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Hell Yeah, I Wear A Fanny Pack

It may not be the purse we want, but it’s the purse we need.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

A few years ago, I started slowly downsizing my shoulder bags and eventually settled on a small cross-body bag. It wasn’t the smallest bag out there, but it was pretty small, and I liked how low-fuss that felt. But a month after I relocated to New York City in late 2014, this bag was no longer working for me, mainly because it was a pain to put on and take off over my huge winter jacket. You know, the coat every woman in NYC has right now — the one that basically looks like someone sewed the top half of a costume from the Broadway Lion King to a sleeping bag.

After wrestling with the strap and the hood one too many times, I realized what I needed: a fanny pack.

My mom, a tomboy her entire life, hated purses and carried a fanny pack for several years. The bags were — are — pretty universally unfashionable, no matter how hard American Apparel and Jared Leto try to make them ironically cool, and my aunt and I always teased her about it. Between our snark and her growing need for more bag capacity, she eventually started carrying a messenger bag, and then, finally, a purse.

I had forgotten about this dark chapter in my mom’s fashion history until 2013; I was planning a trip to Cedar Point with my mom and brother and needed a roller-coaster-friendly way to carry my phone, my camera, and my wallet. When I raised this concern, my mom looked at me like I was stupid and told me I needed a fanny pack. Apparently, she would not be making room for my things in the advanced-level fanny pack she uses for events like this, the one that I refer to as a “double wide” because it has holsters that allow her to carry a water bottle on each hip.

So, before our trip, I went to Walmart and found a plain black fanny pack for $5. It was small, almost (hopefully?) discreet. After filling it with the essentials, I stepped out of my mom’s minivan and clipped it onto my waist. As we walked through the parking lot, I was surprised how light I felt. And just…liberated. I left that park thinking, My mom was right when she said I’d one day outgrow my love of roller coasters, and also, My mom was right about the practical beauty of the fanny pack.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller


Despite this, despite the epiphany that this was clearly the best way to transport my shit, I didn’t stick with it once I got home to Houston. But later, after three weeks in New York spent dealing with my coat-purse-scarf wrestling match at least four times a day, I realized I could no longer relegate the fanny pack to special occasions. The nylon one I’d worn to Cedar Point felt too casual for everyday wear, so I started looking for one that was leather or leather-ish. Maybe even stylish.

Unsurprisingly, it was not easy to find something that fit my list of requirements. No offense to the $595 Gucci-logo-print fabric fanny pack (actually: much offense to that SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR FANNY PACK), but I was looking for something leather (or leather-ish) that cost less than $100. After about a month of searching (during which I never found the courage to tell sales associates what I was looking for when they asked) and finding nothing, I spotted just the right little black bag at the C. Wonder going-out-of-business sale. I strapped the fanny pack to my waist the very next day, and never looked back.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

Now I wear it whenever I’m out and about, under my “lion sleeps tonight” winter coat, leaving my shoulders blessedly unencumbered. When I step out in it, I feel insanely carefree. And I often find myself thinking, Is this how men feel every day? Because if so, holy shit. I will go on the record that this is the first time I’ve ever experienced penis envy.

The fanny pack is small, but it holds a slim card case, my keys, a pen, my phone and charger, an eyeliner pencil, Chapstick, and lipstick. It can even hold a super tampon when necessary. So, basically all I need.

But an unintended side effect is that it’s not big enough to hold everything other people might need. This is actually a feature I really appreciate. Because, while I love my husband, maybe he should just carry the car keys for once. And the nail scissors, the ibuprofen, the Band-Aids, and whatever other care items women are sort of expected to have on hand during any given outing.

I am constantly negotiating the things I will and will not do in my ongoing quest to be both accepted by society and also have a soul and fight the good feminist fight. And I’ve realized that while I will (or at least have) let a stranger pour hot wax on my vulva, I draw the line at carrying a big-ass shoulder bag.

Since I no longer spend my commute focused on not slapping people in the face with my shoulder bag, I’m able to observe what’s happening around me, and I’ve started noticing all the women who are carrying large bags, and multiple large bags at that. These bags are filled with their book club books, the uncomfortable heels they’ll put on in the office, the laptops they took home so they could work a little more the night before, their homemade salads and their healthy snacks, their workout clothes and shoes for their post-work cycling class. It’s “having it all” in sartorial form. For years, I too carried the need to do it all on my shoulders every day. But now I’m letting go of the idea that I need to have fucking Band-Aids with me at all times. There’s a drugstore on every corner for a reason.

As for how the fanny pack looks, well…any fucks I have to give about that actually won’t fit in my awesomely tiny, hands-free bag, so I’ve had to let them go! I’m not hip/thin/rich/white enough to trick people into thinking it’s normcore, so maybe everyone is thinking what my co-worker recently (and not meanly!) said aloud: “Rachel…are you wearing a fanny pack?” To which I replied with some variation of, “Hell yes, I’m wearing a fanny pack.” Because SERIOUSLY. The only shame I have about it is the shame that it took me this long to realize what freedom feels like.

Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

This Wedding Dress Has Been Worn By Three Generations Of Brides

Great bridal style runs in the family.

1. Though some brides save their dresses for decades, thinking they’ll pass the gown on to their daughter, it rarely works out that way.

David Eaton Photography

2. But in this Pittsburgh family, the same wedding dress has been worn by three different brides.

David Eaton Photography

“I had heard stories about this dress as I grew up, so it had taken on an almost magical quality,” Jackie Fiterman, the third bride to wear the dress, told BuzzFeed Life.

3. When Helene Gryzwinski was preparing to marry her sweetheart Chester in 1947, she bought the dress at Kauffman’s department store in Pittsburgh.

Helene Gryzwinski’s personal collection

“[Post-World War II], materials — including fabrics — became less affected by rationing, and ladies headed for the altar were looking forward to a more indulgent shopping experience than what they would have had during the war,” Helene’s granddaughter Jackie said.

4. When Cindy Kost, Helene’s daughter, was planning her 1975 wedding, she decided to wear her mother’s dress.

Cindy Kost’s personal collection

When Jackie asked Cindy why she decided to wear the dress, she said it was because it was unique and beautiful and because it fit her budget.

“I felt special!” Cindy told Jackie. “I swear my mother-in-law passed the word down throughout the church before I even walked down the aisle! You could see all the women’s heads turn, then whisper to the ladies around them, as I floated down the aisle. The decision was initially a means to save money; however, it turned out to be the crown jewel of the wedding.”

5. By the time Jackie got engaged in 2009, the dress had become the stuff of family legend.

David Eaton Photography

“Initially, my mom said that she was surprised that I wanted to wear the dress, but she was happy that I did,” Jackie said. “Both my grandma and mom were really proud when I wore it on my wedding day. I remember them smiling at me and at each other when they saw me in the dress before we left for the ceremony.”

David Eaton Photography

“The first time I put it on, I was very excited — and nervous! ” she said. “I was scared that it might not fit… but it did. (Thank goodness!) I only had to make some minor alterations to it, but I kept the lines of the gown the same.”

7. Whether the dress will be worn again remains to be seen.

Helene Gryzwinski’s personal collection


“I’m an only child and all the cousins on my mom’s side already are married, so the dress has seen the spotlight for this generation,” Jackie said. “If we have a daughter, though, I definitely will keep the dress as an option for her if she’d like to wear it on her wedding day.”

These Gorgeous Photos Prove That Lagos Street Style Is The Best

Lagosians just do it better.

1. Lagos — the commercial capital of Nigeria — is the largest city in Africa. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

And among the teeming millions that make it a hub of excitement and innovation are some seriously stylish people.

Lagos Street Style

3. For the last five months, one anonymous blogger has been photographing the city’s most striking people on the streets and posting the pictures — plus commentary — on Lagos Street Style.

4. The photographer, who recently moved to Nigeria from Scotland, is a lawyer in the oil and gas sector.

“I have a keen interest in style, street photography, writing, and people-watching,” she says. “The best way to combine all these loves was the blog.”

Lagos Street Style

6. The results are great.

7. Like this striking woman in a striking dress:

Lagos Street Style

8. And this lovely churchgoer:

Lagos Street Style

9. This simply dressed beauty:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


10. This accessory queen (a former Miss Nigeria, fact fans!):

Lagos Street Style

11. And this modern take on an iro and buba:

Lagos Street Style

12. This super-stylish bearded dude:

Lagos Street Style

13. This star-spangled woman turning heads on the street:

Lagos Street Style

14. This cutie in a graphic tee:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


15. This perfect mash-up of prints:

Lagos Street Style

16. This breezy trio of #CarefreeBlackGirls:

Lagos Street Style

17. This incredibly photogenic public proposal(?!):

Lagos Street Style

18. This woman with a strict three-colour palette:

Lagos Street Style

19. This trilby-wearing on-duty photographer:

Lagos Street Style

Lagos Street Style


20. There’s lots more photography on Lagos Street Style.

These Cool Kids Are Killing It On Instagram And In Life. Good For Them.

Unless you’re a motorcycle-riding astronaut who’s also the lead singer of the world’s most rockin’ band, there’s always going to be someone that’s cooler than you. It’s the truth. I mean, come on, just look at yourself. You probably don’t even own a sword, let alone a golden one that shoots lasers and plays Van Halen songs all day.

While you’re thinking about that, take a look at these kids on Instagram who are also cooler than you. Maybe “cool” is something you’re just born with. That would certainly let you off the hook, wouldn’t it? Anyway, check out these cool children of Instagram!

1. Dope mo’, bro.

2. You have to be pretty cool to pull off those sneakers.

3. The glasses are fake, but the style is real.

4. Just do it (admit that he’s cooler than you).

5. So young and already annoyed by people wanting to take his picture.

6. Amazing!

7. Too cool for teeth.

8. His future’s so bright he’s gotta wear shades.

9. Collar popped, like the flashbulbs.

10. Cool in the pool.

11. He wears those shades so people can see what they look like when they’re staring at him.

12. Is it chilly out or is he just that cool?

13. Fine, I’ll wear a helmet now.

14. Sweet lid!

15. Clothes are important, but they mean nothing if you don’t have the right attitude.

16. The paparazzi better not be ruining any of his naps.

17. Now that’s color coordination.

18. Wake her up when the world is worthy of her presence.

19. Playtime has never looked this stylish.

20. I wonder where he is off to–the Cool Kid Convention?

(via BuzzFeed)

Those kids may be cooler than me, but at least I can stay up as late as I want… when I don’t have work. UGH, those cool kids win at life again! Show the world how awesome these kids are by Sharing this post!

Spring 2015’s Trendiest UFO Color Is Lavender

Make your spaceship pop.

1. Earlier this month, an alluring aircraft was spotted by a Peruvian film crew shooting the show “Alto al Crimen” (Crime Stoppers) in Lima.

While filming, the show’s host, Congressman Renzo Reggiardo, stopped his interview so the camera crew could shift focus to the unidentified object, which appeared to be a fresh, elegant shade of light purple.

2. Let’s take a closer look.

I can’t remember a time I’ve seen an alien spacecraft take to the skies in this color. I would call it both “distinctive” and “a surprise.” Just beautiful.

3. Was this craft’s look inspired by PANTONE’s Spring/Summer 2015 shade “Lavender Herb”?

A shade rich in nostalgia that intrigues the eye.

Witnesses say the lavender herb-colored object hovered in the sky for nearly two hours. Raelians (an international UFO religion that believes humans were created by an extraterrestrial race called the Elohim) have since claimed that the saucer’s appearance coincided with their press conference, during which they announced plans to ask the Peruvian government to build an extraterrestrial embassy.

15 Tees That Completely Understand Your DIY Addiction

Because we all have our gateway craft.

1. If you have ever jeopardized your moral fiber for Modge Podge…

Get it here.

2. If you’ve left a party to knit in the bathroom…

Get it here.

3. If you’ve considered opening a new credit card just to support your scrap booking habit…

Get it here.

4. If crafting has ever left you in a dream-like state…

Get it here.

5. If you’ve smuggled knitting needles onto a plane at least once in your life…

Get it here.

6. If sewing makes you question your life choices…

Get it here.

7. If all you ever want to do is DIY…

Get it here.

8. If you would give up most things for stitching…

Get it here.

9. If you’ve spent all of your money on pretty tools…

Get it here.

10. If you only ever talk about crafting…

Get it here.

11. If you’re never without a skein or two…

Get it happens.

12. If you have your scrapbooking supplies in your will…

Get it here.

13. If glitter brings you all the joy in the world…

Get it here.

14. If you have given up friends for yarn…

Get it here.

15. If you can’t imagine a world without sewing…

Get it here.

The 25 Most Important Style Lessons We Learned From The Disney Channel

That outfit is SO Raven.

1. If people don’t recognize your star power, wear it on your chest.

Disney / youtube.com



Pair with a massive leather headband or orange pants to convince people that you definitely dress yourself.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix trends. All of them. At once.

Disney / imdb.com

Who says crop tops, batwing sleeves, sequins, and polka dots don’t go together?

3. Worried you might rip your sweater? Incorporate 1,000 small pieces of yarn into your outfit for a quick fix.

Disney / youtube.com

Make sure they’re multicolored so you can help your friends too.

4. You’ll never be bored when your clothes double as entertainment, like this word search shirt.

Disney / youtube.com

She’s already found “eyesore” and “hot mess.”

5. If you’re feeling chilly but still want to look chic, try layering a dust ruffle over your cardigan.

Disney / youtube.com

Plus you’ll save money by letting your interior designer double as you stylist.

6. There’s no such thing as too much pink.

Disney / youtube.com

Or too much faux fur.

7. Seriously.

Disney / fanforum.com

You can squeeze in more pink by using your blush as foundation.


Disney / fanpop.com

If you don’t look like the lovechild of Pepto Bismol and Barbie why are you even wearing clothes?

9. You can double the size of your head with perfectly placed pigtails.

Disney / youtube.com

No one will ever see the faces of the unimportant plebs behind you again.

10. Or go the mad scientist route with four pigtails.

The haggard goth/researcher look is so on-trend right now.

11. Chest-claces are all the rage!

Disney / imdb.com

Why should your neck have all the fun? Your boobs need accessories too!

12. Basically, any time you’re out of ideas, take what’s on your neck and put it somewhere else.

13. If you find a scrap of fabric on the ground, stitch it into your outfit. Immediately.

And be sure to color coordinate with your boo.

14. Redefine the meaning of street style by wearing a graffitied wall on your torso.

Class it up with a red faux fur collar for the ultimate high art/low art look.

15. Argyle is so dull. Why not spice things up with GIANT ARGYLE?

Disney / imdb.com

Or, if you’re a laid-back type trying to look more extreme, go with fiery flowers on a Hawaiian shirt.

16. Can’t decide between crimps or curls? Do both.

And throw in a bead or two because why the fuck not?

17. If you’re the forgetful type, use your clothes as a notepad for your grocery lists.

Disney / fanpop.com

If you run out of room in your shopping cart, use your hat to store herbs.

18. Hats are always a good idea. Try blinding people with a sparkly hat.

Disney / imgkid.com

That way people will have to rely on their sense of touch to feel how fabulous your velour jumpsuit is!

19. Or reminding them of their childhood with a lego-esque knitted beanie.

Now with air holes, so your skull can finally breathe!

20. If you’re feeling lackluster in your headgear, add a delicate scarf for a touch of whimsy.

21. Let your hair be your personal cheerleader by adding pompoms to your spider leg braids.

22. Display your love of animals by cutting up a pillow case and hanging it off your shoulders.

Disney / youtube.com

Nothing says “majestically feminine” like a pink horse.

23. Just remember, if people can still see…

24. … or hear after catching a glimpse of your outfit…

Disney / imdb.com

25. … you’re doing fashion wrong.

Disney / pixgood.com

14 Times Kids Were The Real Stars At Fashion Week

Little in stature, big in attitude.

1. North West when she’s not crying.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

2. Li Zuliang’s cutie pie who was so fashion forward.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

3. Harper Beckham being adorably emo.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

4. Mara Hoffman’s little cutie who matched her mom.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images For Mara Hoffman

5. Rachel Zoe’s son holding it down for the “long hair, don’t care” crew.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Rachel Zoe

6. Michelle Smith’s little ones who ran the emotional spectrum.

Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

7. Alexander Wang’s niece Alia Wang, killing it as usual.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

8. Basically every kid at the Nike Levi’s Kids fashion show.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

9. Like this tiny adorable gem.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

10. This court ready combo.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

11. This little guy with all the ‘tude.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

12. This ball of energy.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

13. And this girl who has the model lean down.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

14. Seriously, get it girl.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week