effects will linger.

(via BuzzFeed)

To learn more about this condition, click here.

This Guy Made An Awesome Sandbox With Benches For His Kids

Growing up, my sandbox was a backyard oasis where I could truly escape the stresses of being a kid, while simultaneously exploring my creative side.

There were only ever two downsides to spending all day, every day in my sandbox: the uncomfortable feeling of having sand in every nook and cranny and keeping wildlife from taking up shelter in it.

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Luckily, Reddit user darwin_thornberry has found a way to solve both problems. He built an awesome sandbox for his children with collapsible benches that also serve as a lid. This design is so cool, it only makes me more jealous that someone didn’t think of it sooner.

He began by assembling a wooden base with plenty of room for sand.

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Next, he laid out a series of two-by-fours that he would eventually transform into two benches.

He added sets of hinges that would allow the wooden boards to serve a double purpose.

With the bench seats completed, he began work on the back supports.

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To make the benches fully collapsible, he needed to add more hinges to the back supports.

With both benches finished, the sandbox was mostly complete. All that was left to do was put it in place and add sand.

Now darwin_thornberry‘s kids have an amazing spot to play without getting sand in…uncomfortable places.

Plus, they can keep all kinds of critters out with the collapsible seats that double as a lid!

Oh the things I would have done for a backyard box like this when I was little! For the full instructions, click here.

Here’s An Easy Trick For Checking Your Propane Level This Grilling Season

It’s officially summer (FINALLY) which means that if you haven’t already commemorated the season with a backyard cookout, you should be planning one!

While it can be stressful to get everything in order — the meat, veggies, marinades, sides — you can’t forget the most important component…the grill!

Okay, so if you have one, you’re halfway there, but you also need to make sure you have enough fuel for it. If you don’t have a measuring device built into the tank, just grab a hot glass of water and do this.

How easy is that?!

Let’s be honest…we both know you’re going to check this when you get home from work today.

Happy grilling, everyone!

This Light Take On Pizza Bites Is About To Become Your Poolside Go-To!

You know what’s the worst? Chilling by the pool at a cookout on a sweltering day and being assaulted with an onslaught of heavy food.

Burgers are cool in theory, but when you’re drowning in your own sweat, the idea of scarfing down a greasy, fatty burger becomes less appealing by the second. The same goes for pizza. I was swimming at my apartment complex the other day when it was 95 degrees out and I almost melted when some guy opened up a steaming box of pizza.

But then it hit me. Going three months without pizza should be illegal and we should just deal with the heaviness that accompanies everyone’s favorite meal. Or should we? Someone prayed to the summer gods for a solution, and it comes to us today in the form of these zucchini pizza bites that bring all of the cheese and none of the gut-busting agony.

Stay tuned until the end if you want to hear a song that’s truly not good at all.

I don’t know about you, but I have a date with some zucchini, a whole lot of sunscreen, and a swimming pool.

He Took Apart Old Skis And Transformed Them Into This Backyard Must-Have

Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to relax during the summer months?

When it comes to summertime, relaxation is usually the last thing on my mind. The unbearable heat makes it nearly impossible to get comfortable enough to even toy with the idea of taking an afternoon siesta.

In times of insufferable heat, try imagining that you’re in a much colder place. Apparently, just thinking about being in a cooler climate can trick your brain into believing that you’re not melting. I’ve never had the mental stamina to get this to actually work, but I think Redditor yourheynis is on the right track.

He collected some skis and repurposed them into an awesome, summer-ready porch swing that will transport you to wherever your imagination would like to go.

Redditor yourheynis began his porch swing by collecting used pairs of skis that he found at thrift stores and yard sales.

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Using a variety of techniques, he removed the bindings from all of the skis.

He then laid them out until he had the desired size and pattern he wanted for his swing.

Even though he’d never created something like this before, he managed to build a sturdy frame.

With his angle cutter in hand, he removed 20 inches from each ski to create a uniform edge.

He then assembled and attached the skis to the seat.

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Next he measured and cut the skis again to create the back portion of the swing.

With a beer at the ready, he sanded down the metal edges. Safety first!

Two coats of gloss later, the skis looked brand new!

Our builder went through quite a few drill bits, but countersink holes were eventually added.

He then used two-by-six boards to serve as back supports for the frame.

Next up was hardware.

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Using scrap pieces, he created arm rests.

He found time for another beer before attaching brackets to the arms for extra support.

He then screwed the arms down.

After that, the holes for each chain were added.

Our builder cut off and sanded down the exposed screws to ensure that no one would get hurt.

Using a 20-foot chain, he created a loop and hung it from the underside of his deck.

The swing and chain then became one.

After attaching everything and making sure it was stable, the swing was ready to help this do-it-yourselfer and his friends get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Who knew summer and winter could collide in such an awesome way? If you need me, I’ll be busting out my old skis.

Building An Aboveground Pool Isn’t As Hard As It Sounds

Once summer begins, I become instantly jealous of every person I know that has a swimming pool.

My grandfather used to work for a pool installation company that offered to install a free pool in our backyard in exchange for letting people come over to see the watering hole in action. However, ironically, my grandfather couldn’t swim, so he opted out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Now, if I were a petty person, I’d probably resent his decision a bit more, but luckily, I know enough people who own pools not to be bothered.

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And after this Reddit user detailed his building of an aboveground pool, I might just let what remains of my grudge go, and build one of these bad boys for myself.

This is the land that would eventually be home to a brand-new aboveground pool.

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But first, some excavation needed to be done.

He poured out six tons of sand for the base and dug holes for the patio supports.

Of course, he had to make sure that all the patio blocks were level. Then it was time to install the pool track.

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In a matter of minutes, it was on to assembling the pool wall.

Side supports were placed over the exposed bolts holding the wall together.

Before installing the liner, the builder placed it in the sun to make it more flexible.

A pool cove is a gentle slope of sand around the edges. A plastic liner goes under it and then the sand in the middle must be evened out, which you can see below.

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Next came the installation of the pool liner.

He used an industrial vacuum to ensure all air was removed from under the pool liner.

All pools need to be maintained, so the pump, filter, and water system had to be added.

All that was left was to fill this bad boy with water.

Who knew building your own aboveground pool was that easy?

It only took two days to make this! Awesome.

For the full instructions of this epic build, click here.

It Looks Like A Regular Toolbox, But Wait Until You Open It Up Whoa!

Even if you have your own grill in your backyard, sometimes a change of scenery can be nice.

And with summer right around the corner, BBQ season is about to be in full swing. But what’s a grill enthusiast to do if you’re heading to the park or beach and there’s no barbecue to be found? Obviously, most grills are pretty cumbersome to carry around, so bringing yours along is all but out of the question…

That is until now!

Become the hero of your next picnic with this…toolbox?

Think again! This incognito grill comes complete with a stainless steel grill, fuel tray for charcoal, a warming rack…and it all folds neatly inside this tiny container.

Check out how easily it unfolds and turns into an amazing grill.

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Thanks to the charcoal tray, this bad boy can perfectly cook up everything from steaks to veggies.

The barbecue-in-a-box costs $120 and is perfect for a trip to the beach, park, or wherever you’d like to get your grilling done.

(via Laughing Squid)

Head over to Suck UK if you want to order this one-of-a-kind item. A portable grill will come in handier than you might expect.

The Residents Of This Australian Town Live Underground For A Very Good Reason. So Smart.

The below photos are not, as you might assume, pictures of the desert planet of Tatooine in a galaxy far, far away.  They are actually from Coober Pedy, which is a town that sits in the baking sun of the Australian desert.  The almost 2,000 people smartly decided to build their homes as caves under the earth to shield themselves from the sometimes over 120°F heat.

Here is a bedroom. I guess if you ever feel cramped you can just grab a shovel and dig a closet or two.

Although these homes look hard to construct, they actually cost the same as any surface level home in the area.

The ‘cool’ thing about living underground is that the caves always remain the same temperature, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

Some Aussie Hobbits waiting for second breakfast.

Coober Pedy is sometimes known as ‘opal capital of the world’ for all the opals mined here.

The church of Mole Jesus.

Even the book stores are underground.

Home sweet rock.

(via: messynessychic.com)

So that is our brief tour of the subterranean suburb of Cooby Pedy.  The town sustains itself on tourism as much as it does opal mining, so if you’re ever in the northern most part of Southern Australia, come visit and chill in a cave!  Otherwise, give this a share on Facebook.

Dust Off Your Tinfoil Hat, The Crab Apocalypse Has Arrived. Luckily, There’s A Good Explanation.

Residents on the Island of Jersey are confused. Last week they awoke to find their beaches littered with what appeared to be thousands of dead spider crabs. Jersey is an island located in the English channel, the shallow sea that separates southern England and northern France. While the crabs may look dead, they’re actually not. In fact they’re not technically crabs either. What’s been washing up on shore are the crabs’ empty shells. Spider crabs come to closer to shore during the summer months to molt (shed their shells) and mate. The BBC reports that about 4,000 of these shells have washed up on shore so far. A couple of these pictures might be giving me nightmares later.

Spider crabs shedding their shells during the summer is common, but the amount of empty shells washing up on shore is unusual.

Officials says they’re not sure why this is happening.

The shells are nearly intact. I would not want to step on that with a bare foot.

A look at the bottom of one of the shells.

“Hello human. Do I frighten you?”

(via BBC) I gotta say, I’m glad I don’t live in Jersey. Hopefully New Jersey isn’t next on the list for the spider crab invasion. Don’t be crabby and share this story with your friends by clicking below.