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NYT: Rape victim who testified against gun control is ‘scare mongering’


As Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin wrote in her syndicated column Friday, while New York Times editorial writer David Firestone purported to investigate campaign fear-mongering, it’s independent-thinking women who give him the chills. Malkin writes:

This week, Firestone took aim at “attack ads” sponsored by the National Rifle Association. The “worst commercial,” he says, “features a rape victim describing her assault and accusing” former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg “of wanting to take away her right to defend herself.”

That rape victim has a name and a story Firestone couldn’t even bother to mention. She is Kimberly Weeks, a brave and fierce Colorado woman who testified against the Bloomberg-backed gun-control measures that beleaguered Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper now admits he passed “without basic facts” and concedes were ineffective from the get-go.






While Firestone and the New York Times couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge Weeks by name, she is certainly capable of telling her own story, which she bravely shares in a guest op-ed today at Revealing Politics. She also takes on Firestone’s editorial dead on.


Very recently, I’ve been accused of fear mongering and waging a war on women in an election season where ads about a fabricated birth control apocalypse and condom shortages are main stream. But my real-life experience is not a gimmick or a strategy, it is just a truth. I could easily be your daughter, your sister, your wife, or your mother. This makes many people uneasy; to have to imagine their loved ones in my shoes. I’m not asking you to go out and buy a gun if that’s not your choice; I know it wasn’t always mine. All I ask is that you not infringe upon my rights to do so.



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Jessa Duggar attacked for abortion remarks; Sane ‘fight hate, support life’


As Twitchy reported, Jessa Duggar of “19 Kids and Counting” visited the Holocaust museum and posted her thoughts on Instagram. She discussed how sobering it was and stressed that “millions of innocents were denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights–their right to life.”

You know what that meant, right? Foul filth and hatred from unhinged libs.

@michellemalkin The intolerance is incredibly vile.

— karen anton (@ksanton63) September 30, 2014

The sane, however, support Jessa Duggar.

RT to fight the hate & support life: #isupportjessaduggar ==> http://t.co/KsyikcEYZY #prolife

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) September 30, 2014

Jessa was only saying that LIFE is Precious. What's the big freaking deal?? Isn't life precious? People need to chill. #ISupportJessaDuggar

— Kari (@amarvelousmess) September 30, 2014

@DLoesch #IsupportJessaDuggar

— Lori Lee (@simplylorilee) September 30, 2014

@TwitchyTeam #IsupportJessaDuggar.

— Lori Lee (@simplylorilee) September 30, 2014

#isupportjessaduggar because every life is precious. http://t.co/TOPLcdZaI0

— ℒeandra ن (@LeleeEsme) September 30, 2014

I happen to agree with Jessa Duggar. I must be extremely controversial too. #tcot #19kidsandcounting #ISupportJessaDuggar

— Jane Eyre (@TheHoosierMommy) September 30, 2014

We stand with Jessa Duggar too.

@michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam #isupportjessaduggar#you keep on telling it like it is.

— Lori Lee (@simplylorilee) September 30, 2014

Please support Ms. Duggar, fight hate and fight for every precious life.


Libs bring the hate to ‘deranged,’ ‘f***ing idiot’ Jessa Duggar for her comments on the Holocaust and abortion