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LeBron James, Other NBA Players Wear “I Can’t Breathe” Shirts Before Game

Monday night’s Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers game at Barclays Center drew protesters speaking out against Eric Garner’s death. Britain’s royal couple were also scheduled to attend.

1. LeBron James wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt before Monday’s game at Barclays Center, joining other professional athletes in protesting the death of Eric Garner.

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

2. Fellow Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving was among several other players showing his support for protesters.

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

4. Nets players, including Kevin Garnett and Deron Williams, joined the Cavs star in wearing the shirt.

Robert Deutsch/Usa Today Sports

5. Jay Z, one of the owners of the Nets, posed with the players.

6. Outside, a crowd gathered as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expected to arrive to their first NBA game.

First sign aimed at Will and Kate at the #royalshutdown protest. #RoyalsInUSA

— ellievhall (@Ellie Hall)

8. It was the latest show of protest by professional athletes against the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police.

Bulls star @drose doesn’t talk after game about #ICantBreathe shirt http://t.co/yWSCIJnCNC (h/t @abc7chicago) #NBA

— AP_Sports (@AP Sports)

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released a statement after the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt over the weekend.

“I respect Derrick Rose and all of our players for voicing their personal views on important issues but my preference would be for players to abide by our oncourt attire rules,” Silver said.

10. In recent days, a number of NFL players have also worn messages of protest.

R.I.P Eric Garner

— DavinJoseph75 (@Davin Joseph)

Hundreds line up for Michael Brown funeral; father appeals for calm


Michael Brown’s funeral begins at 10 a.m. Central time this morning. Hundreds have already lined up. Mourners are mingling with media and law enforcement officers. Missouri Highway Patrol chief Ron Johnson is also on scene.


Look, it’s media hound Jesse Jackson:


Michael Brown’s father appeals for calm.


Let’s hope.

Washington Redskins safety Ryan Clark says Michael Brown was murdered


Ryan Clark, a professional football player for the Washington Redskins, insists that police officer Darren Wilson murdered Ferguson, Mo., teen Michael Brown. Never mind the growing evidence to the contrary.

That’s not all. If you support Wilson, Clark points out that you’re on the same side as the Ku Klux Klan:


Oh, and by the way, he thinks Trayvon Martin was murdered, too:


‘F*ck the police’: ‘Disturbed’ online protesters want #JusticeForMikeBrown


Missouri teenager Mike Brown was killed Saturday when he was shot Saturday by Ferguson, Mo. police.

Here are more details about the incident from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said one shot was fired by the officer’s gun inside the car during the struggle, and that the officer fired multiple times at Michael Brown, 18, as he ran away.

He said the shots that hit Brown were “more than just a couple but I don’t think it was many more than that.” He said an autopsy was pending and that a toxicology test would take as long as six weeks to determine whether Brown had alcohol or drugs in his system.

Angered over the incident, many took to Twitter to call for justice, using the hashtag #JusticeForMikeBrown.


This Mike Brown situation really breaks my heart.
So sad. Ugh.
#JusticeForMikeBrown— QUEEN LOSA (@YoungLosa) August 10, 2014


The official account of Black Entertainment Television also chimed in.



‘Rising anger’: St. Louis alderman Antonio French tweets from protest over shooting of Freguson, Mo. teen [Vine, photos]

Sally Kohn: Why is Twitchy ‘SO INVESTED in Michael Brown being guilty?’


Back in August, liberal commentator Sally Kohn was completely mistaken about the circumstances in which police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Ferguson, Mo., thug Michael Brown:

Because we called her out for her fallacious tweet, she says we’re the ones in the wrong. In a tweet posted earlier this morning, Kohn accuses Twitchy and others on the Right of being “SO INVESTED in Michael Brown being guilty.”

If that logic doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone.


Sally Kohn: ‘Only sure facts … Mike Brown was unarmed and fleeing with hands up.’

Sally Kohn still hasn’t retracted her ‘sure fact’ that Michael Brown was ‘fleeing with hands up.’

With ‘sure fact’ about Ferguson shooting proven false, Sally Kohn blasts rush to smear Michael Brown

Tear gas and rubber bullets again being used in Ferguson [pics, Vine]


For the second night in a row Ferguson, Missouri police have begun using tear gas and rubber bullets to try and disperse the crowd protesting the shooting of Michael Brown.


He has been quiet.



‘Overkill’ in Ferguson? SWAT out in force for 3rd night of protest [pics, Vine]; Update: Journalists arrested

HuffPost Live host suggests residents of ‘racist’ Mo. town move to Mass.

Ferguson, Missouri: Ice-T remembers the same ‘vibe back in LA 92′

Tear gas, rubber bullets reportedly used in Ferguson [Vine video]

David Draiman: Michael Brown ‘may have gotten what he deserved’


Liberals’ anti-cop narrative is coming apart as the truth about Michael Brown and the circumstances in which he was shot begin to emerge.

David Draiman,  lead singer for the heavy metal band Disturbed and the band Device, is among those starting to rethink what happened.

Interesting side note: Draiman’s tweet was retweeted by former NFL wide receiver Donté Stallworth:






Howard Kurtz: ‘Shoplifting’ video sheds no light on Michael Brown shooting

As they say in the mutual fund business, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. But does Fox News host Howard Kurtz really believe the surveillance video of Michael Brown strong-arming a store clerk sheds no light on the subsequent confrontation between Brown and a police officer? None at all?

Well said.

Also, we doubt Kurtz would call it a “shoplifting” video if he were the clerk whom Michael Brown shoved into a potato chip rack.

‘Brown deserved execution’? Slate journo thinks he’s got ‘right-wing Twitter’ pegged

Recently released surveillance footage depicts a suspect police say resembles Michael Brown robbing a convenience store shortly before the shooting incident in Ferguson took place. And now, conservative tweeters are really out for blood. Well, if you ask Slate journo Jamelle Bouie, anyway:

Really, dude? Really?

Has Jamelle looked in a mirror lately?

Oh, well that’s all right, then.

What about the phenomenon of left-wing journo-hacks like Bouie painting “right-wing Twitter” as bloodthirsty racists? Isn’t that also “a thing,” Jamelle?

Except the term “right-wing Twitter” implies a whole lot more than just a “particular slice of right-wingers.”

Bouie’s not a journalist; he’s a one-man smear campaign.

But hey, maybe it’s not Jamelle’s fault he’s this way.



Marion Barry: It’s clear Michael Brown was executed

Local and federal authorities can call off the investigation in Ferguson, Mo., because obviously D.C. Council member Marion Barry knows exactly what happened.



Marion Barry asks followers to disregard tweet critical of DC Police Department