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THIS is what your kids are eating for lunch thanks to @FLOTUS

Rep. Kristi Noem from South Dakota has a message for Michelle Obama and her school lunch program: It’s “unbelievable” that “cheese and bread” is an acceptable lunch.

It is “madness.”

Chris Chrisite is trying make Mrs. Obama’s lunches a campaign issue, too, even promising that if he’s elected president, students can eat “whatever you want.”

Although Christie has praised Mrs. Obama’s healthy lunch initiative in the past:

Another flip-flop for Gov. Christie?

New angle on Obama’s memorial selfie adds to the drama


Twitchy told you about President Obama’s poorly timed selfie with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, taken during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. The first lady did not appear to be amused by the fun her husband was having, and follow-up photos appeared to show Michelle Obama switching seats with her husband to separate him from his new friend.

Where does tonight’s photo fit into the timeline? Is this a make-up kiss on the hand, perhaps? FLOTUS still doesn’t look very happy in any case.


No, she really doesn’t.

If you needed a FLOTUS rap to get you interested in college, the wait is over [video]

For those who were on the fence about going to college and were just one rap song from a U.S. First Lady away from being pushed in the direction of pursuing a higher education, Michelle Obama has provided some motivation, along with Jay Pharoah of SNL:

Students will no doubt welcome anything that takes her focus off their school lunches for a while.

Michelle Obama’s rap got #FLOTUSbars trending.

About 13 and a half months left, but who’s counting?

This reason the WH is ticked at Wasserman Schultz will blow your mind


Yep, that too.

As Twitchy readers know, the Obama administration is not very happy with Little Miss Debbie, liar liar pants on fire. It’s not really surprising that everyone has had enough of her cuckoo pants. But then there’s this point:

Apparently, DWS is too narcissistic for the Obama administration. Ponder that.

— Just Karl (@justkarl) September 17, 2014

Minds. Blown.

@justkarl @instapundit Only one narcissist allowed at a time.

— Dan Floyd (@westpatravel) September 18, 2014

@justkarl @instapundit Exodus 20:5. Barak Obama is a jealous god.

— ExPat (@NH_ExPat) September 18, 2014

Feel a little sorry for her? Yeah, don’t.

I would almost feel sorry for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz if she weren't such a contemptible harridan. Who am I kidding, no I wouldn't.

— Leon Wolf (@LeonHWolf) September 18, 2014


Weiner on Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Why doesn’t WH ‘take her out?’

‘Oh, come ON’! More evidence that Wasserman Schultz is a ‘pathological liar’?

‘Debbie, I think you’re done’: Wasserman Schultz is sounding pretty desperate

‘Admin is pissed off beyond belief’: Time for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to ‘say bye’?

Michelle Obama emerges as key player in #AmericanProblemsNight


We thought that Dec. 23 (Festivus, that is) was the proper time for the airing of grievances, as Sen. Rand Paul demonstrated with his epic anti-D.C. Twitter rant this Monday. Nevertheless, tonight has been declared #AmericanProblemsNight on Twitter, and the trending topic was buoyed by plenty of complaints about Washington.


Michelle Obama seemed to emerge as one of the key players behind the hashtag, especially among the hungry student population.


Hang in there, kids.

To which Muppet did Michelle Obama read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’?


Here are three guesses speculating about which Muppet CBS News’ Mark Knoller was referring to:


And this final guess is a vigorous defense of the Veep:


‘Have fun storming the White House’! Secret Service mocked over fence jumper


As WaPo’s Carol Leonnig reported, the Secret Service apparently messed up even more than previously thought when it came to confronting White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez. And now, the White House is paying the price … with the public:

I think the one issue uniting left and right in our country is that maybe the White House's security isn't totally great.

— Isaac Morrison (@Thorrison) September 29, 2014

If the Secret Service hasn’t done it already, hiring an image consultant would be a good next step.

So you're telling me the same agency that hired hookers in Colombia botched White House security? Who could have ever seen that coming…

— Hipster Serpico (@KimMarcumTexas) September 29, 2014

We're sure that the fence jumper isn't still in the White House now, correct?

— jon gabriel (@exjon) September 29, 2014

The Secret Service seems better at keeping secrets than serving the President.

— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) September 29, 2014

More like Secretly Bad Service. HA.

— Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) September 29, 2014

As punishment, Michelle Obama is going to make the Secret Service eat a week's worth of her school lunches.

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

"Good luck, have fun storming the White House" — Miracle Max to the White House intruder

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) September 29, 2014

BREAKING: WH intruder actually spent the night in the Lincoln Bedroom.

— Nathan Edmondson (@nathanedmondson) September 29, 2014

BREAKING: Last week an 8-year-old boy climbed onto White House roof to recover frisbee.

— Nathan Edmondson (@nathanedmondson) September 29, 2014

Fake breaking: WH fence jumper was stopped literally inches before gaining entrance to the secret vault, thought to hold Obama's birth cert

— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) September 29, 2014

White House fence jumper ordered movies on Showtime on Demand, burned microwave popcorn.

— David Waldman (@KagroX) September 29, 2014

White House fence-jumper sat in presidential dining room, ate five-course meal, did his own dishes.

— Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) September 29, 2014

White House fence-jumper entered presidential residence, installed iOS 8.

— Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) September 29, 2014

White House fence-jumper sat in Lincoln Bedroom, started jigsaw puzzle, failed to figure out top right corner, got frustrated, left in rush.

— Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) September 29, 2014

White House fence-jumper crocheted baby blanket, matching hat, posted them on Etsy.

— Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) September 29, 2014

White House fence-jumper tracked dirt on carpet, tested cleaning power of Dyson, Hoover, Electrolux vacuums, filmed it, posted it to Youtube

— Josh Greenman (@joshgreenman) September 29, 2014

The fence-jumper apparently sat down to dinner with the Obamas, stayed for drinks, and finally was apprehended.

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) September 29, 2014

They finally figured it out when POTUS said, "Hey, wait a minute, you're not the guy I appointed Secretary of Labor." http://t.co/gdmNMO3usf

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) September 29, 2014

In fact, it appears the fence-jumper actually signed three bills into law before the Secret Service caught up http://t.co/gdmNMO3usf

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) September 29, 2014

Talk about bad optics, huh?

Smartest admin in history.. Completely caught off guard by everything… Economy, terrorists, fence jumping lunatics.

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

Editor’s note: This post haps been updated with additional tweets.



Report: White House evacuated thanks to another fence-jumper; Update: More photos, video; Update: Made it through doors

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Secret’s out! US Secret Service needs refresher course in protecting WH

WH fence jumper came to warn Obama that ‘the atmosphere is collapsing’

‘Run for the hills’! Obama pledges to ‘improve the lives of the Cuban people’

Last night it was reported that President Obama would be traveling to Cuba next month. Obama provided more details this morning:

Uh oh, is Obama’s attempt to improve lives in Cuba going to involve some sort of “if you like it you can keep it” promise?

Unfortunately the Cuban people probably won’t see Obama’s reassurance that was issued via social media:

In spite of events having yet to unfold, the White House has already written the legacy script:

That is, only the people the Cuban government allows to meet Obama:

Ironic ad spotted before FLOTUS’ cameo in Funny or Die anti-junk food video


The Funny or Die people like to help the Obama administration push their agendas. This time, Michelle Obama has a cameo appearance in a “Funny or Die” video that helps promote “Let’s Move” by depicting a snackpocalyptic future:


The funniest part of the video might have been an ad spotted running just before it:


Hey, Funny or Die probably couldn’t pay the bills with ads selling just carrots and arugula.

At least the video left us with a terrific Vine that could be the best summary of this administration’s foreign policy ever:


Out: #BanBossy; In: FLOTUS, celebs’ moms ‘nag you’ to buy O-care [video]


The desperation … it reeks.

That March 31 deadline is fast approaching, and the Obama administration is running out of ways to get young people to sign up for Obamacare. Tapping a generic mom doesn’t seem to have done the trick, so now, they’re bringing out the big guns:


Something tells us that these moms don’t have to worry about their grown-up children losing their health coverage or being forced to find new doctors.


Good for her. But last time we checked, she’s not our mom, and we’re not children. So why does Team Obama insist on treating us like we’re just a bunch of naïve kids who don’t know what’s good for us? It’s getting really old — and really stupid:




No, you nag us because you’re nags.


Great question.


Let them nag. Let them call us knuckleheads. We know what’s best for us — and it isn’t Obamacare.



What happened to #BanBossy? HHS uses mom to push you to #GetCoveredNow [pic]

‘BIG MOTHER IS WATCHING YOU!’ Ludicrous HHS #GetCovered ad fixed; Explains Pajama Boy? [Photoshops]

‘This is stupid. You should feel bad’: Is OFA ‘employing 4th graders’ to promote Obamacare? [pics]

Is the White House sure it wants to stick with the ‘peace of mind’ Obamacare push?