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Exploring A Condemned Duplex Is Creepier Than You Might Think

For many people with an adventurous streak, there is nothing more interesting than exploring abandoned homes and buildings.

There’s just something about the experience that really gets your blood pumping. It’s so interesting to spend time in these spaces and wonder what happened inside those walls before they succumbed to disuse and neglect.

Sure, everything is broken down, but you can usually walk away and go about your daily life as usual afterward without being too disturbed. Unless, of course, you’re Redditor Asherbaby.

Asherbaby and one of his friends decided to explore a condemned duplex located directly behind the friend’s house.

The exploration started innocently enough.

But things quickly took a turn for the worse. I really hope that’s not blood.

Then they started noticing these bizarre tally marks on the walls.

It looks like someone was stuck in here for days, marking each one with a line and watching time slip away.

They just went on and on and on…

In the corner of one room was this creepy-looking video camera.

And what scary abandoned house would be complete without a bunch of handwritten letters sitting around?

They were scattered everywhere.

When Asherbaby put these photos up online, commenters said it looked a lot like the home of a schizophrenic.

Despite the obvious signs to stop, they continued exploring.

While nothing happened to them, Asherbaby said that the place had a really bad vibe.

(source: Reddit)

If I know my horror lore (and I do), Asherbaby and his friend are due for a visit from a very creepy demon or ghost in the near future. Sorry, guys.