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19 New And Mouthwatering Pies To Make For Your Thanksgiving Celebration

Pie is one of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner.

But year after year, we all have the same kinds of pie: pumpkin and apple. This holiday season, spice things up by making a brand-new pie for dinner. Whether it’s a twist on an old classic or something completely new, you’ll get tons of compliments. It might even become your family’s new favorite dessert!

1. Turning snickerdoodles into pie is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time.

2. This white chocolate silk pie would pair perfectly with coffee and fruit.

3. Can’t get enough Girl Scout cookies? Samoas pie is here for you.

Tis The Season To Curl Up With A Glass Of Wine — Here Are 21 Recipes To Try

Whenever there’s a bottle of wine around in my house, it doesn’t take long to disappear.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that sometimes a glass of wine is necessary to help take the edge off. And with winter fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to sit by the fireplace and warm up with a nice red.

But who says wine can only be enjoyed by the glass? The possibilities are virtually endless when you incorporate a little vino into your favorite dishes. To help broaden your horizons, here are 21 wine-infused recipes.

1. White wine is typically used in a variety of seafood dishes, but none of them compare to seared cod in a white wine, tomato, and basil sauce.

2. Need a quick snack with a bit of a buzz? These wine-marinated frozen grapes should do the trick.

3. There is no greater food pairing than chocolate and a glass of wine. This boozy brownie mix combines my two loves into one delicious treat.

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4. Grocery stores have started carrying their own brands of wine ice cream, but why not try this recipe out for yourself?

5. I’m addicted to all things gummy, so I can’t wait to try out these drunken gummy bears.

6. I dare you to eat only one piece of this wine-infused fudge.

7. This vino-soaked roast beef is so tender, it almost melts in your mouth.

8. When it comes to wine recipes, there are no rules, so why not add some chocolate to your nightly glass?

9. Italian cuisine is wine’s best friend, and garlic parmesan red wine spaghetti is no exception.

10. There may be wine baked into these cupcakes, but it’s the raspberry rosé icing that really steals the show.

11. Drunken cheesy bread gives wine and cheese a new spin.

12. The herb and wine mixture in this creamy sauce is instrumental in pulling off this pork loin dish.

13. This poached pear dessert is so simple to make, even after a glass or two of the good stuff.

14. Merlot meatballs will please everyone at your next game day bash.

15. Kick it old school with some white wine fondue.

16. What goes better with a creamy custard parfait than fresh berries and lots of wine?

17. This chicken marsala recipe is a classic for a reason.

18. Wine can totally transform your average meat and potatoes dish.

19. Need another chocolatey, wine-filled dessert to add to your repertoire? I think so!

20. Up the ante on your favorite burger recipe by adding a cup or two of red wine to the mix.

21. Mussels and white wine make the perfect pair.

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It’s wine o’clock somewhere! Which of these recipes are you most excited to try?

22 Recipes That Will Help Your Vegetarian Guests Enjoy Thanksgiving, Too

Thanksgiving may be a day to give thanks, but it is more widely celebrated as a day full of everyone’s favorite dishes.

And while most of your guests will eat themselves into a food coma with second and maybe even third helpings of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, some guests may not be able to experience food-induced nirvana because of dietary restrictions. Your vegetarian friends often end up getting stuck with piles of sides while their omnivorous counterparts chow down on main courses.

So why not go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving by cooking up some of these 22 meat-free dishes that are sure to make your vegetarian guests hungry for more?

1. Pumpkin ravioli make for a great, meat-free entree option.

2. Doctoring up your Brussels sprouts with some cranberries will give both vegetarians and meat eaters a delectable side dish.

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3. Adding blue cheese and walnuts to mashed potatoes makes them feel less like a boring old side and more like an edible adventure.

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4. These baked sweet potatoes are whole and hearty, so while you cut into turkey, they can cut into something just as satisfying.

5. Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like cranberries and squash. So why not pair the two together in one delicious dish with satisfying substance?

6. This vegetable Wellington is as flavorful and filling as its beefy counterpart.

7. This mushroom and potatoes au gratin dish looks so yummy, my mouth is watering already!

8. Finally, a 100 percent vegetarian gravy recipe that is every bit as delicious as it looks!

9. Replace the chicken with pumpkin and your pot pie recipe is guaranteed to be gobbled up.

10. Creamy butternut squash risotto will make your vegetarian friends forget about missing out on the turkey.

11. These eggplant stuffed mushrooms are appetizers everyone will love.

12. This leftover veggie burger is the vegetarian dish your friends can enjoy long after Thanksgiving ends.

13. Forget the pumpkin pie. A slice of sweet potato tart hits the tastebuds with a hint of sweet and savory deliciousness that no one will forget.

14. Gnocch it out of the park with this tasty sweet potato gnocchi recipe.

15. For an atypical Thanksgiving feast, why not try out pumpkin chili? This would be amazing over mashed potatoes!

16. Combine all your vegetarian favorites together into one big Thanksgiving wrap.

17. This simple pumpkin soup makes a perfect first course that’s vegetarian friendly!

18. You might not think of quiche on Thanksgiving, but this cauliflower, mushroom, and goat cheese quiche will leave you speechless.

19. Oatmeal is traditionally a breakfast food, but dress it with mushrooms, chickpeas, and a few greens to make a whole new savory side.

20. This spinach quiche bakes sweet potatoes right into the crust.

21. Stuffed shells might not be what you’re used to on Thanksgiving Day, but this butternut squash sauce is holiday appropriate!

22. It may not be turkey, but this nut loaf recipe is sure to complement any Thanksgiving side.

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I’m not even a vegetarian and I’m so excited to make a bunch of these for my family’s feast! Are you a vegetarian who has trouble on Thanksgiving? Will you make any of these for yourself or your friends?

Get In The Festive Spirit With These 19 Red And Green Recipes

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if everything from decorations to ugly sweaters weren’t red and green.

Once the earth tones of Thanksgiving have their turn, red and green do a hostile takeover. If you ask me, it really helps me get in the holiday spirit to see wreaths and Christmas lights strung from house to house in these festive colors.

And who says the stuff on your holiday table can’t get in on the fun? Don’t be a grinch! Get some cooking inspiration from the list below and wow your guests with red and green treats that’ll take you from dinner to dessert.

1. Start off your holidays and your meal right with these festively delicious, bite-sized Caprese salads.

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2. Don’t be such a ding-a-ling! What’s more festive than a white chocolate ting-a-ling?

This Light Take On Pizza Bites Is About To Become Your Poolside Go-To!

You know what’s the worst? Chilling by the pool at a cookout on a sweltering day and being assaulted with an onslaught of heavy food.

Burgers are cool in theory, but when you’re drowning in your own sweat, the idea of scarfing down a greasy, fatty burger becomes less appealing by the second. The same goes for pizza. I was swimming at my apartment complex the other day when it was 95 degrees out and I almost melted when some guy opened up a steaming box of pizza.

But then it hit me. Going three months without pizza should be illegal and we should just deal with the heaviness that accompanies everyone’s favorite meal. Or should we? Someone prayed to the summer gods for a solution, and it comes to us today in the form of these zucchini pizza bites that bring all of the cheese and none of the gut-busting agony.

Stay tuned until the end if you want to hear a song that’s truly not good at all.

I don’t know about you, but I have a date with some zucchini, a whole lot of sunscreen, and a swimming pool.

I Need These Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas In My Life, And So Do You

If there’s one problem with pizza (there honestly isn’t), it would be that when you order it, you sometimes get way too much for one human to handle. Normally, I would just throw the leftover pieces in the fridge and eat them the next day (or an hour later. Don’t judge me!), but for a guy trying to count calories who still loves pizza, this recipe by Jumble Joy is perfect!

It satiates my cravings without making me feel like a pizza monster is going to burst out of my stomach like something in Alien. Sound like a recipe you need in your life? Check this out.

Hey, waiting 15 minutes for these to cook beats waiting for the pizza guy to show up! When you make your favorite takeout dishes at home, you get to control how many gut-busting ingredients end up (or don’t end up) in the finished product.

Are You A Terrible Cook? Go Back To Basics With 20 Skills Everyone Should Know

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably way better at eating than you are at cooking.

As you can imagine, my first foray into feeding myself after moving out of my parents’ house was less than pleasant. After botching one too many mind-numbingly simple meals, I hit the books to figure out what I was doing wrong. (As it turns out, that was just about everything.)

If you’re off to a rough culinary start, learning these 20 basic skills will do you a world of good. Keep in mind that these aren’t hacks. They will not teach you how to use a piece of yarn and someone’s left shoe to make a pork roast. They will, however, help you tackle delicious dishes from this point forward.

1. Make a roux.

Sick of using jarred sauces for everything? Same. That’s where the mother sauces come in. Before we get to those, however, let’s address the almighty roux.

This mixture of fat and flour serves as a thickening agent in three out of the five mother sauces. All you have to do is warm up one cup of butter over medium heat. Add a little under two cups of flour to the butter and mix until it forms a paste. Cook for five minutes, or until you can no longer taste the flour.

2. Master the mother sauces. First up, tomato.

Getty Images

Known by fancy people as sauce tomat, this is pasta’s best friend. Learning grandma’s recipe was my only option, but if you don’t live in fear of being disowned, you can find plenty of recipes online.

3. Next on the list is espagnole.

Your roux mastery will come in handy when making this classic brown sauce. Add some tomato puree, beef stock, and seasonings to the mix to create the perfect accompaniment for that bangin’ roast you’re about to make. I have faith in you. Check this recipe out!

4. Become one with béchamel.

Getty Images

Do you love mac and cheese? Of course you do. That’s why making a killer béchamel sauce is the key to culinary success. Bust out that roux again to create the base, stir in some milk, bring to a boil, and add fistfuls of cheese. (That’s definitely an accurate measurement.) This video will show you how it’s done.

5. Embrace all things yellow with a little help from hollandaise.

Getty Images

If you’re a lover of poached eggs (more on those later), then you’ve probably experienced this mother sauce in all its golden glory. With butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, and some spices, you can seriously up the fancy factor at your next brunch. Find more details here, and check out this microwave version, because who doesn’t love microwaves?

6. Last but certainly not least, we have velouté.

Getty Images

Although it sounds like the sauce equivalent of someone who reads Tolstoy for fun, velouté is pretty simple. Employ your roux magic once again, but this time, invite a little stock to the party. Finish with salt and pepper, and voila! Here’s a step-by-step guide.

7. Now that you have the sauces down, it’s time to get crackin’ on a few more kitchen skills. Let’s talk about poached eggs.

Getty Images

First thing’s first. I can’t do this to save my life. I just know that if I could, my brunch experiences would be exponentially better than they are right now. Don’t let my abysmal failures hold you back! You got this. The key here, according to people with actual skills, is to start with fresh eggs.

Bring some water to a simmer, add a splash of vinegar, create a gentle whirlpool, and drop the egg in. After pulling off that epic spin move that I cannot get a handle on, cook for three minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and bask in the fact that you’re officially better at adulting than I am.

8. Hold your knife the right way.

Do you keep your index finger out straight on the knife while you’re chopping the day away? Stop. I cut that nonsense out the second Rachael Ray made fun of everyone who does it on her talk show that I don’t like but can’t stop watching. Check out what the guy in this photo is doing. Choke up on the handle and form a sturdy grip by keeping your index finger tucked in. Make Rachael proud, okay?

9. Melt chocolate like a pro.

Getty Images

A long, long time ago (read: up until about November of last year after 24 years of life), I thought that throwing chocolate in the microwave was a totally reasonable way to melt it. It’s not. Don’t be like me. Use a double boiler instead.

Grab a small pot, a glass bowl that you can rest on the rim of the pot, and some chocolate. Add a layer of water to the bottom of the pot that doesn’t touch the bowl and bring it to a simmer so that the steam heats the glass, effectively melting the chocolate in the bowl without scorching it. This video should help!

10. Control sodium and avoid nasty additives by making your own stock.

Go nuts with this one and make any flavor of stock your little heart desires. If you want to make chicken stock, for example, all you need to do is fill a 12-quart pot with water and add vegetables, herbs, and a good ol’ chicken carcass to the mix and let it simmer for a few hours. You can find awesome recipes here, here, and here.

11. Slay the roast game by making gravy.

Whether you love brown gravy a la espagnole or prefer the hearty country stuff, you can steer clear of the mystery ingredients found in those store-bought gravy packets and make some from scratch. This one by Queen Ina Garten (which I’m pretty sure is her official title) looks like something I’d be more than happy to drown myself in.

12. Separate egg yolks.

The first time I saw a recipe that called for egg yolks, I scoffed and said, “Silly recipe. That’s not how eggs work.” I later figured out that the cookbook was not the silly one in that situation. If you need to separate an egg, gently crack one and pull it apart. Over a bowl, pass the yolk between both halves of the shell until the white separates.

13. Peel a whole head of garlic in under 30 seconds.


If there’s one thing that makes me feel like an absolute crazy person, it’s peeling garlic one miserable clove at a time. Sure, you could smash the hell out of each one with the side of your knife like all those cooking wizards on TV do, or you could try this.

Grab two bowls that are roughly the same size. Throw all the cloves you need to peel in one. Place the other on top and shake the living daylights out of them for 20 seconds. All of your garlic will be peeled and your hands won’t smell horrible for the rest of the night. Check this out for a full demonstration.

14. Make a vinaigrette.

Instead of relying on Paul Newman for all your dressing needs, start making vinaigrettes at home. They’re usually much lighter and more refined than anything you’d find in a bottle at the grocery store. Take a look at this list for more details!

15. Don’t waste all the goodness in that pan.

After searing any form of protein in a skillet, use the drippings left behind to create a pan sauce in minutes. Remove the meat and add things like oil, wine, and shallots to the pan. Stir that goodness around until the flavors marry and blow your guests’ minds with your restaurant-worthy ways. Head over to this site for more info.

16. Impress everyone you know with soup that you made in a blender.

Getty Images

Does anyone else feel like making soup takes 37 years? I feel like it takes 37 years. While airing my grievances one day, a friend told me about blender soups. If you’re like me and you bought a blender to make smoothies for breakfast every day and have done no such thing, put it to good use by pureeing cooked veggies into soups that look way fancier than they actually are. Check these recipes out!

17. Sauce your pasta like a real adult person.

Getty Images

Stop plopping cooked pasta on your plate and adding a dollop of sauce on top. Instead, leave your sauce in the pan and add the pasta. Toss that carb-filled goodness around with a large spoon or some tongs to coat every noodle before plating.

18. Step away from the sink with that cooking oil.

If you don’t want to create a drain-clogging monster in your kitchen sink, dump cooking oil into a disposable container and put it in the trash.

19. Learn when to use different kinds of butter. You can’t have it all.

When it comes to salted and unsalted butter, there’s a time and a place for both. Although most of us love all butter equally, we can’t just use the two varieties interchangeably depending on what’s on sale at the store because life isn’t fair.

For cooking and baking, stick with unsalted butter to control flavors across the board. Salted butter is good for spreading on toast or melting on top of veggies because who cares about health, anyway?

20. Frost a cake like the superstar you are.

Much like my inability to poach eggs, my glaring lack of skill in the cake department is pretty embarrassing. You know how it’s usually cute to make your loved ones cakes when their birthdays roll around? It’s 100 percent offensive when I do it. If you’re better at existing than I am, you should definitely add this skill to your arsenal. Let this video be your guide, because I certainly can’t do it.

Although these skills aren’t as cool as all those crazy food hacks floating around out there, they will help you out way more in the long run. Just remember that if I can do it, you can, too.

San Francisco Bakery Says They “Donut Care” After Recipes Are Stolen

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is known for its croissant-muffin hybrid, the cruffin. The shop estimates between 200 and 300 recipes were stolen.

1. A popular bakery in San Francisco reported several hundreds of recipes stolen on Friday.

Employees on Friday morning arrived at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in the Tenderloin to find the shop’s binders full of recipes missing, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The bakery’s owner estimated 200-300 recipes were taken sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. Nothing else was taken, and the bakery joked for its fans to be on the look out for any suspicious copycats.

2. The bakery is known for creating the cruffin, a muffin and croissant hybrid.

Pastry chef Ry Stephen told the Chronicle that he had back-ups of the recipes that were taken, so operations were not impacted beyond one batch of scones that did not get made.

3. On Facebook, the bakery assured fans it was alright after the “Cruffin Caper.”

“This is not a hoax,” the bakery added in another post.

Police told the Chronicle that there was no sign of forced entry, and authorities would be reviewing any surveillance footage in the area as well as talking with witnesses.

4. In the meantime, Mr. Holmes is back to selling out its pastries and getting customers baked.

5. “Recipes were stolen but we DONUT care.”

Fall Is Here And You Know What That Means…Pumpkin Recipes For Everyone!

The leaves are beginning to turn, the air is cooling off and the days are getting shorter. That only means one thing folks… fall is right around the corner! As a result, people will start getting into the autumnal mood and pumpkin-flavoring will be infiltrating all of our foods, drinks, and desserts. … maybe even our dreams.

If you’re a pumpkin lover, prepare to salivate. We’ve compiled some of the best pumpkin recipes the Internet had to offer. You’ll want to try them all.

Bon appetit! Enjoy these lovely fall recipes with your family and friends. Or hoard them all to yourself, you can never have too much pumpkin (especially if it’s mixed with cheddar macaroni and cheese)! For even more pumpkin themed recipes, head over to Two Peas And Their Pods and get cooking!