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Twitter hit by mother of all fake news bombs as CNN’s Brian Stelter links to Dan Rather’s Facebook page

After what seemed like months of back-and-forth between President Trump and CNN over fake news and “violent” wrestling GIFs, the New York Times went and surprised everyone Monday night with one of those Trump-Russia bombshells everyone had come to expect. Sure, the sourcing was anonymous, but it turns out the story was solid.

For almost a full day there, it seemed as if the news media had remembered its core mission: to rid America of its elected president after failing to prevent said election. And speaking of journalists who failed to prevent an election, look who popped up just as the country was digesting some real news:

WATCH: Rachel Maddow explores ‘partisan implications’ of rainfall during #GA06 vote

‘Hulk’ actor Mark Ruffalo wouldn’t like you when you’re angry

Finding a liberal actor in Hollywood isn’t much of an accomplishment, but we have to give Mark Ruffalo some credit for being consistent in his beliefs whatever the issue, you’ll find him committed to thefar left side of it. Is it ironic that Ruffalo plays the Hulk in the “Avengers” movies, the big green guy whoseimmeasurable strength grows in direct proportion tohis rage? Moviegoers might love the Hulk, but Ruffalo doesn’t want to set a bad example on film, or in reaction to the terrorist attacks on Paris.

That’s a lot of retweets, but we disagree; the intended outcome of the Paris terrorist attacks was to kill as many innocents as possible and frighten the survivors into compliance.

Ruffalo also retweeted this bit of rhetorical Fruit Stripe gum to chew on from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who made his debut on Twitter crying into his sweater but confessedto becoming “physically enraged” at the Supreme Court’s “gutting” of the Voting Rights Act.

FBI confirms investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret server

Just one day before the New Hampshire primary, a letter from the FBI has surfaced calling the probe into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server an “ongoing law enforcement effort.” This certainly doesn’t fit the answer Clinton gave at last week’s Democratic debate, where Clinton told moderator Chuck Todd that there was no investigation but rather a “security review” that would eventually involve a number of people, “because we’ve got this absurd situation of retroactive classifications.”

According to MSNBC, the FBI saidlast fall thatit could neither confirm nor deny the existence of any investigation. After watchdog Judicial Watch filed a freedom of information request, it received a document confirming the investigation, sayingit is “working on matters related to former Secretary Clintons use of a private email server.”

The single paragraph concludes by saying that the FBI cannon say more “without adversely affecting ongoing law enforcement efforts.”

The world’s worst kept secret? Perhaps. But it’s also confirmation that this is no “routine security review” as Clinton has claimed more than once.

* * *

Update: It’s a subtle point, but the Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau reports that the letter confirms the FBI is looking into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server.

‘C’mon, guys’: Tweeter skewers MSNBC clown show with ‘perfect’ fake tweets [pics]

Well, here’s your problem:In every joke, there’s an element of truth. And boy, is MSNBC a joke.

As Twitchy told you, MSNBC has been arguably the biggest clownin today’s media circus in San Bernardino. NBCNewscorrespondentKerry Sanders entered Syed Farook and Tashfeed Malik’s apartment which was still a crime scene, mind you and brandished photos and documents containing personal information that didn’t belong to the suspects. He also walked through the apartment and manhandled possible evidence, offering asinine commentary all the while. And MSNBC aired all of it.

Well, theirembarrassing not to mention infuriating conduct inspired one tweeter to stick it to them with fake tweets. And they’re pretty much perfect: