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Military Aircraft Are Spotted Guiding an Apparent UFO. Fact or Fiction?

Even if you don’t believe in UFOs, the footage you’re about to see is hard to ignore. Two military aircraft or drones were seen guiding another aircraft. Some believe this to be a possible alien craft, but it is for certain a UFO (an “unidentified flying object”). It’s strange…but what do you think it is?


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Source: Rumble.com

No matter what you believe, this is strange footage.

Little Girl Burst Into Tears After Being Surprised By Her Father In A Pumpkin Patch.

This father and member of the military served a 10 month tour in Afghanistan, and his daughter had no clue that he was on his way back home.

Watch as the little girl gets surprised by her dad while out with her mom picking pumpkins for Halloween. The sweet little girl immediately breaks into tears when she realizes it’s her dad. She was so overcome with joy was she at seeing him again after all that time.

(Source: Meg Kaplan)

Aww what a sweet family moment, hopefully for her sake he’s home for good now.

Navy Father Gets Home Early From Deployment And Sneaks Up To Surprise His Son

This Navy SEAL wasn’t supposed to return home from deployment for another few weeks, but when he found out that he was coming back ahead of schedule, he knew that he had to surprise his young son.

The little boy’s tears of joy after he hugs his father could melt even the coldest heart!

I don’t even have words to describe how cute this is. The little guy just missed his dad! After seeing that, I think I’ll give my dad a call.

How This Military Dog Was Suffering Is So Heartbreaking. But What His Partner Did Is Amazing.

People aren’t the only ones who begin to suffer as a result of war. This is Vidar, a 4 year-old Belgian Malinois dog that worked in the military as a bomb-hunting dog. After two tours of duty, something happened to Vidar. He began experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Vidar grew very timid and began losing his sight, which unfortunately put him at risk for being put down. The best friend he made during his tours of duty, Army medic Angie McDonnell, stepped in and saved his life. 

Vidar saved the lives of his comrades as a bomb hunting dog. In April of 2012, he even saved the life of his new owner by discovering a huge cache of Taliban weapons.

Daily Mail

So when Angie heard that Vidar may be put down, she knew she had to save his life. After all, he saved hers.

Daily Mail

They met while they were both stationed at Camp Bastion.

Daily Mail

During their time there, they would go on runs together.

Daily Mail

They’d also spend lots of time playing in the desert.

Daily Mail

It wasn’t until after they were separated that Vidar’s health began to fail, but Angie was able to track him down to a training facility in Germany. She contacted them and made arrangements to take care of the hero dog.

Daily Mail

Now, he is healing from his tours of duty alongside Angie, his best friend, who lives in Barry, South Wales.

Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail Most people may not realize just how sensitive dogs are. When they are put through stresses, it affects them just like it affects you or me. Vidar only had PTSD because of his time serving his country, it’s wonderful that he was able to find a happy ending with a best friend he made along the way. Share his incredible rescue with others.