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Ellen Barkin blasts ‘warmongering Cheneys’ for position on climate change


For actress Ellen Barkin, the science is settled: The Cheneys are bad, horrible, awful, terrible people for viewing President Obama’s policies as bad for America while also not falling in line on “climate change.”


Uh huh. And nobody has joined the “save the planet” movement for the money, right Ms. Barkin?


‘Liberal heads are going to explode’: Dick and Liz Cheney launch new non-profit

Dying! Progs of pallor at ‘Flood Wall St.’ need ‘more diversity up front’


Well, some people noticed they were not at the “People’s Climate March” on Sunday.

Whole foods is gonna be a nightmare full of white girls in bandanas fueling up for the climate march with Luna bars and kombucha

— σοβακα (@DipJoint) September 21, 2014

White people be excited to march about something. #PeopleClimateMarch

— Dave Franklin (@ThumbCritic) September 21, 2014

Climate march: home of the white people with dreds

— Lorraine Lola wilkes (@lolastrawbunny) September 21, 2014

What about today’s “Flood Wall Street” absurdity?

Lol RT @msamricth: Breaking: #FloodWallStreet appears just as white as everyone had expected. via livestream http://t.co/yZiZIhBGVn

— FERGUSON RESISTS (@AfroIntifada) September 22, 2014

Front line of #FloodWallStreet marchers about to head out. Call for more diverse crowd up front. pic.twitter.com/aRBNbhwTYt

— Stephen Nessen (@s_nessen) September 22, 2014


"Are there any people who are not white who want to hold the banner with us?" #FloodWallStreet

— Zoë Schlanger (@zoeschlanger) September 22, 2014

Someone just called out Bill McKibben on his "white savior complex" via the human mic at #FloodWallStreet, of course everyone shut up….

— m_x (@soit_goes) September 22, 2014

Pathetic progressives of pallor strike again. Diversity is hard.


Is this what climate marchers plan to #FloodWallStreet with today? [photos]

Was this climate march photo-slam tweet featured in NY Post the best of the day? (Spoiler: It’s awesome)

‘Hey @LeoDiCaprio you going to sweep up?’ Climate marchers leave behind piles of trash

In case you missed it, this MTV star flogged climate marcher Leonardo DiCaprio with one photo

Is this the yacht Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t want to talk about at #PeoplesClimate march?

‘Hey @LeoDiCaprio you going to sweep up?’ Climate marchers leave behind piles of trash

Leonardo DiCaprio at #ClimateMarch photos are mock-worthy; Michelle Fields corners; Updated

‘Freaks!’ Joe Bastardi retweets photo of ‘ideological child abuse’ at #PeopleClimateMarch

‘Morons!’ See Katie Pavlich destroy #ClimateMarch hypocrites with their own photos

Is this #ClimateMarch sign the least self-aware thing EVER? (Hint: Yes. Yes it is) [photos]

This creepy puppet and interpretive dance from #ClimateMarch will make your sides ache [photos]

It takes under 140 characters to crush the slacktivist absurdity of #PeopleClimateMarch [photos]

Eyewitness reports: Shooting at National Zoo in DC, police confirm one victim [pics]


Reports of shots fired at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. this afternoon:


From the D.C. Police’s Twitter feed:


Traffic control is under MPD directions. Use alt. rtes.
//7066— DC Police Department (@DCPoliceDept) April 21, 2014

Police Activity update:
* NB traffic on Connecticut Ave NW at Cathedral Ave has been reopened. SB remains unchanged.
//7066— DC Police Department (@DCPoliceDept) April 21, 2014


According to media, police have confirmed that one person was shot:


The victim’s condition is not yet known, but FOX-5 DC reports that police are searching for two teenage suspects:


WUSA anchor Bruce Johnson was already on the scene when the shooting occurred:


The zoo has been closed for the day:


We will continue to monitor this story and update with further developments.


There is a possible second victim of the shooting:


Obama greets anti-Keystone pipeline mascot Frostpaw in Hawaii [photos]

President Obama took time out from his vacation golf game to send a shout-out to a protester posing as “Frostpaw,” the climate change mascot of environmentalist groups opposed to construction of the Keystone pipeline. The polar bear also showed up at the basketball game Obama attended last night.

The polar bears have been trailing Obama for a while now. We’re sure they didn’t mind a little tropical warmth for the holidays.

Frostpaw the Polar Bear, commissioned by the Center for Biological Diversity, had a brief run-in with President Obama this afternoon after golf.

Obama was golfing at Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai until shortly before 2:30 p.m. today. He had missed a shot (his golf game is notoriously mediocre), gave a “half man-hug” to one of the other players and said hello to a crowd of onlookers at the course, according to the White House press pool report.

That’s when the president said, “Hey polar bear!” with a laugh as he passed by. The bear was sent by the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity to send a message to the president to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

These job-destroying enviros may “stand with Frostpaw,” but studies don’t back them up. Earlier this summer, independent research echoed government reports that the Keystone project would not add to greenhouse gas emissions.

The study found that the addition of the new pipeline connecting Canadian oil sands fields with the U.S. Gulf Coast wouldn’t make a substantial difference in emissions because U.S. refineries would get similar crude from Venezuela or elsewhere.

Production, processing and transportation of Venezuelan heavy crude results in about the same greenhouse gas emissions as oil sands crude, according to the study from energy-focused information and research firm IHS CERA.

A prior report from IHS CERA said that Keystone XL would offer an alternative to Venezuelan and Mexican crudes.

Protests have increased as Obama nears a decision on the project expected in the next few weeks.

So far no presidential selfies with polar bears.


‘EARTHQUAKE:’ Temblor wakes up Los Angeles

Twitter users in southern California let everyone know how they were roused this morning: EARTHQUAKE!

Looks like it was a 4.7:

Here's a shot of the @USGS page:
M4.7 – 9km NNW of Westwood, California
2014-03-17 13:25:36 UTC #earthquake #LA http://t.co/fYnCyrWICB— Kenny Holmes (@KHOLMESlive) March 17, 2014

We hope you all are safe, Angelenos!

‘Insane’: Latest scare tactic about climate change is ‘epic stupid’

The man-made climate change fear-mongering can now reach higher levels … and that’s because it might soon float away:

Now climate change is messing with our gravity http://t.co/HVUY1iEiel via @Slate pic.twitter.com/ONr4DY9TdM

— Climate Desk (@ClimateDesk) September 29, 2014

Everybody panic!

“Implications that would make even Isaac Newton blanch” Climate change is affecting gravity. Seriously. http://t.co/NkX59iNcSS

— Heather (@hboulware) September 29, 2014

What natural occurrences will they use next to push the coming climate change apocalypse?

@hboulware Ye gods, that is epic stupid on display: pic.twitter.com/Qy0ENPrkOa

— Physics Geek (@physicsgeek) September 29, 2014

Climate change is affecting gravity now. These people are insane.

— CounterMoonbat (@CounterMoonbat) September 29, 2014

Wasn’t antarctic sea ice recently in the news?

.@hboulware What the…?? The Antarctic ice extent broke all time records. The water in solid or liquid form still exists on Earth

— Deo Volente (@diaz_robert) September 29, 2014

@hboulware I see their little out. “in the region” (which means precisely dick) allows them to act as though it matters. Extent still record

— Deo Volente (@diaz_robert) September 29, 2014

@hboulware global warming?! Oddly, just six days ago I believe Antarctic sea ice set a new record high…

— Just a guy. (@INukeYou) September 29, 2014

Yes, but once gravity stops holding the ice down it could all float away, or something. The science is settled.



‘At this rate’: Bette Midler envisions location of Summer Olympics due to ‘climate change’