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TPM is obsessed with the Palins — and we really need a ‘sarcasm font’


Twitchy reported earlier on some some theories why the left wing media is still fixated on Sarah Palin and her family. Here’s the real, repugnant reason Dems and media still go after Sarah Palin; It’s enraging

Whatever the reason, Talking Points Memo sure seems to have an obsession with the former vice presidential candidate.



Of course the strong feelings about Sarah Palin go both ways. A lot of her supporters are on hair trigger alert for any perceived insult. Some of them aren’t very adept at identifying sarcasm either which often causes them to start completely unnecessary arguments.





Irrational obsession vs irrational protectiveness.














Oh yeah, this was supposed to be about Talking Points Memo’s obsession.


That is a pretty pathetic article.




The bottom line: the left is clearly trying to send a message with all their Palin hate but knee-jerk outrage isn’t going to help anyone combat it.



Conservatives slam CNN’s ‘mean girl’ Carol Costello for laughing at Bristol Palin’s possible assault

Sarah Palin: ‘What more says ‘I love you’ than an AR-15?’


Leave it to Sarah Palin to make liberal heads explode just by promoting her new series, “Amazing America.” Tonight’s episode features a company which produces left-handed AR-15s.

Innovation found only in the USA! You know, an AR-15 makes a great gift – what more says, “I love you”? Eh, you may disagree, but catch tonight’s all new episode of Amazing America and see Stag Arms show their stuff (including introducing the world to the first commercially available AR-15 for left-handed folks).

You may disagree about the AR-15 making a great gift; these people did.


Not everyone is so opposed to the idea of a gift-wrapped AR-15.


Sarah Palin blasts Phil Robertson suspension; Free speech ‘endangered’ [pic]


As Twitchy reported this evening, A&E has suspended “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for comments he made to GQ Magazine in regards to homosexuality.

The suspension isn’t sitting well with Sarah Palin, who also shared a photo taken with members of the “Duck Dynasty” cast:


Dana Loesch schooling hypocrite Meghan McCain is a thing of beauty


As many took actress Kristen Bell to task for deciding that rich people aren’t paying enough taxes, TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch shared this recent gem from Bell:


And then she compared Bell to Meghan McCain.


What say you, Meghan?


So women in the media shouldn’t make snide, mean comments about each other? This is coming from the same Meghan McCain who has attacked former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, her daughter Bristol Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin. Wow.




Loesch rightly called McCain out for her blatant hypocrisy as the exchange continued.


McCain deleted that tweet. Interesting.


Nope, no apology.

Meanwhile, Meggie Mac slunk away muttering some airy-fairy feel-good nonsense:


Hours later, the not-at-all nasty, totally supportive Meghan McCain returned with this:


But it was Dana Loesch who took home the trophy in this battle.



Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin Is Anti-Intellectual and Anti-Education For Using The Term “Blue Bloods”

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Waaah: Meghan McCain attacks Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin

Russian Winter Games unite America under one Sarah Palin joke


One of the best things about the Olympic Games is how they bring people from around the country together, apparently to make the same joke about Sarah Palin. Who told it best? Here are 25 variations on the theme. Somewhere, some “Saturday Night Live” writer is wishing he or she had a nickel every time this line was retweeted.



Dastardly ‘duckophobes’! Gutfeld on absurdity of Phil Robertson suspension


And with that, Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. As Twitchy reported, Robertson was suspended by A&E for voicing his belief that homosexuality is a sin in an interview with GQ magazine. @BoycottAETV swiftly appeared, as did a #StandWithPhil hashtag in support of Robertson. Sarah Palin blasted A&E for its decision and declared free speech an “endangered species.

Enter Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, who weighed in as only he can. Gutfeld is the master at exposing the absurdity of “politically correct” nonsense.


Who will think of the ducks? WHO?


Oh, the dastardly duckophobes!


And then he brought it home with this key point:



This Twitter user sums it all up:


Bingo. Stay tuned!


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Sarah Palin blasts A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson; Declares free speech ‘endangered species’ [pic]

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‘Speak truth to power, guys!’ TPM hacks keep busy by digging up Palin dirt

Dude. The way Talking Points Memo is behaving, you’d think Sarah Palin had actually won the 2008 presidential election:

The very biggest of stuff:

Now that’s what you call news you can use.

But as dedicated as the folks at TPM  are, they still need a little help:

Yeah, they could probably use some hobbies, too.

TPM’s workin’ hard over there.

He sure would! Well, maybe not:

To be fair, TPM might have more time to dedicate to that story once they’ve taken care of this:



WSJ report: Joe’s son Hunter Biden discharged from Navy Reserve for cocaine use

‘Come on you media hacks’: J.R. Salzman wants Palin-style coverage of Hunter Biden’s cocaine use

Gun grabbers attack Sarah Palin for wanting Fort Hood soldiers armed

Sarah Palin was among the many people mourning yesterday’s tragic shooting at Fort Hood, which left four people dead. And this morning, she suggested that allowing the soldiers to carry arms may have helped potential victims defend themselves:

How dare she advocate on soldiers’ behalf!

Except this isn’t about politics. This is about protecting the men and women who serve this country by allowing them to protect themselves. You’d hope that given everything that’s happened, gun control advocates would understand this. Alas, they never seem to learn. Logic is hard; lashing out at Sarah Palin is much easier.

It’s “you’re,” genius. And at Fort Hood, only security and military police are permitted to carry weapons. Soldiers are not, and as a result, they may end up in harm’s way.

Three cheers for tolerance.



Reports of ‘active shooter’ at Fort Hood; Multiple injuries possible; Update: Multiple fatalities, injuries

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‘George Bush will sleep well tonight’: Lefties blame Fort Hood shooting on Iraq War

 Twitchy coverage of Sarah Palin

Heh: Sarah Palin ‘finally found someone excited about Obamacare!’

Sarah Palin’s full Facebook post:


We finally found someone excited about Obamacare! Obamacare is the greatest expansion of big government we’ve ever seen, so of course it also involves the most outrageous examples of waste and incompetence – from billion dollar broken websites to million dollar Richard Simmons live streams. Meanwhile, the government has taken away our health insurance and forced us into worse plans we can’t afford and don’t want. Families with special needs face new taxes, premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed, doctors are quitting, religious civil liberties are trampled on, and the nation heads off the economic cliff. So are you going to just roll over and take it, America? Or will you demand your political representatives (whom you’ve hired) do everything they can to slay this beast of a law? If they won’t, fire them at the ballot box in November.

Meanwhile, a few chosen ones dance in the street or in live streams…


Can things get any more ridiculous? Yes:


Um … the post was about Richard Simmons pimping Obamacare on Covered California’s six-hour #GetCovered telethon. Seek help.


Covered California’s ‘Richard Simmons twerk-a-thon’ tries to reach uninsured millenials

ESPN reportedly refuses ad due to ‘problematic’ mention of Jesus [video]

An ad from the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation has reportedly been turned down by ESPN because its mention of Jesus could be “problematic” for the cable sports network:


Here is the full ad that apparently has been deemed too potentially offensive to air at Christmas-time:

ESPN is being shredded for reportedly refusing to run the ad:

We will watch for a reaction from ESPN and post it as an update if they respond.


Sarah Palin blasts: