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Michael Moore asks Obama when Gov. Snyder is going to be arrested for #FlintWaterCrisis

Michael Moore, who has blasted Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder for the Flint water crisis Moore claims “wouldn’t happen in a white city,” wants President Obama to get involved:

Perhaps the White House isn’t eager to take a strong public stand because Obama’s EPA is also in the blame loop.

‘How about the EPA’? Mark Ruffalo told where to redirect prison snark about Michigan governor

At last night’s Democrat debate, candidates took aim at Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and put the blame on him for the city of Flint’s lead-contaminated drinking water crisis.

Governor Snyder commented about it last night:

Snyder, who campaigned for office as “one tough nerd,” has become the focal point for Democrats practicing selective accountability in assigning blame for Flint’s problem.

Michael Moore has called on Snyder to be arrested, and actor Mark Ruffalo, who is no stranger to protesting water problems in the state of Michigan, envisioned that happening:

Governor Snyder’s at the top of the accountability chain?

Will Ruffalo make prison jokes about the people in charge at the EPA?

Look into that, liberals. We’ll wait.

Hillary calls for resignation of Michigan governor, but ‘crickets’ when it comes to this pol?

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is facing criticism over the city of Flint’s switch to a water source that is lead-contaminated. Some, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are calling for the governor to resign.

Hillary’s selective outrage was noticed during last night’s Democrat debate:

Maybe Hillary can be asked why one deserves the benefit of the doubt and the other does not.

Another good question!

Yet another inconvenient fact for Hillary to ignore.

‘Land of the free’: Michigan Gov signs ‘anti-Tesla’ bill


Sure, there are a lot of reasons to be dubious about whether electric cars are a technology that needs to be fast tracked to save the planet. That doesn’t mean the companies who make them shouldn’t have a chance to compete. Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder just signed a bill preventing Tesla Motors from using a different retail model for selling cars in Michigan. Seems like a pretty transparent political payoff to Detroit’s big automakers.

The Detroit Free Press reports: Gov. Snyder signs bill banning direct Tesla sales

Dealers have tolerated and learned to cooperate with online car shopping services such as Edmunds.com and TrueCar.com. But a manufacturer who bypasses the traditional franchise system to sell directly, either in physical stores or online, is a threat, even a low-volume automaker like Tesla.

So if someone out-innovates your business, rather than adapting to compete, just get your government cronies to make the innovation illegal.

Earlier this week Tesla CEO Elon Musk called it “anti-consumer” legislation.

Crony “capitalism.”