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A Boy With Autism Tried To Sing At A Talent Show But Froze Up…Then This Happened

Jagger Lavely is a happy-go-lucky 13-year-old boy.

He also happens to suffer from autism.

During Oak Middle School’s talent show, Lavely decided that he wanted to perform one of his favorite songs. After the first verse of Frozen‘s “Let It Go,” the teen began to get nervous and forgot some of the words to the song.

What happened next is truly inspirational.

The audience began to help him out!

That’s an incredible way to really foster a sense of community. You can see Lavely’s change in mood once the crowd started to help him out. We need more people like this in the world.

More Than 2,000 People Just Came Together To Sing The ‘Hallelujah’ Chorus

During a recent performance by a famous church choir, something happened that left the Internet buzzing. While the choir’s traditional renditions of beloved songs are incredible, the singers decided to do something a little bit different this time.

The beginning looks like any other performance, but watch what happens about a minute in. It really is a testament to the power of music.

Technology sometimes creates distance between people, but in cases like this, it helps thousands of voices come together in the most moving way.

A Father Sang To His Daughter On Her Wedding Day… And The Result Was Epic.

This father wanted to give his daughter a really special gift on her wedding day… and he came up with something awesome. As they walked down the aisle of the church on that beautiful day, hand in hand, he started singing Edwin McCain’s “Walk With You” to her.

There wasn’t a single dry eye in the church that day.

(Source: Jhackbar49)

What a beautiful moment between a daughter and her father, they are so blessed to have each other. (How this father was able to keep it together is just amazing!)