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Exhausted Stray Dog Gets Rescued in the Most Unusual Way

PJ here had been living on the streets of Los Angeles for some time and people had tried to catch the little guy without much success. But when Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws went out one day trying to find little PJ, he came upon him fast asleep in a parking lot and decided it was best to act quick. Eldad managed to catch PJ by throwing a net over the sleeping pooch. Boom: Science.

That might not be the best way to wake up, but PJ will be fine with a lifetime of love ahead of him to wipe out the memories of the harsh life on the street…and the memory of waking up in that scary way. Source: Eldad Hagar / Hope For Paws Share this dog rescue video with your friends and family below.

They Heard Screeching Coming From A Well, But They Never Expected To Find This

Villagers in Maharashtra, India, suspected that something was wrong when they began hearing howling and crying coming from the town well.

After a simple investigation, they discovered that a leopard had somehow managed to take a 60-foot plunge into the water. A group of them crafted a bundle of sticks that would serve as a life preserver until a rescue team could step in.

Rescuers from Wildlife SOS were quick to arrive on the scene. The team, led by veterinarian Ajay Deshmukh, decided that their best bet was to lower a crate into the well in hopes that the stranded leopard would become curious and want to check it out, allowing them to pull the jungle cat to safety. At first, our leopard friend thought the crate was an enemy, but after a while, the frightened feline figured out their rescue plan.

If it hadn’t been for these quick-thinking heroes, this precious leopard might have drowned.

For more information or to donate to the organization’s cause, click here!

This Dog Was Found Covered In Tar And Unable To Move A Muscle. Luckily Help Was Close By.

This poor dog had fallen into a pool of hot tar that completely smothered his body and had became rock-solid. The scared little thing was stuck to the ground and unable to move.

Luckily, a passer by saw him struggling and called for help. They used the help line of Animal Aid Unlimited of India who immediately came to the rescue. After 3 hours of massaging vegetable oil into the thick layer of tar, they got the dog looking like his former self.

Watch his amazing recovery in the video below.

(Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

The poor thing must have been so scared. At least he got a few hours of belly rubs out of the whole ordeal.