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Mother Did The Unthinkable To Her Child When She Came Between Her And Her Boyfriend

It’s no secret that couples need some alone time and that alone time’s usually at a premium when kids are involved.

Being a single mother and raising your kids while trying to take on dating is no small feat, either. And that’s because most parents put their child’s needs before their own. For one English mother, however, her needs were way more important than the wellbeing of her own child. What she did to her young daughter is terrifying and heartbreaking.

Thirty-seven year old Michala Pyke and her boyfriend, John Rytting, have been charged with counts of child cruelty and drug possession after the death of Pyke’s four-year-old daughter, Poppy.

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Poppy died of cardiac arrest in June 2013 at Rytting’s home. An autopsy revealed that the little girl had drugs like heroin, ketamine, methadone, and diazepam in her system.

They Got Their Extreme Home Makeover, Then Kicked Out All Of Their Adopted Kids

When I was young, one of my family’s favorite TV shows was “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

Not only were the house transformations amazing, but the stories about the families who genuinely needed help were moving. It felt right that these families who struggled so much should receive new houses and second chances.

One North Carolina family that received a new house on the show in 2012, however, is now being accused of faking it for the camera. Devonda and James Friday were chosen to receive a new home after taking in five siblings as foster parents. But now that they have the new house, none of the children live with them.

Chris and Kamaya, the two eldest siblings, say they were kicked out of the house within months and that none of them lived with the Fridays after a year.

Now adults, the two siblings also accuse the Fridays of misusing items and money given to them by “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” that were meant for a nonprofit charity they used to run. Chris also says of their adoption, “I know it was all about the money. From the first day, it was all about the money.”

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She Sleeps With 3 Of Her 7 Children — Is Attachment Parenting Taking It Too Far?

Do you remember crawling into bed with your parents when you were young? If so, you probably also recall them kicking you out, saying things like “you’re too big now” or “you have your own bed.”

Who can blame them? Now that I’m an adult, I look forward to getting into bed every night. It’s soft, comfortable, serene, and most of all, mine. Having to share it with a couple of kids would be enough to send me right to the couch.

These days, however, attachment parenting is more popular than ever.


When reading over the principles, it’s easy to see why parents are attracted to this method, which is based on empathy, love, respect, and compassion. Building an early bond with an infant or toddler has been shown to lead to better mental and emotional health – and a big part of that is co-sleeping.

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At best, co-sleeping is really adorable.

At worst, it results in a swift kick to Mom’s face in the middle of the night.

But how far is too far? This mom of seven by the name of Anni Jones practices what she calls “gentle attachment parenting.” For her, that includes sleeping with her three youngest children — and they’re not exactly babies!

What do you think? Is this mom taking it too far? How old is too old to sleep with your children? Let us know! As for me, I’ll be sprawled out like a starfish in my child-free bed.

This Mom Put Her Baby On The Changing Table…Then Something Unbelievable Happened

A nine-year-old boy in Florida is being hailed as a hero after catching his falling baby brother just inches from the ground.

Tila Levi was home alone with her five children when the incident happened. She laid her 11-month-old on the changing table and turned her back for a split second when the unthinkable happened — the 30-pound baby boy rolled off of the table. His big brother Joseph immediately sprang into action.

Watch the dramatic home security footage below, which shows Joseph leaping across the room with arms outstretched to save his brother.

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Way to go, Joseph! You’re definitely a hero in our book.

The Best Way To Raise Your Children Is To Lie Constantly. Don’t Believe Me? Here’s Some Hilarious Proof.

Kids are like blank canvases waiting for us to fill their lives with learning and insight. Also, they’re really fun to pull pranks on. It’s the best perk of becoming a parent… besides watching a little human grow up and all that other good stuff.

It’s a long-con prank, but the priceless embarrassment they’ll experience when they finally learn the truth will make all the dirty diapers and sleepless nights worth it.

H/T: Reddit.

Parenting goals: achieved.

Share with your friends below and see who has the weirdest lie they totally believed.

Dad Opens The Best Christmas Present Ever And Has The Cutest Reaction

My dad is always the last person left on my Christmas shopping list. He’s not particularly hard to shop for, but what could possibly be special enough for the man who’s given me everything?

There are always the standard presents, like ties and coffee mugs, but sometimes they just don’t cut it. Most dads have reached an age where they no longer care much about material items. What they really treasure is the precious time that they get to spend with their family.

The daughter in the video below hadn’t been able to spend Christmas with her dad in 25 years. One year when the big day rolled around, she did everything in her power to change that.

This is a gift he’ll never, ever forget.

If you have a far-away family member you’re missing this holiday season, be sure to share this video with them. Maybe they will wrap themselves up for a Christmas surprise!

Why Men Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Cry In Front Of Their Sons

Real men do cry.

1. As men, we’re taught not to cry from a young age. We’re told things like: “Real men don’t cry.”


2. “Keep a stiff upper lip.”

The Weinstein Company

3. “Be a man.”

Warner Bros.

4. We’re told these things because strength has traditionally been one of the most defining measures of a man, and crying is seen as weak.

AFP / Getty Images AFP

5. So we grow up programmed not to cry, and then when we become fathers we hear another message: “Never cry in front of your son.”


6. We’re told this because it’s our job to be a strong role model for our boys — to quite literally model strength — and if we were to cry in front of them we’d be showing weakness.

Getty Images Michael Regan

Or so the thinking goes.

7. But is crying really a sign of weakness?

8. Is it weak when the leader of the free world cries in the aftermath of devastation and tragedy?

AFP / Getty Images MANDEL NGAN

Like when President Obama cried while addressing the nation after Sandy Hook.

AFP / Getty Images SAUL LOEB

Or when President Bush cried during a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony for a fallen American serviceman.

10. Was Jon Stewart weak when he cried during the first episode of The Daily Show after 9/11?

Comedy Central

11. Were Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr weak when they cried over the murder of their friend and bandmate John Lennon?




12. Was Knowshon Moreno weak when he was moved by the national anthem before an NFL football game?


13. Was Michael Keaton weak when he cried while thanking his son for his love and support at the Golden Globes?

14. Was Pharrell Williams weak when he was overwhelmed while watching a video of people all over the world performing his song “Happy”?


15. The reality is that the simple act of crying doesn’t make you weak.

16. If you’ve been a strong role model for your sons day in and day out, you’re not going to suddenly negate all of that by crying in front of them. You might, however, teach them other lessons. Things like…empathy.

Marco Di Lauro / Via Getty Images

When you cry for other people you teach your sons that other people matter, and that we’re all in it together in life.

17. And individual thinking.

iStockphoto Chalabala / Via Getty Images

When you cry, you teach your sons that they don’t have to let the expectations of others dictate how they live their lives.

18. The ability to give themselves a break.

iStockphoto Chalabala / Via Getty Images

Being strong is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s OK not to be strong. Sometimes you need to ask for the help of others. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

19. So the next time you feel like you need to cry, remember this: Real men do cry.

AFP / Getty Images SABAH ARAR

In fact, it’s good for both you and your son.

Snooki And JWoww Take BuzzFeed’s Ultimate Parenting Survey

Find out where they stand on everything from home births to post-baby sex.

Last year over 100,000 parents took BuzzFeed’s Ultimate Parenting Survey and weighed in on today’s biggest issues of parenting. Now Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “Jwoww” Farley have too.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

1. How good of a parent do you think you are?

Jenni: “I think we’re kick-ass parents.”

Nicole: “I think we’re kick-ass moms, yeah. Especially since we’ve
never done it before. I’m pretty sure we’re pretty good. Ask Lorenzo when he’s like 10.”

23% of BuzzFeed readers identified themselves as “the best” parents. 49% said they were “pretty average,” while 38% said they “could be better.”

2. How good of a parent do you think your partner is?

Nicole: “Amazing.”

Jenni: “Roger is a very independent, do-it-himself kind of man and his whole life changed. He is obsessed. He cannot live without her, they have to sleep face to face with each other, he has to hold her every night. It’s like a whole other person from when we were dating.”

Nicole: “It’s like our kids have two moms because they change the diapers, they give baths, they do everything a mom would do. Not a lot of dads do that. We’re definitely lucky.”

43% of BuzzFeed readers said their partner was “pretty average,” while 34% said they were “the best” and 23% said “they could be better.”

3. Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “Yeah. I make out with Lorenzo. Love him.”

50% of BuzzFeed readers said, “Of course,” while 40% said, “Ew, no.”

4. Have you ever caught yourself repeating something your parents said to you?

Nicole: “Not yet. Have you, Jenni?”

Jenni: “No, but my dad used to listen to music that was so fucking annoying to me, like Mötley Crüe and Aerosmith, and now I catch myself having it on my iPod. He’s like, ‘I fucking told you. That was the shit and you didn’t want to listen to it growing up because you were too cool.'”

Nicole: “When the teenage years come I’ll probably sound like my mom. I was a bad teenager and they say your kids are 10 times worse than you were, so I’ll get there.”

85% of BuzzFeed readers have caught themselves saying something their parents said.

5. Are you OK with publicly shaming kids?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: “That’s like the biggest lesson learner. One girl I heard was making fun of another child’s clothes, so her dad made her wear rags to school for a whole week. It taught her a lesson.”

Nicole: “Yeah, don’t be a little asshole or little bully.”

74% of BuzzFeed readers said, “No, I prefer not to scar my kid for life.”

6. At what age is it appropriate for a kid to get a cell phone?

Nicole: “I never got a cell phone until I was 17.”

Jenni: “Me too!”

Nicole: “It was a Nextel and I felt really fricking cool. Now you see kids at like 9 years old having cell phones and texting. When I was 9 I was outside playing in the mud and doing things.”

Jenni: “They say you should never give a kid technology before 10 and I think I believe that.”

52% of BuzzFeed readers said “not until high school,” while 34% said “fifth grade.”

7. How much screen time is OK?

Jenni: “I go with the whole thing of an hour a day of TV or technology.”

Nicole: “Go play outside.”

Jenni: “Yeah, go play outside. We both grew up in Upstate New York –“

Nicole: “I rode my bike every day. We’d climb trees.”

72% of BuzzFeed readers say they set limits on screen time.

8. Do you let your kids cry it out?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “A baby has got to cry. It builds their lungs, and if they make a noise and you go to them they’re going to own you the rest of their life.”

Jenni: “That’s Roger. Meilani is not allowed to cry it out, and if she does he flies up the stairs and flips the fuck out.”

54% of BuzzFeed readers said they let their babies cry it out.

9. Where do you stand on vaccinations?

Nicole: “I am all for vaccinations. Because if you think about it, mothers who don’t do vaccines — and this is a very touchy subject, I don’t even want to get into it — but mothers who don’t do vaccines, they’re nervous about the consequences of the vaccine, but they’re not thinking about the disease. So your child could get the disease and potentially die instead of getting the vaccine and maybe have a little effect from it. You’re saving your child.

Jenni: I am pro-vaccines but I break them apart. Break them apart if you feel uncomfortable.

69% of BuzzFeed readers said “no question, you vaccinate.”

10. Would you let your kids drink underage?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: “I don’t want to, but I’d be a hypocrite if I said no.”

Nicole: “I would say no, but if Lorenzo is 18 and wants a beer, and is home with me, he can have one.”

Jenni: “If you can go to war and die for your country, fuck it you can have a glass of wine.”

50% of BuzzFeed readers said, “I don’t love it but I know it’s a reality,” while 24% said “never.”

11. Where do you stand on circumcision?

Jenni: “I would get mine circumcised. Did you get Lorenzo circumcised?”

Nicole: “Yes. I feel like it’s healthy for the penis.”

Jenni: “Well, some people say it’s not because…”

(Jenni mimes cutting something).

Nicole: “Yeah, but then it gets like folded and bacteria or something.”

Jenni: “I don’t know. That’s all I know.”

Nicole: “Circumcised is the norm for me, so that’s why I did it. The doctor said it’s preventative. I don’t want my son to have an infected penis.”

59% of BuzzFeed readers are against circumcision, 41% are for it.

12. Do you avoid GMOs (genetically modified food)?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “What’s that?”

Jenni: “All my weird food, you say.”

Nicole: “Oh, that’s her. I eat healthy, but I don’t eat, like, this yogurt she ate this morning which was like paste. Purple paste.”

Jenni: “We never grew up with that stuff, so our kids are like the test subject for genetically made food. Meilani is strictly organic all the way. I want to give her a better life than I had because I was like, the mac and cheese kid. And soda. Apparently I drank 11 fucking things of soda a day at one point as a kid. What the fuck?”

55% of BuzzFeed readers say they try to avoid GMOs but it’s not a deal breaker.

13. How do you deal with picky eaters?

Nicole: “We have to bribe Lorenzo because all he wants is candy. So we say — he has a quad, he goes quading (four-wheeling) with his dad, not like crazy but down the road — so we’re like, ‘Lorenzo, if you don’t eat your dinner you’re not going to go quading with your dad.’ So you kind of have to bribe them a little bit.”

Jenni: I’m just going to be such a bitch. I am going to be that mom where I’m like, ‘You’re not allowed to get up. It is what it is. Deal with it.'”

65% of BuzzFeed readers say, “Make one meal, they take it or leave it,” while 35% say, “I’ll accommodate as long as they eat.”

14. Do you judge other parents?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “No. I don’t give a shit.”

Jenni: “Yes and no. The vaccination thing and stuff like that, I’ll be honest, I judge.”

62% of BuzzFeed readers say they judge other parents.

15. Who has it harder? Working moms or stay-at-home moms?

Jenni: “That is the great debate for me.”

Nicole: “Because we’re both.”

Jenni: “I love being a working mom but I’m obsessed with being a stay-at-home mom. This is our working mom life, and then we’ll go home for a week and be stay at home moms. So we have the best of both worlds. I could not imagine getting up and doing a 9 to 5.”

Nicole: “Yeah, I give so much credit to them, especially to single moms that have to go to a 9 to 5 job every day. I give credit to all those moms. But I would say the hardest job is stay-at-home mom. Because that shit’s hard.”

78% of BuzzFeed readers said, “It’s not a competition,” 15% said working parents have it harder, and 7% said stay-at-home parents have it worst.

16. Do you party in front of your kids?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: “I don’t party, but I did come home wasted from Nicole’s wedding. But we had a babysitter there. We have a rule, if you drink, you can’t hold the baby.”

Nicole: “I’m not for drinking and taking care of the baby.”

62% said they have a drink “every now and then,” while 24% said it was “totally inappropriate.”

17. How are you going to teach your kids about sex?

Jenni: “I’m just going to have them watch Nicole on Jersey Shore.”

Nicole: I’ll do it. I’ll say, ‘OK, Lorenzo, you might feel a little sensation in your pee-pee and you’re going to want to do stuff –“

Jenni: “I think you should let Jionni handle that.”

Nicole: “I’m going to talk about sex with him. I’m going to say you can’t have sex, because you’re gonna get someone pregnant, and then your life is gonna be over. I’m really going to stress pregnancy and being protected if you’re gonna do it.”

Jenni: “I’m gonna be like, ‘All your classmates are whores and you gotta be above that!'”

Nicole: “Yeah, they’re stinky, and if you have sex your penis is gonna fall off.”

Jenni: “You’re just going to scar him for life.”

Nicole: “Yeah, and he’ll never have sex.”

78% of BuzzFeed readers said they’re going to give their kids “the talk.”

18. How’s your relationship with your partner after kids?

Jenni: “I think our relationship is better. I don’t want to say Meilani saved us as a relationship, but I feel like I can honestly say we’re gonna be together forever because it just bonded us in such a way. I don’t know, it’s just like a feeling. We’re parents to this beautiful daughter.”

Nicole: “It just brings you closer together knowing you made this beautiful creature.”

48% of BuzzFeed readers said their relationship is “the same,” 33% say they’re now “closer together,” and 19% said “it was better before.”

19. How is your sex life after kids?

Jenni: “Oh, I don’t have sex right now.”

Nicole: “After you have a baby your vagina’s not the same down there.”

Jenni: “No.”

Nicole: “It hurts. Unless it’s really lubricated.”

Jenni: “And then the baby’s crying, and Meilani sleeps with us…”

“I don’t have time for sex. The next time I have sex I’m going to get pregnant.”

46% of BuzzFeed readers say it was better before kids; 42% say it’s the same.

20. Co-sleeping, yes or no?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: “I’ll be first to say I was totally against it until I had Meilani and I was breastfeeding in the beginning and then you just build this bond. I’d put her away and then be like, “No, you’re coming back.”

Nicole: “I didn’t with Lorenzo, but since I breastfeed with Giovanna, it’s just so much easier.”

While the majority of BuzzFeed readers were for it, 41% said, “No, it’s dangerous.”

21. Do you share photos of your kids on social media?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “I do. On my private Facebook I show everything, but on Instagram and Twitter I do a little less just because I don’t want to expose my kids that much to the public.”

29% of BuzzFeed readers say they share photos “all the time,” 57% said “on special occasions,” and 14% said “never.”

22. How many kids do you want?

Nicole: “I want two more. I want to have four.”

Jenni: “If I have a boy next I’m complete. If I have a girl I’m going to “spin the sperm” and hope for a boy the third time around.”

14% of BuzzFeed readers said “one kid” was the ideal, 50% said “two kids,” and 36% said “three or more.”

23. Home births?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “Fuck that! I need an epidural and a nurse dabbing my vagina. I’m not doing that myself.”

68% of BuzzFeed’s readers said, “No way, that’s crazy,” while 28% said they’d “try it under the right circumstances.”

24. Epidurals or not?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Jenni: “I tried not to have one, but then the pain came and I was like, ‘Give it to me!’ It didn’t kick in in time, though, because Meilani was born eight minutes later. I had a rapid delivery and she just flew out and took my intestines with her.”

Nicole: “No, no, no, no, no. I do not want to feel my vagina ripping.”

Jenni: “It was the worst. I was screaming like a fucking dying hyena. I never want to feel that again.”

52% of BuzzFeed readers were down with epidurals.

25. Do you have a favorite kid?

Nicole: “No. It’s a different kind of love because it’s a girl and a boy. But if I had to choose between my kids I would just kill myself.”

52% of BuzzFeed readers said “it depends on the day,” while 32% said that they had a favorite.

26. What do you think of the Duggars?

Jenni: “The, like, 30 Kids And Counting people?”

Nicole: “I’ve never watched but I know who they are.”

Jenni: “My vagina hurts for her.”

Nicole: “How does she have all those kids?”

Jenni: “They fly out of her at this point. They just walk out, like, ‘What’s up, Mom?'”

Nicole: “That’s crazy, man. Props to her for doing that.”

Jenni: “And they, like, still do it and stuff, I heard. She pleases her man. No, fuck that.”

SN: “She must be very horny. I’ll have what she has.”

59% of BuzzFeed readers said, “They’re nuts,” while 13% said they “love them.”

27. Do you spank your kids?

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Nicole: “I spank Lorenzo a little, but not like, OWWWW! Just like a ‘cut it out’ tap. And he likes it, which is weird. He’s like, ‘Mom!’”

Jenni: “He owns you.”

“I know, he owns me.”

BuzzFeed readers were evenly split on this one: 50% for, 50% against.

A Mom Of 4 Filmed Herself Getting Her Babies Ready For The Day I’m Impressed!

Having a kid is a ton of work. Anyone that thinks being a parent is easy is sorely mistaken. You are molding a human being to be a productive member of society…at the same time, you need to clean up their diapers, feed them, teach them to speak — the list goes on!

But if you think having one kid comes with a ton of responsibilities, try having four!

This Canadian mom recently posted a video of how she gets her little ones ready for the day — it just proves that being a parent requires superhuman skills.

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = “//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.3”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

Mom vs Triplets + Toddler!A must watch! 󾆜🏼󾆩🏻󾆩🏻󾆩🏻 .. Give super mom a share! Being Mommy Dan Gibson Ellen MommyPage Parenthood Being Daddy Parenting.com Twin Magazine Parent Life Network ellentube

Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

(via BuzzFeed)

I’m sure a lot of people aren’t envious of this family, but thankfully, this mom is an expert child wrangler. No one is crawling away on her watch! Look how efficiently she gets her tiny tykes ready for another day.

25 Tricks to Smooth(er) Parental Sailing. You Should Probably Know These.

Ah, parenting! One of life’s continuing adventures. It’s something most people get the hang of–eventually–but for new parents, the thought of having little tiny people who depend of you for everything can be terrifying, especially when you consider they’ll keep depending on you when they’re considerably less tiny. We’ve compiled a collection of quick, easy and cheap tricks to get you through the rough spots. Some of them, anyway. 

1.) This shower cap keeps little eyes safe from shampoo.

(The baby doesn’t look happy about it, though.)

2.) Coughing baby remedy. Does this work on adults, too?

3.) A perfect solution for twins! Just make sure you remember who’s A and who’s B.

4.) Soften up your fellow passengers. Come prepared. Yes, the other passengers deserve this courtesy.

5.) Have your kids start helping with the chores early.

Child labor laws permitting.

6.) Use zip ties to attach baby gates to stairs and doors. No damage when you remove them!

7.) For the in-between stage of potty training, maxi-pads can catch minor accidents.

8.) Convert a crib into a desk when they outgrow it by removing just one railing.

9.) The noodle provides a little barrier for kids who are prone to rolling out of bed.

10.) Laundry baskets in the tub keep toys close at hand.

11.) Temporary tattoos can help in crowded situations.

12.) Baking soda is good for pretty much everything! You can also apply a baking soda-and-water mixture to clean up vomit.

13.) Apply a paste of baking soda and water to a splinter. After a few minutes, the splinter will be easy to remove.

14.) Cupcake papers catch popsicle drips.

15.) Old plastic bottles can be converted into spouts to make it easier for kids to reach the sink.

16.) A cut pool noodle can prevent doors from slamming–and catching little hands.

17.) A sturdy table and a table cloth can also make a kid hammock.

18.) A little glitter on money is a nice “tooth fairy” touch.

19.) A shoe rack can store activities for road trips.

20.) A tissue helps kids to hold a pencil properly.

21.) A DVD case can be packed with pencils and paper for a traveling art kit

22.) Rubber bands keep apple slices together, and prevent them from getting rusty.

23.) Eating around strawberry stems can be tricky.

24.) A little motivation goes a long way.

25.) Never too much motivation.

Parenting is an adventure! But like all adventures, it’s best to be prepared. We hope these can help you out!