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‘Seriously, WUT?’: Moms Demand burritos not bullets


Anti-gun nuts Moms Demand Action attempted to intimidate the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain after some open carry activists in Dallas suggested eating at one of the restaurants after a scheduled “open carry walk.” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, launched a hashtag campaign at the burrito makers.


Naturally the sight of law abiding Texans legally carrying legal firearms is disturbing to the disturbed Bloomberg-funded gun grabbers. Normal people had a different reaction.


The folks at Chipotle, to their credit, didn’t cave to the pressure.


Chipotle took the rational position of complying with the state law. This meant Watts had to ramp up her fanaticism.


Well, you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty hard to argue with … um … whatever that is.


@DLoesch Unbelievable.
Dear @shannonrwatts My guns are none of your business. Don't you have parenting of your own to do?
@ChipotleTweets— Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) May 18, 2014

^^^ This.



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Lobbying group Moms Demand Action opposes lobbying groups making gun policy

Shannon Watts, founder of the Michael Bloomberg-backed Mothers Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, today tweeted that colleges should be free to make their own (anti) gun policies free from the influence of lobbying groups.

The irony was too much for Dana Loesch to take silently, seeing as Moms Demand Action has systematically lobbied Starbucks, Chipotle, Chilis, Sonic, and Jack in the Box, demanding that guns be banned from the establishments.

Watts cites a survey of 401 college presidents, of whom 95 percent opposed allowing concealed handguns on campus. Ninety-two percent believed people would feel unsafe if their campuses permitted firearms.