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‘Sick, sick, sick!’ OUCH: Why did Trump, Sanders win in NH? James Woods offers truth bomb – twitchy.com

Will actor James Woods jump aboard that “Trump Train”? Well, he hasn’t so far, but he does think he knows the reason why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won in New Hampshire. Take a gander:

Hmm. Neither the GOP nor Dems will like that response. What do you think? Here’s what some had to say:


Well, here’s a valid reason:

So, heck of job again, Barry!

This Hotel In New Hampshire Has A Seriously Creepy Backstory

New England, being the oldest part of modern America, is chock-full of haunted places. Since Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 interpretation of “The Shining,” haunted hotels have given Americans the collective creeps.

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One of the scariest of these old, haunted resorts is the Mount Washington Hotel, which is located in scenic Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, near the base of Mount Washington.

The Mount Washington Hotel first opened its doors back in 1902. Self-made millionaire Joseph Stickney financed the entire $1.7 million project himself.

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However, a little over a year after the hotel opened, Stickney died suddenly. For the next 10 years, his wife, Princess Carolyn, managed the hotel and spent her summers there. After her death in 1936, strange activity began happening.

In the years since her death, Carolyn’s ghost has been spotted pretty much everywhere on the property. Staffers even set an extra place for her in the dining hall every night.

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Princess Carolyn’s ghost was investigated at one point by the TAPS team for the Syfy show “Ghost Hunters.” During their investigation, they managed to get a few recordings of her voice speaking from beyond the grave.

And they aren’t the only ones who have experienced this phenomenon. Here is some freaky EVP footage from the Princess Room at the hotel.

Of course, Carolyn isn’t the only ghostly resident of the Mount Washington Hotel. Guests have reported encountering a dark figure in one of the building’s newly renovated wings. Some have even heard children giggling late at night.

(via Blogspot)

If you’re in the mood for a haunted vacation, the Mount Washington Hotel still takes reservations. Want to get an in-depth look at the property’s freakiest hangout spots? Strange Escapes, a paranormal-themed tour company, has an upcoming trip to the resort planned. Learn more here.

Marco Rubio brings good tidings to hellbound female supporter

Videoof former Secretary of State Madeline Albright campaigning for Hillary Clinton and warning that“theres a special place in hell for women who dont help each other” quickly went viral. Marco Rubio even repeated the exchange at a speech in Hudson, N.H., on Sunday.

Rubio had good news for her and those women like her to whom a choice between a vote for Hillary or a tripto Hell was just too easy to make.

That good news brought great joy to at least oneRubio superfans in New Hampshire.

Carly Fiorina can’t even buy airtime during tonight’s debate?

Absolutely no offense meant to Investor’s Business Daily’s Andrew Malcolm, but apparently we weren’t the only ones who read his tweet andhad our doubts. We knew that Mitt Romney’s effort to convinceABC to include CarlyFiorina on the debate stage Saturday night turned out to befruitless, but could it be true that ABC determined that it wouldn’t even sell ad time to her campaign?

So she really can’t even buy a commercial during the debate? At least there’s Twitter.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson isn’t likely to succeed where Romney failed, but he too is urging ABC to give her a microphone too.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.