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This Is Proof That We Are Completely Insignificant. Or… Are We Just That Special?

During your day-to-day life, you can get pretty wrapped up in yourself. You can forget to feed your cats or neglect to call your mother on her birthday. We think our lives are just about us. Well when you read through the images below… you’ll either think you’re totally insignificant, or it’ll reaffirm your belief that our existence is really that special.




Well, I suddenly feel very very tiny. How about you? Share this ‘perspective’ with others.

These Kids With Cancer Painted A Spacesuit — And Got To See It In Action!

Millions of children dream of going to space.

It’s just one of those things that we fantasize about: the ability to touch the stars and explore the galaxy.

The reality is most people never become astronauts. But a group of young cancer patients at MD Anderson hospitals got to see their artwork blast off as part of a real-life space mission.

Through the Arts in Medicine program, child cancer patients painted triangles that would eventually be assembled into something truly out-of-this-world.

Their colorful and inspiring artwork was assembled into a real-life spacesuit that became the Spacesuit Project.

The spacesuit was named Courage after the brave children who fought through their illnesses to create it. It even made the cover of SciArt Magazine!

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A second Courage suit was painted to actually launch to the International Space Station.

On July 18, the spacesuit took off in a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. When it reached the International Space Station, astronaut Kate Rubins wore Courage and even spoke with some of its creators.

Though not all of the spacesuit Courage’s young artists lived to see their art in space, for their peers and families, the project still symbolizes hope.

Art truly has the ability to heal, and this project reminds us all to reach for the stars. For more on the Spacesuit Project, visit their Facebook page.

Astronaut Releases Amazing Photos Taken From The International Space Station.

As if he hadn’t done enough to get the public at large interested in space with his zero-gravity version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”(video below), Col. Chris Hadfield has released a book of photographs taken from the international space station called You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes, published by Little Brown. These photos are a stunning example of how much beauty can come from a change in perspective. “Bird’s eye view” doesn’t cut it here: these photos are a rare glimpse of a view of earth seen by a relative few. These photos are an absolute delight.

1.) Close Neighbors: (left to right) Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, split by the Detroit River.

2.) Cuba, Florida, and everything in between.

3.) The Nile River, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

4.) New York City: Day and Night.

5.) The Richat Structure, Mauritania.

6.) Great Salt Lake, Utah.

7.) Venice, Italy.

8.) The Himalayas.


To see more of these amazing photos, you can find Chris Hadfield’s book here.

And as promised, here is Chris Hadfield’s rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

These 24 Awesome Facts About Space Will Blow You Away.

Planet Earth, our home, seems plenty big to most people living on it. It’s full of mysteries, unknown creatures, and history that we have yet to discover. Even though Earth is immense, it’s nothing compared to some of the giants in our solar system, our galaxy and the entire universe. Most people are drawn to learning more about space because of how alien and massive it is. Even if you know a lot of trivia about the universe, we’re willing to bet you didn’t know some of these strange and interesting facts. I was in awe of everything around me after reading this, even if it did make me feel insignificant and small.

1.) One spoonful of matter from a neutron star would weigh about 1 billion tons.

2.) Beyond Neptune, there may be an unknown object as big as the Earth orbiting the Sun.

3.) One day on Venus is longer than one year.

4.) One photon takes about 170,000 years to travel from the sun’s core to the surface.

5.) That same photon only takes 8 minutes to travel from the sun to your eyes.

6.) If you could compress Earth to the size of a marble, it would collapse on itself and become a black hole.

7.) 33 light years away, there is a planet that is completely covered in burning ice.

8.) An estimated 275 million stars are born every day.

9.) There’s a gas cloud in the Aquila constellation that contains enough alcohol to make 400 trillion pints of beer. Cheers!

10.) The Voyager 1 is the most distant human-made object we have ever sent into space.

11.) Astronauts claim that being in space smells like seared steak, hot metal, and welding fumes.

12.) And according to researchers, the center of our galaxy tastes like raspberries and smells like rum.

13.) The Milky Way has 4 spiral arms and not 2 (which is how its depicted often in pop culture).

14.) Every year, the moon moves about 3.8cm away from the Earth.

15.) There’s more than 8,000 pieces of space junk floating around the Earth.

16.) Every century, the Earth’s rotation slows about 17 milliseconds.

17.) The Voyager 1 captured this photo. The circled dot is the Earth. It is the most distant image we have ever seen of our own planet.

18.) The Olympus Mons, the largest mountain on Mars, completely dwarfs Mount Everest.

19.) It’s also so wide, if you were standing at its base, the mountain would seem to stretch out past the horizon.

20.) The sun makes up 99% of the mass of our solar system.

21.) There is a diamond planet in our galaxy that is bigger than Earth.

22.) When you cry in space, the tears just stick to your eyes and face.

23.) On planet HD189733b, shards of glass rain down from the sky – sideways.

24.) If you could fit Saturn into a bathtub filled with water, it would float.

(H/T: Izismile) These facts are the kinds of things that more people should know. We live in an almost-magical universe, a giant secret that is just waiting to be revealed. Spread the knowledge by clicking the Share button below. This information is just too good to keep to yourself.

After Taking These Shots, The Photographer Quit His Job. One Look And You’ll See Why… Wow.

Quitting a rough day job to pursue your passion is a dream almost everyone has, even if they don’t admit it. For most, though, it never seems to work out. More often than not, people give up on their dreams and never end up in that small percentage of people lucky enough to embrace their passions full-time. Mike Taylor is different, though. He was an amateur photographer. Then, he took a photo that was so good, it made him quit his day job. He made the right call.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2013, he took a photo of the Northern Lights from a local lighthouse in Maine.

These are the photos that changed his life.

For Mike, it was the “defining moment when I realized I should be teaching other folks how to capture the features of the night sky.”

He was able to capture something magical with his Nikon.

So, the 40 year-old quit his job to chase his dream of photography.

As a result of focusing on his passion, he has been featured on The Weather Channel, Space.com, NBC News and other media outlets.

Through his photography, he shows the world what the night sky REALLY looks like.

Because of light pollution, it’s hard for us to see what is happening all around us.

But thanks to some expert skills and manipulation using Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5, Mike can show us.

And it’s gorgeous.

It just goes to show you that you should never give up on your dreams. You never know what can happen. Only a year after becoming a professional photographer, Mike has gotten national attention and even offers photography classes to inspire others. To see more of Mike’s amazing photography, check out his online portfolio or Facebook page. Support his dream and his bravery. Not everyone would have the guts to quit their job to pursue their dreams. Source: Taylor Photography Share Mike’s story with others. Pursuing your dream is something we should all do.

It Seems Like Buzz Aldrin Knows Something That We Don’t Know About Mars

The idea that Mars could have once been home to intelligent life is a theory that has become very popular in recent years. Discoveries like the so-called “Face on Mars” and the occasional sighting of flowing water have only fanned the flames of speculation.

Chances are, however, that you’ve never heard of the best possible evidence of intelligent life on Mars: the monolith on Phobos.

This is Phobos, one of Mars’ two moons. It’s a small, potato-shaped rock that makes its way around the red planet once every seven hours.

During a Canadian Space Agency mission in 2007, a probe captured this photograph. Looks normal enough, right?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Upon closer inspection of the photo, researchers discovered this large monolith.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentioned the monolith directly during an interview on C-SPAN, after which the object received even more attention.

Despite that bolstered attention, researchers haven’t been able to determine what the structure is.

You can check out Aldrin’s thoughts in the video below.

(via Cool Interesting Stuff)

What the heck is that thing? Well, it could just be a giant boulder on an otherwise flat plain, but that’s boring! Let’s just go ahead and attribute this thing to alien ingenuity.

The Zodiac Constellations Were Terrible, So We Updated Them To Better Fit Your Personality.

Judging from the fact that they still print horoscopes in the newspaper, a lot of people buy into the notion of astrological personalities.  The problem is, the western zodiac is based on the constellations in the sky of each particular month, and they rarely have anything to do with the personality trait commonly assigned to that sign.  We decided to play God and make our own constellations to fit with each astrological trait.

The real Aquarius constellation is a crappy picture of a guy holding a vase.

If Aquarius is your sign, you are said to be “friendly and humanitarian” so our updated Aquarius constellation is a crappy picture of Bono, the greatest humanitarian of all.

The Pisces constellation looks like this and is supposed to be fish or something.

Pisces are said to be “creative and imaginative” so we changed the constellation to feature a unicorn horn and figured you can imagine the rest.

This is Aries and it’s a really terrible depiction of a ram, but a great depiction of a line.

An Aries has the personality that is “adventurous,” so we changed the constellation to a filet ‘o’ fish from McDonalds because fish is the most adventurous item you could order at a fast food restaurant.

Here is Taurus and surprise, it doesn’t look like an ox.

A Taurus person is said to be “patient.” Naturally the constellation should depict a McRib sandwich which one must patiently await every few years or so.

The Gemini constellation features two figures holding hands despite being completely headless.

Geminis are said to be “adaptable” so we drew what looks like a boat but is actually a Transformer in disguise. Can Transformers be boats? We don’t know, we didn’t see the new Transformers movie so there’s absolutely no way of knowing.

This is the Cancer constellation and this crab looks like crud.

Cancers are known to be “emotional,” so we think the constellation should be of the Pixar lamp, to remind us of how hard we cried during Toy Story 3 (and Up, and Wall-E, etc…)

If a Leo was a weird finger-monster on four legs, this would be the perfect constellation, but this is sadly not so.

Leos are supposed to be “confident” so here is our new constellation—a broad and manly chest.

This is the constellation for Virgo? Uh, please go!

Virgos are “shy and intelligent,” so… I dunno, here’s a comic book or something for you nerds.

Based on the constellation for Libras, you would think that it’s the sign for structurally unsound buildings.

Actually Libras are “diplomatic and hospitable” and pizza is always a diplomatic choice, so here is sky-pizza.

Hey Scorpios, where’d you get that constellation, the fart store?

Scorpios are “powerful and strong” so we think this new constellation proves that much like the Wu-Tang Clan, Scorpios “ain’t nothing to f**k with.”

Don’t dig this Sagittarius constellation that looks like a teacup on a string?

Sagittarius are supposed to be “filled with hope,” so here is a bong hoping to be filled with weed.

The Capricorn’s constellation kinda looks like a goat, I guess.

The Capricorn personality is said to be “ambitious” so we kinda just added Bono-glasses to make him look stadium ready.

Wow so constellations are actually surprisingly hard to make, so we’re gonna cut the artist behind the Big Dipper some slack even though it’s supposed to be a bear and looks like a spoon… which is the exact opposite of a bear.  Anywho, if you like stars and stuff, or think you can draw in space better than us, give this a share on Facebook.

You’ll Be Amazed To See What The Sun Really Looks Like

The sun. It gives us life, it gives us essential vitamins that we need to survive, and it even helps us generate clean energy. Even though it is the only thing that allowed life develop on Earth, and the only thing that keeps us alive to this day, most people don’t think much about the sun beyond the fact that it looks like a big yellow ball hanging in the sky.

But this video — taken by NASA and shared online — lets us get up close and personal with the blazing ball of energy that’s so essential to our survival.

(via IFLScience)

It’s amazing how something can look so beautiful and so terrifying at the same time. I hope that this video taught you to appreciate our sun a bit more. I know it certainly had that effect on me.

This Is What A Cheeseburger Looks Like In Space

I’ll stick to the regular earth kind, thanks.

1. Astronaut Terry Virts has tweeted out a picture of a space-cheeseburger.

2. Just. Look. At. It.

3. It makes sense that the normal ingredients are replaced with their space-paste versions, but why is it in a tortilla?

Zero gravity makes assembling a sandwich difficult, and the crumbs from regular bread are dangerous if they get stuck in airvents or sensitive equipment. That’s why Tortillas have replaced bread in space since 1980.

4. Sadly, that means this gif is lying to you.

5. And that this cat sits on a throne of lies.

These Photos Look Like They’re From Another Planet, But Just Look Closer…

Macro photographer Suren Manvelyan can play tricks with your brain using only his camera lens. These extreme close-up shots take ordinary items on earth and make them seem like the latest developments in CGI. But we promise these aren’t exclusive screencaps from Avatar 2. Instead, they come from animals on our planet.

Manvelyan hones in on every little detail in the eyes of these fish and puts them on vibrant display.

1.) Catfish

2.) Porcupine Puffer Fish

3.) Garden Boa

4.) Blackspotted Puffer

5.) Octopus

6.) Eschmeyer’s Scorpionfish

7.) Weedy Scorpionfish

(via Gizmodo.)

I’m starting to see where the “eyes are the window to the soul” idea came from. And believe it, too. Be sure to check out more of Manvelyan’s incredible work on his website.