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Mother Did The Unthinkable To Her Child When She Came Between Her And Her Boyfriend

It’s no secret that couples need some alone time and that alone time’s usually at a premium when kids are involved.

Being a single mother and raising your kids while trying to take on dating is no small feat, either. And that’s because most parents put their child’s needs before their own. For one English mother, however, her needs were way more important than the wellbeing of her own child. What she did to her young daughter is terrifying and heartbreaking.

Thirty-seven year old Michala Pyke and her boyfriend, John Rytting, have been charged with counts of child cruelty and drug possession after the death of Pyke’s four-year-old daughter, Poppy.

Read More: Charges Have Been Filed Against A Mom Who Injected Feces Into Her Son’s IV

Poppy died of cardiac arrest in June 2013 at Rytting’s home. An autopsy revealed that the little girl had drugs like heroin, ketamine, methadone, and diazepam in her system.

This Looks Like A Normal First Date, But You’ll Reach For The Tissues 45 Seconds In

When it comes to loss, watching someone you love lose all memory of you is uniquely tragic.

People with Alzheimer’s are still right there in front of you, but the length of a dining room table can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. You can reach out and touch them, but it feels like they’re miles away. And when they look at you, they don’t make the connections they once did. They can’t. They feel like islands, attached to nothing and completely isolated.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, five million Americans now suffer from the heartbreaking condition. That’s five million moms, dads, daughters, sisters, and brothers who have no concept of who they are anymore — five million families who have to grieve the loss of someone who’s sitting right there. All we can do is make them feel as safe and happy as possible.

And that’s exactly what this woman does in the video below. Watch what happens when she asks her date to dance.

People struggling with Alzheimer’s may wake up every day feeling scared and alone, but it’s our job to ensure that they go to sleep every night knowing that they’re loved.

Horrifying Things Your Children Could Accidentally Swallow. Hello, Paranoia!

There are labels on almost everything you buy (especially from Ikea), warning you the product contains small objects. Said products usually warn you not to let small children swallow those pieces. The typical response would be, “Yeah! I mean, obviously, right?”

When you have kids, though, you realize that when your children have insatiable hunger for small things, they can (and probably will) choke on them. Don’t freak out, though. Even though your little ones will try their hardest to choke on these things, we’re here to help you avoid the panic attacks.

1.) Pins and Nails: These small but sharp objects can puncture your kids intestinal lining. Very dangerous, like throwing-up-blood dangerous.

2.) Chicken Bones: Similar to pins, these bones can sometimes be sharp on the end and actually pierce the gut.

3.) Hair: Chewing on hair may seem like a harmless habit for a child, but sometimes the hair can coagulate in the stomach and the only way it can be removed is by surgery.

4.) Jewelry: Again, small, sharp, and possibly deadly. Jewelry also has the added threat of being super shiny and much like leprechauns, kids have an affinity for shiny things.

5.) Wire: Sure you’re little munchkin isn’t gonna eat the whole spoon, but if he eats a little piece it’s gonna really tear him up inside.

6.) Buttons: I think the peril with these things stems from the fact that they’re everywhere. Unless you’re kid only wears gym tees (nothing wrong with keeping it casual when you’re two!) you should keep an eye on the number of buttons on your guy’s shirt.

7.) Magnets: If the parts of a magnet break up with in the body they can attract each other and create holes in the stomach walls.

8.) Coins: Classic. Unless you’re short on change, chances are your kid can get to these fairly easily. Make sure to keep your coins up high, or you could spend a crap-ton on medical bills in addition to the nickel Susie decided to eat.

9.) Boogers: Hey man, we all did some things we weren’t proud of in pre-k. But it’s best to cure your kids of this habit or else it could get pretty hazardous for your whole family during cold season.

10.) Batteries: Mainly batteries for watches. Although my son has an appetite and I wouldn’t put it past him to pop some C batteries for dessert.

11.) Pills: The Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans of hazardous child swallowing incidents. Who knows what “flavor” your child will get. Heart medicine? Viagra? I shutter to think…

12.) Alcohol: You might not realize it, but alcohol is everywhere. Not only that, but it’s often hidden in brightly-colored drinks. Please drink responsibly around your baby. (Preferably not at all.)

I know you feel like you’ve already been properly warned about these things, but as a parent myself I couldn’t help but give everyone another nervous reminder. Do with it what you will, but I for one would prefer my kids to still have the breath in them for at least a couple more years.


This Little Girl Hasn’t Seen Her Mom Clearly Until This Very Heartwarming Moment

While I can’t remember the first time I saw my mother’s face, I imagine that it was a pretty beautiful moment. She is my light, the one who brought me into this world, and so much more.

Three-month-old Tilly has had a hard time seeing since she was born. So when her parents finally got her glasses, you can imagine just how happy she was to see her mother and father clearly for the first time.

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Thankfully, we don’t have to picture it in our heads…her dad caught the heartwarming interaction on camera. Watch as her little face lights up when she sees her parents. Someone get me some tissues!

Want more? Watch as baby Leo sees his mom clearly…

I could watch these cuties all day. What an amazing difference a pair of glasses can make!

I Thought His Idea To Do This With No Money Was Ridiculous. But It Turned Out AWESOME.

I think just about every boy dreams of building his very own secret base. That’s exactly what reddit user kahnuck did. Except he’s not a kid any more, nor did he decide to build this shack as a secret base to discuss how icky girls are. He built this amazingly affordable shack on his parent’s land using pretty much nothing but scrap wood and metal he gathered from the surrounding area. Only buying a few things from a local store. But all of this begs the question, why?

Mainly just to get experience building something. I’ve read a ton of books on tiny homes and small cabins over the last few years, but I’ve never physically made anything. By using mainly reclaimed and found materials, I was able to gain a ton of experience at a minimal expense. Now I feel confident investing a little more money in my next project 🙂 “

“So I started building a shack three summers ago on my parents property. I had no previous building experience, and no real plan.”

“The logs were harvested from wind-fallen trees around the property. I bought some 2×4’s to frame the skeleton of the structure, and some concrete blocks to prop the structure up off the ground.”

“In hindsight I should have turned the roof beams on edge in order to maximize load-bearing capacity.”

“I finally returned home this summer, and decided to continue tinkering with the shack. I picked up a window and door for five dollars each, and was able to get some scrap metal roofing from a family friend who just completed building her own log cabin. I randomly started infilling the walls with logs collected from around my parents eighteen acre property.”

“I found another wooden door and a lot of miscellaneous pieces of wood from a local scrap yard. The more you reuse, the more affordable making a structure like this can be. My mom and aunt decided to “spruce up my shack” by adding the colorful solar-powered lights…”

“The shack also benefits from a large amount of evergreens being conveniently located on it’s north side – somewhat sheltering it from prevailing winds.”

“I decided I wanted to add a look-out tower to the eastern side of my shack. There are a few local shipbuilders in the area who dump a lot of their scrap wood off on an old, rarely used, historic road. Luckily for me, most of the wood is still in great shape – the entire tower is built from that salvaged wood. I used old tire rims to prop the ladder and tower posts up off the ground, to minimize water damage and rot. “

“I decided to spend some money and get a few packs of cedar shingles to cover the outer walls of the shack. In total it took three bundles, at twenty dollars per bundle. Normally you only expose five inches of the shingle, but I exposed six-and-a-half inches in order to stretch the shingles as much as possible. I was reluctant to put any more money into this thing, but I decided the functionality this provides would make it a worthy investment.”

“I secured some sturdy logs to the tower in order to increase its stability and strength.”

“While I was building the shack, my parents were working on an outhouse. I was able to use a lot of their scraps to start filling in around the windows.”

“By attaching these thin strips of wood to the back of the structure, it gave me a secure and level surface to attach the cedar shingles to. I used a staple gun to attach the shingles to the wood strips.”

“Using logs found around the property, I started building a front overhang. The front posts are propped off the ground with bricks.”

“I decided the tower needed more secure ladders. Using a level and measuring tape, I marked along the logs at one-foot intervals where a notch would be cut for the step. After sawing along the markings, I notched out small piece of wood with a hammer and chisel. Lastly, I slid the steps into the notched out spaces, and secured them down with screws.”

“I painted the corner posts and bottom boards with fisherman paint I found in my parents basement. The cedar shingles should last untreated for decades, but the other wood isn’t as hardy, and needs some added protection.”

“I decided to cover the front overhang with a double layer of clear plastic – this provides shelter at the front of the shack, while still allowing light into the shack. The gap between plastic sheeting and metal roofing is covered by more scrap metal.”

“In the woods beside the old historic road, there was also a large pile of old lobster traps. I salvaged a bunch of wire mesh from them, and used it to reinforce the plastic sheeting. I also framed some of the wire mesh and used it as walls on the tower – it allows the wind to pass through the structure without shaking the whole thing.”

“Interior tower facing wall, nothing pretty.”

“The floor is composed of a few layers of sand and some square chunks of cement I salvaged from the lobster traps.”

“Western windowed wall.”

This is the finished product. It might not be fancy, but for a cost of almost $0…I’ll take it! He even built a nice bench out front to sit on. 🙂

Gotta say, as a kid this was my dream, to build a shack and tower exactly like that. Except I’d probably have called it the Secret Fort of Doom or something equally cheesy. Good to see someone is living every kid’s dream. Next step, to become a Ninja Turtle and eat pizza for breakfast every day. Source

Why Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Cry In Front Of Their Sons

Real men do cry.

1. As men, we’re taught not to cry from a young age. We’re told things like: “Real men don’t cry.”


2. “Keep a stiff upper lip.”

The Weinstein Company

3. “Be a man.”

Warner Bros.

4. We’re told these things because strength has traditionally been one of the most defining measures of a man, and crying is seen as weak.

AFP / Getty Images AFP

5. So we grow up programmed not to cry, and then when we become fathers we hear another message: “Never cry in front of your son.”


6. We’re told this because it’s our job to be a strong role model for our boys — to quite literally model strength — and if we were to cry in front of them we’d be showing weakness.

Getty Images Michael Regan

Or so the thinking goes.

7. But is crying really a sign of weakness?

8. Is it weak when the leader of the free world cries in the aftermath of devastation and tragedy?

AFP / Getty Images MANDEL NGAN

Like when President Obama cried while addressing the nation after Sandy Hook.

AFP / Getty Images SAUL LOEB

Or when President Bush cried during a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony for a fallen American serviceman.

10. Was Jon Stewart weak when he cried during the first episode of The Daily Show after 9/11?

Comedy Central

11. Were Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr weak when they cried over the murder of their friend and bandmate John Lennon?




12. Was Knowshon Moreno weak when he was moved by the national anthem before an NFL football game?


13. Was Michael Keaton weak when he cried while thanking his son for his love and support at the Golden Globes?

14. Was Pharrell Williams weak when he was overwhelmed while watching a video of people all over the world performing his song “Happy”?


15. The reality is that the simple act of crying doesn’t make you weak.

16. If you’ve been a strong role model for your sons day in and day out, you’re not going to suddenly negate all of that by crying in front of them. You might, however, teach them other lessons. Things like…empathy.

Marco Di Lauro / Via Getty Images

When you cry for other people you teach your sons that other people matter, and that we’re all in it together in life.

17. And individual thinking.

iStockphoto Chalabala / Via Getty Images

When you cry, you teach your sons that they don’t have to let the expectations of others dictate how they live their lives.

18. The ability to give themselves a break.

iStockphoto Chalabala / Via Getty Images

Being strong is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s OK not to be strong. Sometimes you need to ask for the help of others. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

19. So the next time you feel like you need to cry, remember this: Real men do cry.

AFP / Getty Images SABAH ARAR

In fact, it’s good for both you and your son.

7 Easy Scientific Experiments You Should Do With Your Child

Simple ways to make your kid go “ooh” and learn something at the same time. With thanks to the Royal Institution.

1. Making giant bubbles.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

British schools are on half term next week, so your child will be at home, getting under your feet. Here are six simple experiments which you can do with ordinary household objects which should keep them occupied, but, crucially, may actually teach them how to think and act as scientists, as well.

2. Making wine glasses sing.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

These experiments have been put together by the Royal Institution, which is trying to encourage British children to get more involved with science. “There’s obviously loads of ‘science at home with your kids’ stuff on the internet,” says Alom Shaha, a physics teacher and one of the brains behind the idea, “but ours shows parents how they can help their children to start looking closely at the world and asking appropriate questions, taking a scientific approach and making it more than just the ‘wow’ factor of making a wine glass sing.”

3. Making balloon car racers.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

This is a demonstration of Newton’s Third Law – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – through the deceptively simple tools of a balloon and some cardboard. “These are brilliant fun to make,” says Alom, “and they introduce one of the most important pieces of physics you’ll learn at school.”

4. Making music from coat hangers.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

You need to do this one at home yourself to get the full effect. “This includes a natural phenomenon that is genuinely surprising if you haven’t tried it before,” says Alom. “It’s a great way to introduce some key ideas about the physics of sound.”

5. Making colours run.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

Paper chromatography is a powerful scientific tool, and this simple experiment teaches children the basics of it. “There’s a magic moment in the film where a young girl works out for herself that it can be used as a tool for detective work,” says Alom.

6. Making towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

What shapes are strongest? How should you best use materials? “This is a brilliant way to get children thinking about how and why buildings and bridges and other structures are built,” says Alom, “and to discover some key engineering ideas for themselves.”

7. Making a raw egg bounce.

Royal Institution / YouTube / Via rigb.org

A demonstration of basic chemistry: How, even though they may look the same, different liquids can have very different effects. What happens to an egg in vinegar is particularly impressive to kids: “SQUIDGY!”

The Definitive Ranking Of Hipster Baby Names

They’re like regular baby names, but even cooler.

20. Bear

Take this name to the next level: Dive deeper into the animal kingdom for names like Panther, Eagle, or Narwhal.

19. Rebel

Getty Images/iStockphoto studio157

Take this name to the next level: Pick other names that ensure your kid rocks their teen angst phase, like Truant or Daria.

18. Everly

Take this name to the next level: Go with a more obscure ode to ’50s rock than the Everly Brothers by naming your kid after Buddy Holly’s drummer, Jerry Allison, or the Big Bopper’s given name, Jiles.

17. Kale

Flickr: brettlider / Via Creative Commons

Take this name to the next level: Quinoa, Xantham, and Chia are excellent food-related name alternatives.

16. Xena

Flickr: sydneytreasuresphotography / Via Creative Commons

Take this name to the next level: Pick an even cooler name that starts with an “X” like Xylophone, which has musical cred and is totally impossible for kids to spell.

15. Jagger

Take this name to the next level: Add a drop of obscurity and name your kid “Wyman” after the Stones’ now retired original bassist.

14. Prairie

Flickr: 62337512@N00 / Via Creative Commons

Take this name to the next level: Go with a prairie-adjacent name like Zephyr or Wheat.

13. Elvis

20th Century Fox

Columbia Pictures


Take this name to the next level: Try the King’s birthplace of Tupelo, or Elvis Costello’s real name, Declan.

12. Tallulah, Scout, or Rumor

Getty Images/iStockphoto deucee_

Take this name to the next level: Demi Moore scored a hat trick with these super cool girl names, but you can flip the script by naming your kid after Brat Packers like Demi, Ally, or Molly. If you want to be really hip go with Mare.

11. Homer

Take this name to the next level: Go with a different Springfield resident like Mo, Ned, or Krusty.

10. Brooklyn

Getty Images Thinkstock Images

Take this name to the next level: Pick an alternate hipster enclave like Silver Lake, Portland, or Austin.

9. Thor

Getty Images/iStockphoto hept27

Take this name to the next level: Pick a deity that won’t be plastered over multiplexes everywhere, like Athena, Jupiter, or Hera. Just steer clear of Isis.

8. Atticus

Universal International

Take this name to the next level: Make this popular name less obvious by dropping the “At” at the front and dubbing your kid Ticus.

7. Zola

United Artists

Take this name to the next level: Put an “X” at the front and name your kid Xola.

6. Django

William P. Gotlieb / Via Library of Congress

Take this name to the next level: Use the legendary jazz musician’s impractical last name, Reinhardt.

5. Jezebel

Focus Features

Take this name to the next level: Give the name a twist for the modern age and call your kid Jezebel.com.

4. Clementine

Getty Images Reimphoto

Take this name to the next level: Name your kid Aubergine, Kiwi, or Plum.

3. Holden

Flickr: lumkness / Via Creative Commons

Take this name to the next level:
Look beyond the The Catcher in the Rye to names like Franny, Zooey, or Esmé.

2. India

Getty Images/iStockphoto Nastia11 / Via Thinkstock

Take this name to the next level: Name your kid after Tibet, Nazareth, or wherever Bono was born.

1. Edison

Take this name to the next level: Name your kid after the inventor of thermal earmuffs, Chester Greenwood (either Chester or Greenwood will work).

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She Asked Her Dad To Babysit Her Doll, So He Took Things To Hilarious Extremes

Moms get all the credit when it comes to watching the kids, but dads are great babysitters, too!

Trent McCain, owner of McCain Trucking & Harvesting, unfortunately doesn’t get to spend much time at home because he wakes up every day at the crack of dawn and puts in long, long hours. That’s why his precious nine-year-old daughter Joselyn asked him to watch her baby doll for the day. She never wants him to be lonely! He didn’t want to let his favorite little lady down, so he took the job very seriously.

He didn’t think he’d be a grandpa so soon, but he fell into the role quite nicely.

The doll’s name is Abbie, and she decided to help her granddad load the trucks!

She’s a perfectionist, so she made sure to carefully inspect every load.

The two of them took some seriously cute selfies.

They even went fishing!

He tried to let her drive, but her feet didn’t reach the pedals.

Joselyn eventually returned from her busy day out, so she and Abbie hit the field with Dad to check on some wheat. And guess what.

She added two new members to the family: Brinley and Anna. Looks like this grandpa has busy times ahead!

(via Twenty Two Words)

Cheers to a great dad. If Joselyn ever decides to have a few real kiddos, they’ll clearly be in good hands when she needs a sitter!

Everyone Thought It Was A Gender Reveal Party, But They Got A Crazy Surprise Instead

Desiree Fortin and her husband were given plenty of bad news while they tried to become pregnant. It wasn’t until a lucky round of IVF that they finally got some of the good variety. They were pregnant with not one…not two…but three babies!

When it came time for their gender reveal party, they had shared with everyone that they were pregnant with twins. Watch as they unveil the genders of their babies…the third little secret they had up their sleeve had everyone in shock!

What an awesome surprise to drop at the party! These triplets are going to be born into such a loving family.