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This Is The Best Excuse Ever To Not Deliver A Package. Oh My.

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever been given? What’s an acceptable reason for not completing a project, showing up for work or meeting your date? Well, this postman in Canada discovered exactly what the best excuse is that anyone could ever use. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. You’d be forgiven if you had this backing you up:


After Matt Fane tweeted out this photo of the late notice (which was left at a neighbors house), it wasn’t long before the good ole Canada Post came tweeting to the rescue like their Mountie brethren, offering to save the day.


And to further calm down you Internet people, Matt later tweeted out photographic evidence that indeed, Pooh Bear often stretches his legs by roaming around his neighborhood.


Oh, Canada. We certainly do love you and your postal carriers.

Here Are The 45 Most Unbelievable Things People Tried To Get Through An Airport. What The?!

The 45 items below were all confiscated at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York at either the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Federal Inspection Site or the U.S. Postal Service International Mail Facility. The items are just some examples of what people try to smuggle into the US every day on flights or by mail. Items ranging from the normal, such as counterfeit goods like handbags and watches to the extreme, such as deer penis or the corpse of little mammals. All the items were photographed by photographer Taryn Simon for her book and exhibition, “Contraband”.

Enfield 1858 percussion pistol, sent from Afghanistan (unlicensed).

Guinea pigs, sent from Ecuador (prohibited).

Season 4 DVDs of Lost (pirated).

Deer penis, sent from somewhere in Asia origin (prohibited).

Exotic fruits, sent from somewhere in Africa (prohibited).

Unidentified dead mammal, sent from Indonesia (prohibited).

Gold dust, sent from India (undeclared).

Patek Philippe watches, sent from China (counterfeit).

Fake drugs, sent from South Africa (prohibited).

Disguised Louis Vuitton handbag, sent from China (counterfeit).

Unidentified white powder.

Chicken feet possibly containing Avian Influenza/Newcastle Disease (prohibited).

Insect larvae and pupae of butterflies, sent from India (prohibited).

Leather cases with ornaments (undeclared).

Oxalis tuberosa plant, sent from Peru (prohibited).

Steroids, Testosterone & Sustanon, sent from Pakistan (illegal).

Cow hoof bottle, possibly with BSE or Foot and Mouth Disease (prohibited).

Lard, sent from Ukraine (prohibited).

Smoking accessories (prohibited).

Bird corpse, labeled as home décor, sent from Indonesia (prohibited).

US currencies.

Natural chewing gum made from raw sugar cane, sent from Jamaica (prohibited).

Unknown liquid (prohibited).

Stalks of millet, sent from India (prohibited).

USA American Visagra, a fake Viagra brand, sent from China (counterfeit).

Juan Lopez and Hoyo De Monterrey Cuban cigars (prohibited).

Cow dung toothpaste, sent from India (prohibited).

Eight cartons of Marlboro cigarettes (passenger declined to pay tax – abandoned).

Deer antlers (prohibited).

Nesting dolls with Snow White Disney characters (counterfeit).

Perfume and cologne (counterfeit).

Gemstones, sent from Sri Lanka (held, pending appraisal).

Heroin, sent from from India (illegal).

Hydrocodone, sent from India (illegal).

Dry khat leaves, sent from Kenya (illegal).

Ketamine, sent from India (illegal).

Peppers, sent from Ghana (prohibited).

Blue and yellow pharmaceutical pills awaiting testing from FDA, sent from Pakistan (prohibited).

Unmarked pills, sent from China (prohibited).

GBL, which is used as a date rape drug, sent from Poland (illegal).

South African Cycad plant with soil (prohibited).

Horse sausage of Eastern European origin (prohibited).

Plastic pitcher of salami, sent from Eastern Europe (prohibited).

Artillery King sexual enhancement drugs, sent from China (prohibited).

Unidentified liquid hidden in thermos in satin bedding.

Darn it, now I know why I never received that shipment of bird corpses. Source: Taryn Simon Share these crazy contrabands with your friends below.