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O’Malley Rules Out Bid For Mikulski’s Senate Seat

“I am hopeful and confident that very capable public servants with a desire to serve in the Senate will step up as candidates for this important office. I will not be one of them,” the former Maryland governor said in a statement Tuesday.

Patrick Semansky / AP

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said in a statement Tuesday he will not run for retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski’s seat.

“Senator Mikulski has done an outstanding job representing Maryland in the U.S. Senate for nearly 30 years. I am hopeful and confident that very capable public servants with a desire to serve in the Senate will step up as candidates for this important office. I will not be one of them,” O’Malley said.

On Monday, O’Malley declined to comment on a potential run.

“Today is a day to reflect on Senator Mikulski’s service to the people of Maryland, not engage in political speculation,” O’Malley’s spokesperson, Lis Smith, told BuzzFeed News.

Republicans said Monday that they now view the Maryland open seat as a pickup opportunity in 2016, despite the fact that no Republican has won a Senate race in the state since 1980.

A serious GOP effort in Maryland would require Democrats to spend money in the state they weren’t planning on in 2016.

O’Malley, a two-term Democratic governor with a legacy lauded by progressives, would have been be a strong Democratic candidate in a state with a number of other potential Democratic candidates. But running for Senate would have meant abandoning his uphill bid for his party’s presidential nomination, which as already seen him travel to early primary states and hire staff.

Ebola patient Nina Pham being moved from Dallas to Bethesda, Maryland


Nina Pham, the nurse who had been caring for Thomas Duncan who became the first person to contract the Ebola virus in the U.S., is being moved from Dallas to Maryland.

Dallas nurse Nina Pham is being moved from Dallas to N.I.H., sources tell @elizcohencnn

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) October 16, 2014

Dallas Ebola patient Nina Pham will be transferred to a National Institutes of Health facility in Maryland. NA-30TH

— CNN Newsource (@CNNNewsource) October 16, 2014

MORE: Nina Pham, Dallas nurse infected with Ebola, expected to be moved to Maryland http://t.co/IKhHdyDhbh pic.twitter.com/Lgo6MIvNLy

— NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) October 16, 2014

Pham will reportedly be moved to an isolation unit at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

The follow-up question for many was “why?”

@jaketapper @elizcohencnn Why? Is she sicker or is her hospital not capable of handling Ebola?

— Amy (@Amyatbeach) October 16, 2014

@jaketapper @elizcohencnn Here's the question we all want to know though…. WHY? Are they closing down the #Ebola unit at #Presby?

— McBlondeLand (@McBlondeLand) October 16, 2014

@jaketapper @elizcohencnn Has her health gotten worse…?

— Ana Romanik (@AnaRomanik) October 16, 2014



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Dems nominate guy who botched Obamacare exchange to be MD governor


Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has won the Democratic primary to become that party’s nominee for Governor of Maryland.


Yes, that Anthony Brown. He had one job as Lt. Governor which was meant to cement his credentials for becoming Martin O’Malley’s successor. In the end Maryland spent at least $125 million to build a non-working web site only to abandon it and start over using software Connecticut used to build theirs. He “explained” his role in the project during one of the primary debates.

He wasn’t very cooperative with the press though.