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Her Rickety Staircase Was Looking Drab, So She Grabbed Some Paint And Some Wood…

After her stairs had endured nearly 90 years of use, one woman named Lynn decided they needed a makeover. But in all her years of staring at them, she could never figure out what to do with the steps. Something had to change, and fast. Her only requirements? Keep costs low, use textured paint due to the slippery nature of the stairs, and incorporate leftover finish from her deck outside.

After a bit of thinking, she came up with a brilliant idea that would satisfy all her needs and look great too!

Here’s what she was working with — they definitely needed some work.

She started with a trip to the arts and crafts store to buy several stencils.

Tip: you can keep costs down by using the same stencils in different ways.

She purchased plywood, 1/8″ in this case, to fit the risers. This makes it so you don’t have to paint the stencils on vertically.

Tip: you can use FREE paint samples of varying colors to do the job.

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For a finishing touch, she put wax on the boards to give them an antique look.

Soon you’ll have beautiful risers anyone would pay good money for.

Just make sure to spray them with a clear coat for additionally durability.

To attach the risers, Lynn used 1″ brads.

What a beautiful staircase! That’s just about the easiest home improvement project, and for such a low cost. Apparently Lynn spent less than $20 on the entire project!

You ready to follow in her footsteps?

What This Pregnant Woman Did To Prepare Her Baby’s Room Will Make You So Jealous

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was surround myself with reminders of my favorite Disney princess.

I begged my mom to change my name to Belle and even went as far as writing that name on all of my kindergarten homework papers. I refused to answer to anything else, so my mom finally gave in and let me go by it until I grew out of the name about a week later.

But the Disney-inspired masterpiece that expectant mom and Redditor ejchristian86 painted in her daughter’s room is something I would have never gotten tired of — in fact, I would proudly display this on my wall today. And if you love Ariel as much as I love Belle, chances are you’ll be begging her to paint you one, too.

This was the wall that would transform from boring into pure princess heaven.

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First came the priming — because the smell was making her sick, her awesome husband took over and painted the wall.

After it was dry, she got straight to work. Ejchristian86 used acrylics to paint this gorgeous sky in just one day.

Next came the castle, which she outlined using a friend’s projector.

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She wanted to add the other scenery before painting the castle, so she began with the cliffs.

A peninsula went next to the castle, then she began working on the water.

After adding the rocks, it was finally time to start painting the castle!

She used four different colors to get it just right.

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And of course, no Disney castle would be complete without turrets.

She was a stickler for the details.

For the last touch, she mixed glitter with some clear acrylic medium.

This made the turrets nice and sparkly.

Now that’s a mural fit for any aspiring princess. It’s so pretty!

Ariel would be so proud. If you’re dying to replicate this for your kids — or let’s be honest, for yourself — you can find the full instructions here.

Without The Use Of Nails Or Glue, This Guy Created The Coolest Doghouse For His Pup

When his dog needed a little alone time from an unruly toddler, this dad decided to build it something incredible: a doghouse made without fasteners, nails, or glue. That way, this fortress of solitude could be dismantled and reassembled quickly. So with a bit of free time on his hands, and a very deserving dog, he set to work creating something from scratch.

He began by making a miniature model of the doghouse.

That way, he could plan how it would all come together without wasting materials.

When he figured out what plan would work, he assembled all the materials and tools he’d need to complete the job.


  • Pinewood timber
  • Birch plywood of 4 mm thickness
  • White oak veneer
  • High-gloss lacquer wood wax glue


  • Circular saw
  • Planer and thickness planer
  • Chisel and hammer
  • Paint sprayer scissors
  • Knife

Then it was time to start building out the frame using a series of wood sidings and notched ends.

The notched or slotted ends allowed for a nail-free structure.

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Next, he built out the frame.

Then it came time to build the walls; he cut wood panels that would fit in the grooves he’d made in the frame.

Looking good (complete with doghouse siding)!

Finally, he sealed the walls with a high-gloss lacquer after sanding them down.

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The result was something pretty special, including a roof that could be removed in an instant for quick access to the dog.

Now it was time to test it out — he put a blanket and a pup inside to make sure everything fit right.


Although, his dog still may need a little more alone time…

If you’d like to see the specific instructions for building this awesome doghouse, check out the full gallery here. It’ll show you everything you need to know to build your own!