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They tricked us: White House explains the Russia-only photo-op in the Oval Office

(Russian Foreign Ministry Photo via AP)

CNN’s Jim Acosta reports on how the Russians were able to take photographs of President Trump in yesterday’s Oval Office meeting with AmbassadorSergey Kislyak and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:

‘That seems extremely odd’: Obama is going to deliver his Oval Office address like THIS? [photo]

This has to be a joke. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way. Obama will presumably stand for the Oval Office address tonight.

You got us.

Maybe they are out of short teleprompters?

Uh huh.

Never a better visual of that.

This is how the Obama Oval Office speech will most likely go: ISIS has been contained; mass shootings are the result of a lack of gun control, which is aided by climate change; this speech needs to end so I can get back to the important task of watching Sunday Night Football.