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Former M*A*S*H cast member Wayne Rogers explodes at Michelle Fields


Actor Wayne Rogers, best known for his role as “Trapper” John McIntyre on M*A*S*H, went off on Fox contributor Michelle Fields this morning on the Fox News show Cashin’ In. The contentious discussion was sparked by a disagreement over whether trading prisoners with terrorists amounts to negotiation. (Yes, apparently there is disagreement about this.)

Rough transcript:

Rogers: I’m saying if you’ve got somebody and this person is valuable to you and you want to get them out,  yes, swapping a prisoner for them is fine. But that’s not negotiating with them.

Eric Bolling: No?

Rogers:  That’s saying OK, I want this person, you want this person…

Fields: That is negotiating! That is!



Fields: Wayne, calm down.

Bolling: Go ahead. Michelle, then Jonathan.

Fields: Well, now that Wayne has put down the gun, what I’m trying to say is that is negotiating. When you are making that swap, you are negotiating with terrorists. You are incentivizing [them] to continue to do this. Now they are going to seek out more Americans because they know that when they get one they are going to have bargaining chips. That’s what it is.

Rogers: It is not negotiating, but you’re a moron because you talk too much and you don’t think through it.

Actually, it is negotiating. But remember … she’s the moron.

Mediaite has the video.


She sure did.


This tweeter has a good suggestion:




‘You already admitted it’: Trump campaign manager denies he ever met or touched Michelle Fields

After last night’s GOP debate on CNN, Donald Trump told reporters that Michelle Fields’ allegation that his campaign manager assaulted her at a campaign rally was a “made up” story.

Lewandowsky has now also issued a denial:

That doesn’t fit with a previous report:

Others can’t make Lewandowski’s claim add up either:

Update: Here are some different angles:


Regarding Lewandowski’s earlier admission that he had grabbed Fields after mistaking her for an “adversarial” reporter, ex-Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella who has resigned had this to say:

He also added that Corey Lewandowski had not, as had been previously reported, admitted to the assault. In a text message exchange with Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, Bardella said, Lewandowski only said he didn’t know Fields was a Breitbart reporter and would look into the situation.

Breitbart editor: STOP tweeting about Michelle Fields

It’s no secret at this point that the “alleged battery” (the words of the Jupiter Police Dept.)of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields by Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowki has caused a rift withinthe Breitbart organization. As Twitchy reported, Breitbart PR consultant Kurt Bardella resigned earlier today, tweeting that it had come to the point where he could no longer “give 100 percent” to the people he was representing.

More dirty laundry has surfaced since, and it’s not pretty. Tweets show Breitbart editor Joel Pollack demanding his reporters to stop acknowledging the grabbing incident.

Breitbart reporters were slow to report onthe incident, with Fields herself maintaining mediasilence at firstwhile Daily Caller editor/boyfriendJamie Weinstein immediately accused Trump of surrounding himself with thugs. Other media outlets picked up on the story, which eventually went national, with Fields appearing on “Good Morning America.”

In the meantime, readers are rethinking the relationship of the Breitbart site and its late founder, often pictured with his #WAR hashtag.

One careful plan, coming up?

A fair point: Fields has filed criminal charges, and who knows what sort of countersuit might be in the works.

Pepperdine University issues statement on anti-Michelle Fields comments

The full statement:

We are disheartened by recent comments directed toward Pepperdine alumna Michelle Fields. This language reflects neither Pepperdine’s values nor its commitment to civil discourse.

The university is referring to a comment posted at the Crooks and Liars blog accusing Fields of going “full retard.” No mention of Professor Russell Burgos, whom Fields accused of posting the comment. Burgos denies that he is responsible, implying that his Disqus account has been hacked.

By the way, Burgos has not yet responded to our request that he authorize Disqus to disclose his “hacker’s” IP address.


Coincidences! Prof. Russell Burgos ‘hacker’ has same talking points as Prof. Russell Burgos

Tweeter claiming to be Prof. Russell Burgos says Michelle Fields got him mixed up with someone else; Update: The real Burgos confirms Twitter account is his; Update: Burgos’ story seems to change; Updated with latest email from Burgos; Updated with new tweets from Fields

Michelle Fields’ former Pepperdine professor accuses her of going ‘full retard’ on Fox News; Update: Professor says it wasn’t him


Robert Kennedy Jr. ‘gets handsy’ with Michelle Fields at climate march

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t too thrilled to be confronted by PJTV’s Michelle Fields at Sunday’s climate march in New York City; Fields doesn’t “think he was happy about me bringing up his yachts and jets.” Fields also managed to get to face time with environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom she says got a little “handsy” when the questioning got rough.

Robert F. Kennedy gets handsy with me #ClimateChangeMarch http://t.co/MXXB3blrrC

— Michelle Fields (@MichelleFields) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields He sure has all the Democrat talking points down but his arguments are not at all rational. Much like his father.

— Marc T Grove (@mtgrove) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields too bad they can't hear themselves talk

— OMG football season (@DCHokiefan) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields Did he just say individuals are not accountable for their own decisions?

— Joshua Travis (@boomshaka9) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields Did he also just say he doesn't care what kind of car we drive, he just wants to make sure we can only get certain kinds?

— Joshua Travis (@boomshaka9) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields don't you know environmentalism isn't about changing your own lifestyle, it is about changing everyone else's? /s

— Casey Biemiller (@cbiemiller) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields That was priceless! He'd sure had several drinks by then. I thought he was going to grab UR breasts instead of the mic

— Fox News Fan (@FNC_Ladies_Rule) September 22, 2014

@MichelleFields Well done, he just kept going around in circles.

— Bob Schiveley (@rsch1964) September 22, 2014

#WaronWomen RT @MichelleFields Robert F. Kennedy gets handsy with me #ClimateChangeMarch http://t.co/kEUd2B1LZz

— Justin Ellis (@_JustinEllis) September 22, 2014