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This Mom Put Her Baby On The Changing Table…Then Something Unbelievable Happened

A nine-year-old boy in Florida is being hailed as a hero after catching his falling baby brother just inches from the ground.

Tila Levi was home alone with her five children when the incident happened. She laid her 11-month-old on the changing table and turned her back for a split second when the unthinkable happened — the 30-pound baby boy rolled off of the table. His big brother Joseph immediately sprang into action.

Watch the dramatic home security footage below, which shows Joseph leaping across the room with arms outstretched to save his brother.

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Way to go, Joseph! You’re definitely a hero in our book.

Breastfeeding Is A Hot Topic, But This Mom Was Banned From Facebook For Doing It!

Over the past few years, breastfeeding in public has become a matter of national debate.

While people don’t seem to have a problem seeing cleavage on TV shows, advertisements, and billboards, many take offense with moms breastfeeding in public. Often, nursing mothers are encouraged to cover their babies or even feed them in a restroom stall.

Mom of six Rebecca Wanosik recently learned just how fierce the breastfeeding debate can be. After posting a picture of herself nursing her own baby and a stranger’s on Facebook, her account was swiftly deleted.

The two babies had never met before, but as they nursed in tandem, they interlocked their fingers in a sweet gesture of new friendship. Wanosik snapped a photo and shared it on Facebook.

How did this mom end up nursing a stranger’s baby, you ask? A friend texted asking for a woman she know. Wanosik said, “The baby’s mother was having surgery and the baby is exclusively breastfed and refused a bottle. When [she] arrived you could tell she was hungry and exhausted and just needed some milk.”

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“I took an amazing photo of tandem nursing babies together […] it shows that hungry babies don’t care, they just need to be fed.”

However, the mom’s Facebook account was deleted within hours. Why? A friend of the Wasonik’s posted this screenshot in their defense. Clearly, Facebook allows photos of breastfeeding.

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Wanosik’s husband, Anthony, was especially offended at the way his wife was treated.

He wrote:

My wife did a great thing and Facebook disabled her account. Please share this so we can spread the word and show how much Facebook really doesn’t care about the good people are trying to do. Instead they want to spread the evil and hate around the world. I am very proud of this woman and everything she stands for. I am proud to call her my wife!!

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What do you think? Should moms be allowed to share nursing photos on social media?


Or is this a private side of childcare that should remain hidden?


Facebook vs Breastfeeding Alliance has contacted Rebecca and hopes to restore her account soon. In my personal opinion, there’s nothing more natural than a mama feeding hungry babies!

As An Elephant Calf Was Drowning, Something Absolutely AMAZING Happened. Check This Out.

Animals are much smarter than most people give them credit for. When disaster struck within this herd of elephants, they didn’t act helpless. Instead, the adults elephants proved just how intelligent and caring they are. A tiny elephant calf attempted to cross the swollen Ewaso Nyiro in Kenya, but it proved to be too much for the little guy. The youngster was submerged in the swift current, but thanks to some quick thinking of his mom, wasn’t swept downstream.

The little calf thought it would be okay to cross…

Sandy Gelderman

But the water was too high for the little one.

Sandy Gelderman

He was caught up in the current almost immediately.

Sandy Gelderman

But mom was there to save the day.

Sandy Gelderman

To see mom’s heroics in action, watch the video below. It’s hard to believe that these magnificent creatures are this intelligent. Absolutely amazing.

(H/T Daily Mail) It’s about time more people realize that animals have thoughts and feelings, too. This video proves that this elephant mother definitely does. She was horrified to see her baby in trouble and would do anything to save him. Share her awesome save with others!

A Mom Of 4 Filmed Herself Getting Her Babies Ready For The Day I’m Impressed!

Having a kid is a ton of work. Anyone that thinks being a parent is easy is sorely mistaken. You are molding a human being to be a productive member of society…at the same time, you need to clean up their diapers, feed them, teach them to speak — the list goes on!

But if you think having one kid comes with a ton of responsibilities, try having four!

This Canadian mom recently posted a video of how she gets her little ones ready for the day — it just proves that being a parent requires superhuman skills.

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Mom vs Triplets + Toddler!A must watch! 󾆜🏼󾆩🏻󾆩🏻󾆩🏻 .. Give super mom a share! Being Mommy Dan Gibson Ellen MommyPage Parenthood Being Daddy Parenting.com Twin Magazine Parent Life Network ellentube

Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

(via BuzzFeed)

I’m sure a lot of people aren’t envious of this family, but thankfully, this mom is an expert child wrangler. No one is crawling away on her watch! Look how efficiently she gets her tiny tykes ready for another day.

21 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts That You Can Give Your Favorite Woman This Year

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I sincerely hope that you didn’t forget.

I’m sure you didn’t. After all, your mother is the light of your life and you wouldn’t be who you are today without her. In fact, you wouldn’t even be alive without her, so why not thank Mom for bringing you into this world with the perfect gift this Mother’s Day?

Need a push in the right direction? These should do the trick.

1. This foot spa set will keep your mom’s tired dogs from barking.

2. And this gift stuffs an entire spa day in one box.

3. Here are some personalized mugs to represent everyone in your family. You can leave your weird uncle out.

4. And you can get her a custom portrait to go along with those mugs.

5. A wifi-enabled coffee maker for when Monday morning gets the best of her will never go unappreciated.

6. This mug doubles as a cookie holder. Enough said.

7. Giving your mom a chocolate tea set will earn you some serious brownie points.

8. Write a book about why your mom is awesome! Start with, “Thanks for literally carrying me around for nine months and then figuratively doing the same thing every day thereafter.”

9. If your mom loves crocheting or knitting, this bowl is perfect.

10. Help her bring a little greenery inside with these cool planters.

11. Self-chilling wine glasses are where it’s at. After all, plenty of people who have to deal with children love wine.

12. She can let her phone chill in style on this stand.

13. This tea infuser travel mug will be a smash hit.

14. These solar lamps are gorgeous, and they’ll save Mom a few bucks on the electric bill, too.

15. A tea towel with recipes for anything but tea. I like it.

16. Keep the pampering going with some artisanal soap.

17. Why not get her a hanging herb garden packed with all the rosemary and thyme you could possibly need to make her a lavish dinner?

18. If Mom has a green thumb, get her the ultimate sidekick.

19. She’ll love this Bluetooth speaker to accompany her when she takes all those relaxing baths.

20. This bedside essentials pocket will ensure that she has everything she needs at an arm’s reach.

21. Salt is tequila’s best friend, so why not give your cool mom some Himalayan salt shot glasses?

(via Distractify)

See? Treating Mom with the perfect gift doesn’t have to be so hard. You might want to select one-day shipping, though.

Precious Little Baby Is Moved To Tears By Mom’s Singing — So Sweet!

It’s a natural thing for all mothers and fathers to sing to their children. It can calm them down when they’re scared, send them into adorable giggle fits, help them fall asleep, or — most importantly — stop the flow of tears.

While the sound of a mother’s singing voice normally stops a baby’s crying, it had the opposite effect with this precious little boy named Leland. When his mom started singing a worship song to the tiny guy, he was so overwhelmed by emotion that he couldn’t help but shed some sweet tears.

Probably one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. And don’t worry, baby Leland, I was crying right along with you. Your mother’s voice is that beautiful!

These Parents Got Matching Tattoos Of Their Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

Love really is more than skin deep. H/T Daily Mirror.

1. This is the Phillips family of Grimsby, England: Tanya, Adam, and their daughter, Honey-Rae.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

2. Honey-Rae was born with a birthmark that covers a good portion of her body.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

Tanya told the Daily Mirror: “It is bright red and it covers almost half of the right side of her body. It stretches from her toes to her lower back. It hasn’t faded with time. In fact some days, it looks darker than others.”

Knowing their child might be treated differently, the Phillips decided to take action to help their daughter not feel alone.

3. An incident at a grocery store is what initially prompted them to do something.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

“I was at checkout, when I saw an old couple whispering and staring at Honey-Rae’s leg. I was distraught. It was the first time I had taken her out without covering her up and it confirmed all my worries and fears,” Tanya told the Daily Mail. People are cruel without even realizing.”

4. The couple already had leg tattoos, but to show solidarity with their daughter they decided to get tattoos that matched her birthmark.

“Most people might think it’s very extreme, but to us, it was the natural thing to do to ensure our daughter never felt different or alone in the world,” Tanya told the Daily Mirror. “We wanted her to feel special, that her birthmark was something to feel proud of and not embarrassed by.”

5. Adam got his tattoo this past Christmas, with Tanya following suit last week. She said the process was tough, but worth it.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

“It was incredibly painful, especially as I had a flower to cover some old star tattoos, but it was worth every second of the pain,” he told the Daily Mirror. “When the swelling went down, I showed Honey-Rae, and she gently touched it and smiled as she said ‘match,’ pointing to her own leg.”

6. The family stands by their descision, and believe they made the right choice for their daughter.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

“She now constantly touches mine and Adam’s tattoos, then her own birthmark and giggles – I couldn’t be happier,” Tanya said.