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Pilot Fakes In-Flight Emergency In Order To Pull Off An Epic Proposal

One pilot decided to take unusual marriage proposals to new heights when he faked an in-flight emergency before asking his girlfriend to marry him.

With the help of a dash-mounted GoPro, the man captured the moment he told his girlfriend the flight controls had failed. Asking his (surprisingly calm) partner to read out a series of falsified emergency instructions, the pilot pulled out a ring as she made her way down the list. As she read on, the truth slowly started to dawn on her…watch her reaction below!

What a clever way to set up the proposal. “Conduct ring engagement procedure” sounds just technical enough that it could be a real aviation term.

Good thing she said yes, though. Would have been a really awkward flight back had she said no!

Watch The Insane Emergency Landing This Plane Had To Make OMG!

A Boeing 767 can carry upwards of 375 passengers on any given flight. It’s a large, wide-bodied passenger plane that was invented for the sole purpose of carrying more people to their destinations quicker.

But when this Boeing 767’s landing gear failed, the crew had to prepare for an emergency landing that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. Luckily, the 231 passengers were in the hands of a 30-year veteran pilot, Tadeusz Wrona. He expertly communicated the situation to air traffic controllers and flew the 767 to safety without injuring a single person aboard the plane.

Watch the whole thing happen!

(via Reddit)

Everyone got off the plane unharmed and the touchdown seemed to be relatively smooth…as far as emergency landings go. I bet quite a few people on that plane were pretty apprehensive when they took their next flight.

This Daredevil Dog Is Not Afraid Of Jumping Out Of Planes…Or Anything Else.

No, Riley the dog doesn’t want to go for a walk. For this four-year-old dachshund, it’s going to for a jump out of a plane or bust. Luckily for him, his owner Nathan Batiste is more than willing to comply with his daredevil dog’s desires. Having made over 400 jumps himself, there can’t be many owners who are better qualified to skydive with their pup. And skydive they did. 

People might not understand why this dog and owner duo go sky diving…

Mercury Press & Media Ltd

But that doesn’t stop this pair!

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Dogs may drool, but they also rule.

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For more on the daredevil dog’s maiden voyage through the sky, take a look at the video below.

(via Daily Mail)

What an awesome jump! If you don’t feel like you’ve had enough of Riley, don’t worry. Nathan says he thinks Riley had a blast and plans to take him for another jump in the near future. Hopefully, Nathan still maintains control of the parachute.

I have a lot of faith in Riley, but I don’t think he’s quite ready to handle that sort of responsibility yet… especially since he lacks opposable thumbs.

No, This Is Not A Plane Crash In The Forest. Take A Step Inside This Thing – AWESOME.

From these pictures you might think an airliner miraculously landed in the woods, but that is actually one man’s dream home. You see, Oregonian Bruce Campbell doesn’t just love planes, he lives in one. After buying a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 a few years ago, Bruce had it moved to his plot of land in the middle of the Oregon woods, parking it in what might be termed his garden. After the rather large mobile home was in place he got to work on turning the aircraft into a home for him to live in.

Campbell left most of the outside of the plane as was.

The entrance to the airplane home is at the back.

Instead of transforming the 1,066 sq ft interior of the plane to resemble a modern home, Campbell chose to leave a lot of the original equipment intact.

He uses the cockpit as a reading room and he even installed a computer monitor right in the middle of the instrument panel.

But there is no home without a bathroom, so he got one of the original plane bathrooms up and running.

He’s managed to turn the plane into quite a cozy space, but his most intriguing renovation has to be the transparent floor.

The original floor was torn out and replaced with translucent panels, allowing visitors to see the super structure’s ribs and controlling cables running from the cockpit to the wings and tail.

There is plenty of storage in the cargo hold and the wings serve as a great deck.

It must be awesome to meet new people and invite them back to his place…umm, his plane.

While most of us would use these stairs to get off a plane as quickly as possible, he sees it as a welcome home sign.

It’s wonderful when people have such a passion for something in their lives.

If anything, that is a very unique home, even if the interior is a bit plane.

This Plane Made An Emergency Landing — Minutes Later, It Burst Into Flames

There are very, very few people who enjoy flying.

Why? Well, thinking about all of the horrific things that could happen at 30,000 feet is a pretty harrowing experience. What if the plane goes down? What if the landing gear fails? These scenarios run rampant in the minds of timid travelers.

And for the passengers aboard this flight, those nightmares became a shocking reality. When their Singapore Airlines flight left the ground and started to reek of gasoline two hours later, they had every right to be scared. One of their engines was ready to burst into flames, so the crew immediately turned around. When they touched down, passengers thought they were in the clear.

Until this happened, that is.

Luckily, no one was harmed and the fire was quickly extinguished. Even more fortunate, however, is the fact that they were close enough to dry land to change course. Because they were on track to spend a few hours over the middle of the Indian Ocean, things could’ve ended tragically.

If You Don’t Believe In Miracles, You Should See What Happened Here. It Left Me Asking, ‘HOW?’

A Reddit user that works as a pilot with the Flying Medical service in Africa recently experienced something terrible and miraculous… and he needs our help. Listen to his story: I’m a pilot with Flying Medical Service in Tanzania. We provide child vaccinations, pregnant mother check-ups, and we see patients for any ailment (see an album of the organization’s work here). Along with the clinics, we are available for emergency flights. The only reason I’m posting these pictures, basically, is to try and help the organization fund raise for a replacement plane. I’m hoping this gets us some traffic to our site, where we’re trying a crowd-funding thing. Either way, enjoy the pics!

While flying a N36MS plane during a normal run, something awful happened.

Due to pilot error, his plane didn’t come to a halt until 200 feet away from an acacia tree, which he hit with his wing.

The plane crashed to the ground in the manner you see in this gallery. It doesn’t look like anyone should have survived.

There were 5 people on board, the two sitting up front sustained the least injuries. The two in the middle got fractured pelvises, and the one in the back had face injuries but nothing internal.

Even though this crash happened last week, everyone is already out of the hospital.

It’s hard to believe that anyone was able to walk away from this.

“The work we do involves risky flying. Low-level fly-overs looking for animals and holes in the ground. Close passes to scare zebras out of our way.. etc. But this time, I was leaving a clinic and as had become the custom, a group of the people had gathered to watch me take off and do a “goodbye fly-by” (with the passenger’s agreement) before heading off to the next clinic.”

“[That day] however, conditions were different. I had different than normal weight in the plane, with a different distribution. The humidity, heat, and wind were also abnormal. I had been meticulous with all my calculated flying up until I performed this maneuver, and I guess I just got too comfortable and didn’t alter my technique to match the conditions.”

“It never needed to happen. I almost pulled it out of the dive (as evidenced by the upward slope I cut thru the bushes), if it wasn’t for that one tree…”

It’s unfortunate that the plane was destroyed in the accident, but the pilot and passengers are so lucky that no one sustained greater injuries or was called. If you’d like to help the good people at the Flying Medical Service replace their plane, please donate to their cause at their site. Source: Reddit It’s seriously hard to believe that everyone survived this. What a story.