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How the…? These Mind Bending Perspective Pics Will Make You Question Reality. #23 Is Crazy.

The Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa are two of the most iconic places for tourists looking to take what are known as forced perspective pictures. You’ve definitely seen them before. They’re the pictures where it looks like someone is holding the Eiffel Tower in their hand, or propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Forced perspective employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. This how they used to make old monster movies, but the technique can also be used to create some great photos. Somehow though the best forced perspective shots always seem to be vacation photos. Here are some of the best ones we found:

1.) It’s pretty windy out there. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

2.) Anyone in there? – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

3.) Hold on tight! – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

4.) Looks comfortable. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

5.) I wish I was that strong. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

6.) Amazing natural rock formations. – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

7.) Straight out of Jurassic Park. – Kansas City, Missouri

8.) He’s a giant. – Mojave Desert, California

9.) Let me just grab that real quick. – Laguna Beach, California

10.) I wonder how solid this rock is. – Arches National Park, Utah

11.) Get over here! – Spokane, Washington

12.) This doesn’t look comfortable. – Chicago, Illinois

13.) Umm…ok? – Chicago, Illinois

14.) Set it down here boys! – Washington, DC

15.) Where do you think you’re going? – Seattle, Washington

16.) Kind of like Inception. – Disney World, Orlando, Florida

17.) Be careful not to break it. – London, England

18.) Just putting the finishing touches on it. – Loughborough, England

19.) Go my minions! – Manchester, England

20.) Watch out below! -Stonehenge, England

21.) Of course we had to include the Leaning Tower of Pisa. – Pisa, Italy

22.) I wonder if he stuck the landing. – Pisa, Italy

23.) Whoa. I don’t even know how they managed that. – Florence, Italy

24.) What a view. – Rocca di Papa, Rome, Italy

25.) Don’t forget about the Eiffel Tower. – Paris, France

26.) On her tip toes. – Paris, France

27.) We’re sinking! Abandon ship! – Montmartre, Paris, France

28.) Very nice to meet you. -Cairo, Egypt

29.) Don’t lose your balance. – Cairo, Egypt

30.) Yum delicious. – Tokyo, Japan

31.) No PDA please. – Turkey

32.) Just making sure the ground is solid. – Sombrio Point, BC, Canada

33.) We’ll just leave this here then… – Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, Swiss Alps

34.) Please don’t push me! -Yealgiri, Tamil Nadu, India

35.) His cup runneth over. -Scotland

36.) Boop! – Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I still can’t get my head around #23, that’s amazing. Share these crazy photos by clicking below.

A Man Spent Years Taking Photos Of One Small Town. When You Look Closer, You’ll See Why.

Artist and photographer Michael Paul Smith has spent hours upon hours photographing one special town that he holds very dear to his heart. There is something that always drew him to it, and the images he created are simple, but stunning. They glow with small-town charm and innocence, reminiscent of days and decades past.

The town he photographs is quaint and beautiful.

It’s like each picture tells a story of how life used to be in the United States.

There’s not much going on in these pictures, but it’s obvious that this town is nothing but charm.

But, as it turns out, also not real.

Michael builds custom miniature models and sets, meticulously crafting every detail.

Then, the 60 year-old photographer creates the hyper-realistic images.

If you didn’t know any better, you might think these are vintage photos of a town from a few decades ago…

And NOT the extremely small models this man built.

He started building these models as an exercise. He wanted to practice his craft and also photography.

He never imagined it would be a “dream-like reconstruction” of the town he grew up in.

To Michael, this is what quintessential America looked like when he was a kid.

It is absolutely beautiful.

If “Elgin Park” were a real town, I would love to live there.

He creates the scenes by setting up Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint die cast autos and trucks in front of his models on card tables.

Then, he uses the surrounding scenery to make the backgrounds for the photos.

The perspective has to be JUST right…

Usually the resulting photos are completely convincing.

Even when you know what’s going on behind the scenes.

It’s all an illusion.

But Michael is able to make an incredibly convincing one.

His selfies aren’t part of the official photo series, but I think they just add to the charm of his work.

If you’d like to see more pictures of this perfect American town, visit the Elgin Park website. To learn more about Michael’s work, please visit the Craftsmanship Museum website for a full writeup on his talents and process. Source: Amusing Planet Michael’s work is a reminder of how things used to be (and how we may remember them). Share his unique photography with others.

This Is The Most Sick And Twisted Thing I’ve Seen In A While. Fortunately, We’re Killing It.

A demented trend that some senseless people are doing has recently surfaced… and it’ll make you sick to your stomach. If you haven’t noticed yet, many people are obsessed with their smart phones. Not only that, but they love to take pictures of themselves (known as “selfies”). Via Instagram and Twitter, it was discovered that these young people have started taking “homeless selfies.” And it has sadly caught on in a big way.

They have been showing a blatant disregard for their fellow man.

These young people, when they come across someone on the streets, take pictures with them.

They violate their rights.

Not only that, but it’s massively insulting.

These are people that are in need of HELP, not ridicule.

Seeing these pictures could make anyone’s blood boil.

That’s why a Tumblr is setting out to stop it.

Selfies With Homeless People is a website that gathers these disgusting photos…

They hope to make people angry.

Because if people get angry enough, maybe they’ll help donate to their local shelters or organizations that help the needy.

So if you want to see less of these terrible pictures, donate.

Help the homeless.

Don’t show them such disrespect, it makes others sick.

ViralNova, along with several other Web sites, have decided to take this sick trend and use it to raise awareness and money for the homeless. What we want to do is turn it into something good. If you want to do your part to help stop people from taking these awful pictures, please donate to City Harvest, Habitat for Humanity or any local charity that helps the homeless. And if you see anyone trying to take a selfie with a homeless person… well, take a selfie with them. Share this with others. End this idiotic fad.

These Adorable Squirrels Decided To Duke It Out In The Desert. So Fierce.

Squirrels may look like adorable, docile little creatures when you first see them. Truthfully, they’re fierce fighters who know how to settle a score. This is obvious after seeing these photos of South African ground squirrels duking it out in the desert.

You’ll think twice before you mix it up with these guys.

Apparently there wasn’t a real reason for the scuffle.

Maybe it’s a rodent form of fight club?

Or these two might have a troubled history together.

Whatever the cause, they do not pull any punches when they go at it.

They are pretty evenly matched.

They dance, bob, and weave like pro boxers in the ring.

And then fling themselves at each other with as much force as their tiny bodies can muster.

Looks like this one is almost down for the count…

…but he found his second wind just as a spectator showed up to enjoy a ringside view.

It’s probably the cutest fight I’ve seen.

Tensions may be high, but the adorable factor is even higher.

(via Mirror.)

There’s no word on who won the battle, but I’m sure the war continues to rage on between these two. Keep it cool, little guys.

Everyone’s Talking About What This Shy Photographer Did. When You See This, You’ll Understand Why.

A couple of years ago, Kyle Thompson became interested in photography. Unfortunately, his anxiety prevented him from talking to people, so he opted to experiment with self-portraits.

He would spend hours, even days, walking alone through forests and exploring abandoned houses. He’s been to over 50 of them. After taking hundreds of photos, he posted some of his best to Reddit. From there, his life changed forever.

During college, Kyle was interested in photography but had no idea what to do with his life.

He didn’t think he could survive as an artist.

This photo was taken with the use of flour. Yes, flour.

He climbed to the top of a mountain in Bolivia for this one.

After finding a broken plane in an old corn field, Kyle used smoke bombs to capture this fantastic shot.

His work is incredibly unique. When he took these photos, he had no idea that his talent would change his life.

Yes, more flour.

After posting some of his work to Reddit, it got over 4 million views.

He said he was even recognized in public.

Those are not headlights. Kyle clamped two desk lights to a chair and used a fog machine.

After his work went viral, Kyle decided to dive into photography full time. He even quit his job delivering pizzas. Good choice.

Kyle’s unique self-portraits were captured with a Canon 60D, a 50mm 1.8 lens, a tripod, and a timer.

He is now living his dream as a photographer. His work can be seen in multiple magazines. You can visit Kyle’s site, like him on Facebook, or check out his Flickr account.

You should definitely share this incredible photography as well as Kyle’s story.

These Photos Of World War I Show Soldiers With Their Cat Companions.

If you thought cats were just wimps who laid around all day, think again. These photos show how during World War I, they were often found in the trenches, on the ships and in the middle of the action doing their part to help soldiers protect our freedoms.

That part was largely to act as mousers, keeping any wandering rodent away from the troops vital stock of rations, but they also were also embraced as mascots and pets for many units. The feline friends gave the soldiers invaluable comfort while they performed their heroic duties.

And, of course, they were were also super adorable.

1.) A Canadian soldier with his unit’s mascot, Tabby.


2.) On the HMS Queen Elizabeth, this daring ship’s cat walked on the barrel of a 15-inch gun.

Bibliotheque nationale de France

3.) The mascot of the HMS Dreadnought, Togo.


4.) Company O’Connor Men pose for a portrait with their cat.

Australian War Memorial

5.) A couple of Scottish soldiers in the 9th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, with their pet cat, Martinpuich.


6.) The HMS Encounter’s ship cat.


7.) A gunner in a French trench with his regimental cat.


8.) This little guy was discovered in the ruins of Le Cateau-Cambrésis by officers of the U.S. 2nd Army Corps.

Pictorial Record of the 27th Division

9.) The mascot of the HMS Vindex, Pincher, sitting on the propeller of one of the sea planes carried by this ship.


10.) Mascot Spark Plug is probably giving his fellow soldier solid advice on the propeller.

Library of Congress

11.) Two cats cozying up in the breech of a 4-inch caliber gun on an American ship.

U.S. Naval Institute

12.) A mascot hanging out in with a soldier in a sandbagged dugout.

Australian War Memorial

13.) Soldier holding a kitten for his studio portrait.

Australian War Memorial

14.) Ching, the mascot of the Royal Australian Navy Destroyer HMAS Swan, shaking hands with a sailor.

Australian War Memorial

15.) A sailor from the HMAS Melbourne holding two ship’s cats.

Australian War Memorial

16.) A British soldier forming a pact with their mascot.

Illustrated War News

(via iO9.)

The feline tradition actually dates back even further, probably originating in ancient Egypt on their explorations. And you thought all they were good for were silly Internet videos.

Taking These Selfies Was A Downright Awful Idea. OMG.

Taking a “selfie” is always a little self-centered. After all, you’re just going to stand there and take a picture of yourself. There are, however, appropriate times to take a selfie. If you’re standing in front of a National Monument and no one else can take a picture of you… it makes sense. If you’re at the funeral of a loved one in front of mourners? That is 110% NOT the time to take a selfie. Some of these people lack so much sense, it’s amazing they haven’t been slapped in the face yet.

1.) Please do not panic… or take selfies.

2.) Seriously. When there is a problem on a plane, you’re not helping when you do this.

3.) Domestic abuse selfie?

4.) When attending a funeral, the thought “I should take a selfie!” should never pop into your head.

5.) … wait, WHAT?

6.) P.S., it’s not funny.

7.) Hey, don’t look now, but you might want to go do your job.

8.) There is nothing about this I understand.

9.) Oh good, teenage pregnancy.

10.) At least their selfie is why they got caught.

11.) Do they even know who Anne Frank is?

12.) Here’s hoping she isn’t a real doctor and this is all an elaborate scheme.


14.) You’re going to be so embarrassed if you make the news tomorrow.

15.) Stop crying and maybe stop taking selfies.

16.) Don’t worry, he called for help. … probably.

17.) Hey, officer! Smile!

18.) The World’s Most Epic Selfie.

19.) Thankfully, he wasn’t responsible for getting her to the hospital.

20.) I am very, very sorry for whoever she is about to visit there.

21.) Car crash, NBD, look at me.

22.) LOL, sinking boat? Selfie time.

23.) Not. A. Good. Idea.

24.) It’s hard to wrap my mind around how rude this is.

25.) Forest fires are meant for running-away-from.

26.) Imminent disaster selfies are always fun.

If there’s ever a question of whether or not you should take a selfie, always err on the side of not taking one. The worst case scenario there is that you don’t have a picture of yourself. If you decided to pull out your phone, you could be insulting huge groups of people without realizing it. Share these cringe-worthy pictures with others by clicking below. Show other people that selfies can actually be an awful, awful idea.

These Images Are Far More Powerful Than Any Words. Try Not To Cry.

Sometimes, all you need to tell a story is a picture. A great photograph has the ability to encapsulate the emotions of a situation. There is no need for words, no need for speech, sometimes you just need to be in awe of extraordinary images.

Looking at these moving photos and not crying is nearly impossible. They strike a chord so deep in each of our hearts… 

Some of these pictures are painful, some are joyful. Most importantly, these pictures are about our lives.

If these pictures are worth a thousand words, I can’t think of any right now because I’ve been left speechless. Share this post if these powerful photos have left you speechless.

These Breathtaking Photos Show The Power Of Simplicity. #12 Is Strangely Haunting.

Hungarian photographer Adrienn Balaskó is a producer of amazing minimalist photography. Her work focuses on single elements surrounded by wide open skies and far reaching landscapes. Occasionally she flips and manipulates her photos as a way of reinterpreting the scene. The result is almost surreal. We’ve compiled 15 photos from her latest series as well as 15 of our other minimal photography favorites. Check them all out below.































Breathtaking. Share these inspirational photos by clicking below.

These Bizarre Nature Photos Show How Strange Earth Really Is.

These photos might look like they come from an alien planet, but it turns out our own little Earth is capable of some truly weird stuff. All of these things occur naturally across the globe because of, like, science and stuff. A lot of the reasons why go over my head, but it’s all true. It’s easy to appreciate the wondrous beauty of Earth without knowing exactly how it happens. Some of these are cringe-worthy, but others make me want to buy a plane ticket. And I am definitely going to pay closer attention to sunsets from now on. Take a look at some of the cool things you didn’t realize happen on our home planet.

1. Never-ending Wave: Occurs twice a year in Brazil when the Atlantic ocean meets the mouth of the Amazon River. The resulting waves can travel 500 miles inland before slowing down.

2. Under-water Crop Circles: In Japan, male pufferfish flapping their fins create these alien-esque circles in the sand.

3. Bleeding Glacier: Also known as “Blood Falls” in Antarctica, the outflowing water resembles blood due to iron oxide.

4. Blue Lava: Due to the combustion of sulfuric gases at extremely high temperatures, this volcano in Indonesia produces the blue glowing lava.

5. Calcifying Lake: This creepy lake in Tanzania, Lake Natron, has such high pH levels that it calcifies any animal that goes into the water.

6. Cocooned Trees: During flood season in Pakistan, spiders are forced to flee to the trees where their webs create this effect.

7. Danxia Landforms: Over millions of years, the red sandstone and mineral deposits in certain areas of China have created these rainbow-like landforms.

8. Frost Flowers: In arctic areas, these floral ice formations occur when the temperature between the ocean and the atmosphere differs.

9. Green Flash: This rare occurrence when the conditions are right at the end or beginning of a sunset.

10. Hair Ice: Water escaping plants in freezing weather can have this follicle-effect due to certain bacteria presence.

11. Horsetail Falls: In Yosemite National Park, California, this waterfall looks more like lava with a bright orange glow at certain times of the day in February.

12. Lenticular Clouds: Probably mistaken for UFOs by Fox Mulder, these clouds occur when the moist air overflows a mountain.

13. Living Rocks: Not actually rocks, these sea creatures line the beaches of Chile and are completely immobile.

Swimmers and boaters be ware.  Click next page below to find out why.