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Helpful Bird Feeds Two Hungry Great Danes Some Tasty Milk-Bones. What A Friend!

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But did you know that birds are dog’s best friend?

Don’t believe me? Well then prepare to be amazed as you watch Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feed his two best buddies some Milk-Bones, by fishing them right out of the box and throwing them onto the floor, where the two grateful Great Danes eagerly wait for their treats.

I suspect it’s payment for protection from the family cat.

(Source: rrry1950)

These three partners in crime are just too adorable. I wonder if I can teach a bird to feed me cookies the same way?

This Funny Bird Goes Crazy Every Time Someone Touches Her Plastic Cup.

Meet Dax, she is a parrotlet and a real life ‘Angry Bird.’ Every time someone touches her favourite plastic cup, she freaks out in the most adorable way. (Jealousy has never been so adorable.)

Watch as her owner reaches for the plastic cup and little Dax chases around the hand, demanding her cup be left alone. Too cute!

(Source: vixis Klingon)

That bird is the cutest little thing ever, I swear she actually looks like she’s made out of cotton candy.

Share this cup loving bird with your friends below, oh and get a cup, because clearly that bird knows something we don’t.