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This Looks Like A Normal First Date, But You’ll Reach For The Tissues 45 Seconds In

When it comes to loss, watching someone you love lose all memory of you is uniquely tragic.

People with Alzheimer’s are still right there in front of you, but the length of a dining room table can feel like an insurmountable obstacle. You can reach out and touch them, but it feels like they’re miles away. And when they look at you, they don’t make the connections they once did. They can’t. They feel like islands, attached to nothing and completely isolated.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, five million Americans now suffer from the heartbreaking condition. That’s five million moms, dads, daughters, sisters, and brothers who have no concept of who they are anymore — five million families who have to grieve the loss of someone who’s sitting right there. All we can do is make them feel as safe and happy as possible.

And that’s exactly what this woman does in the video below. Watch what happens when she asks her date to dance.

People struggling with Alzheimer’s may wake up every day feeling scared and alone, but it’s our job to ensure that they go to sleep every night knowing that they’re loved.

This Creator Makes Fascinating Works Of Art With Something You Have In Your Kitchen

Beyond making the meals I try (and fail) to whip up even remotely bearable, I don’t have much use for table salt.

Especially when it comes to creating art. Always failing to think outside the box, I tend to stick to graphite and charcoal when it’s time to crank out another portrait, but artist Dino Tomic has proved once and for all that atypical materials yield atypical results. While his more traditional work is impressive, it’s what he does with table salt that cannot be missed.

Using massive canvases and the stuff you have in that cute shaker on your kitchen table, he produces works of art that stun viewers when seen with the naked eye and baffle them when passed through an inverted filter.

By placing salt in squeeze bottles that are usually reserved for mustard and ketchup, he draws gorgeous pieces with millions of tiny grains.

Similar to the process of creating Tibetan sand mandalas, Tomic’s approach requires a steady hand and careful breathing to ensure that each grain stays where it belongs.

Other artists create similar pieces by drawing with white charcoal on black paper, but Tomic prefers to defy creative conventions.

Although this role reversal of shading and highlighting is gorgeous on its own, watch what happens when he inverts some of his images.

In the blink of an eye, each one transforms into its tonal opposite, mimicking the look of a pencil drawing.

Seeing Dino Tomic in action is an experience that’s in a league of its own.

From inception to completion, every step in his artistic process is as satisfying as the final reveal.

To learn more about Dino Tomic’s work, be sure to check out his website. For regular updates, keep up with him on DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

What Happens When She Puts Her Hand To Her Face Is So Cool (And Really Unsettling)

When we think of face painters, our brains fill with images of unicorns, balloons, and superheroes.

But South Korean artist Dain Yoon takes a darker, more artful approach to the craft by using her own face and body as canvases for illusions. Using body paint, acrylics, and makeup, she transforms into her most surreal self. By visually transposing her face and hands and painting herself into the world around her, Yoon creates an immersive experience for viewers, leaving a lasting impact that’s hard to shake.

Don’t believe me? You will when you check out these images and videos.

To learn more about Dain Yoon, be sure to visit her blog. For regular updates, follow the illusionist on Instagram.

What This Artist Created With Sugar And Rock Candy Should Be In A Museum

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon watching those baking competitions on TV, you’ve probably experienced the mind-boggling thing that happens when extremely talented people pick up piping bags and sheets of fondant. In a matter of hours, these skilled bakers somehow manage to create delicious, flawlessly executed cakes that double as incredible works of art.

Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design is one of those culinary geniuses. While all of her work blurs the line between fine art and cake decoration, one of her most recent projects is making waves online for obvious reasons.

Teufel’s geode-inspired cake really sets her apart. Designed for an events industry party, everything presented that night was inspired by different aspects of human emotion. Tasked with focusing on joy, she crafted this stunning amethyst geode cake.

After covering a tiered cake in white fondant, the artist created an edible geode using granulated sugar and rock candy. Once the formation was complete, she molded it with modeling chocolate. Her use of color really does a great job of mimicking the natural gradient of the gemstone in its natural form.

The addition of gold leaf adds a luxurious dimension to an already rich design. “This cake took about 16 hours to create,” she writes, “with several more hours of planning before actually constructing it.”

“I knew that I wanted to create a show-stopping cake and use the geode as the focal point, creating an awe-inspiring visual experience for the guests,” she explained.

The dimensionality of this piece really can’t be captured in still images. This video will give you a better idea of what viewers experienced that day.

(via Bustle)

Although this cake was designed as more of a display piece, Tuefel always makes sure that her cakes are as delicious as they are stunning so that they leave a lasting impact on her customers.

To see more of Rachael Tuefel’s work, be sure to check out her website. For regular updates, follow Intricate Icings on Instagram!

If Your Skin Was Blotchy This Summer, Don’t Worry, You Were Just Covered In Fungus

Have you ever noticed splotches on your skin after getting a sick tan in the summer?

We’ve all dealt with redness and peeling, but if you see light and dark patches on your skin right now, you’re probably just covered in fungus. It’s fine. This is fine. The fungus in question is called tinea versicolor, and it digs hanging out on human skin when there’s a buildup of yeast.

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Looking more like a cheetah and less like a human? Tinea versicolor may be to blame.

If you’re like 98 percent of people, you have yeast chillin’ on the surface of your skin right now. When that yeast goes into overdrive because of hot, humid conditions, it can attract fungus that cause blotchiness.

The fungus is particularly fond of moisture and oil, so areas that secrete large amounts of sebum are the most vulnerable. Just ask this girl, who now has to deal with some nasty nonsense on her forehead.

The good news is that it’s pretty much harmless. That being said, the symptoms aren’t exactly attractive. Because the fungus doesn’t allow skin to tan, affected areas are clearly visible after sun exposure.

In some cases, tinea versicolor can become so intense that people mistake it for vitiligo, which is a more severe skin condition that causes uneven pigmentation.

As far as treatment is concerned, those dealing with tinea versicolor can grab some antifungal creams from their dermatologists or opt for homemade concoctions to achieve similar results.

While natural oils with antifungal properties like lavender, thyme, and clove can help cut down on irritation, anyone struggling with a serious case of fungal insanity should probably go for the strong stuff.

Summer may be on its way out, but if you’re one of the unlucky folks contending with tinea versicolor right now, the season’s cruelest effects will linger.

(via BuzzFeed)

To learn more about this condition, click here.

Here Are 15 Cleaning Tips That Every Neat Freak Should Know

Here are two words that my mother would never have used to describe me five or six years ago: neat freak.

Like most adolescents, I was way more focused on gaining any sense of control over my personal life and figuring out how to be a person than I was on cleaning my room. After all, nothing says “I’m spiraling out of control” quite like swimming through laundry to get to your bed every night.

I’m happy to report, however, that I’ve since gotten everything together and turned into an adult human who is actually weirdly obsessive about the cleanliness of her apartment. (You’re welcome, Mom.) For my fellow neat freaks out there, here are a few clever tricks that we all should know.

1. Use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for everything. They’re especially great for glass shower doors!

They might also be good for getting scuffs off your bumper when you’re 17 and you have no idea how cars work. They might.

2. Give sponges a little zap in the microwave for a few seconds to sanitize them when you ultimately forget to buy new sponges at the supermarket 30 times in a row.


3. Get rid of gunk on your toaster by scrubbing it away with a mixture of cream of tartar and water.

4. Combine equal parts Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and club soda to clean water stains off of upholstery.

5. Fill a dish wand with dish soap and vinegar to easily clean your shower.

6. Clean mildew out of front-loading washers by soaking a towel in bleach and warm water and giving the gasket a good scrub.


7. Instead of coaxing a stain out of the carpet with harsh chemicals, place a damp cloth over the spot and go over it with an iron, allowing steam to release it.


8. Mix baking soda, dish detergent, and vinegar to scrub dingy cabinets.

9. Strap some microfiber cloths to your tongs to clean dusty blinds.

10. Dirty dishwasher? That’s not cute. Clean it with soda and Kool-Aid mix. You read that correctly.

11. After cleaning your faucet, keep things shiny and water-resistant by rubbing fixtures with wax paper.

12. Make your glass cooktop all shiny and new by scrubbing gently with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.

13. Bring the shine factor back to your stainless steel appliances by cleaning them with Pledge.

14. Get rid of pesky rings on wood with this mixture of olive oil and salt.


15. Since unholy heathens like to place price tag stickers smack in the middle of mirrors, you should grab a bottle of orange essential oil to clean up sticky residue.


Which of these will you try? All I’m saying is that my oven has a date with some Pledge.

(via One Crazy House)

The Addition Of A Gorgeous Coffee Bar Gave This Room A Much-Needed Makeover

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve come to terms with the fact that your body doesn’t actually work without coffee.

Devotees of this elixir of the gods plan their lives around morning cups and trips to the cutest cafes in town, but what if those two things could collide in the comfort of your own home?

If that sounds like Heaven on Earth to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Imgur user EvoLLLL decided that their space needed a facelift, so they paid beautiful homage to everyone’s favorite drinks by installing a coffee bar that doubles as wine bar. In other news, I’m probably going to move into their house. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

If you want to create a little nook that will make your house the go-to hangout spot, here’s how it’s done!

This is what EvoLLLL started with. Needless to say, it was a little dated.

First, they removed the shelves, mirrors, and trim.

Then the unit itself had to come out so that an outlet could be installed.

After sanding off the double-sided tape that was used to hold the mirrors in place, EvoLLLL chose an accent color for the frame of the cabinet.

New overhead lighting was next on the list. They purchased theirs at IKEA.

And what’s cuter than a chalkboard backdrop? Nothing.

EvoLLLL writes that using chalkboard paint is a total pain, so it’d probably be best to let each layer dry completely overnight for smooth results.

After that, the crafter created a wooden counter on the bottom and placed new trim on the three remaining sides.

For the sake of saving money and time, they reinstalled the original shelf.

To put their mugs on display and keep them within arm’s reach, they added a few hooks to the back wall.

And what coffee and wine bar would be complete without a few wine glass racks?

All they had to do after that was plug in their coffee maker and espresso machine to drive the cafe feel home.

Just don’t expect to make any frappuccinos here, folks.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I need one of these in my apartment as soon as possible. You can all come over for a cup!

For full details, be sure to check out EvoLLLL’s original post on Imgur.

What This Woman Photographs Is Stunning, But It Has A Dark Side

Back in 2012, photographer Helene Schmitz was tasked with capturing images of a stunning natural phenomenon that actually wreaks havoc on every inch of ground that it covers. Known as Kudzu, this invasive plant series was brought as a gift to the U.S. by the Japanese at the1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.

The rapidly growing plant intrigued people at first, but since it arrived on the scene, Kudzu has taken a serious toll on everything in its wake (naturally occurring or otherwise).

It may look incredible, but the cons of this species’ presence have proven to far outweigh the pros. These photos, which were taken by Schmitz in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, reveal the immensity of this plant’s power.

Kudzu expands its damaging reign about by about 30 centimeters per day. As you can imagine, that really adds up after a few decades.

“The notion of a plant being ‘invasive’ was intriguing,” the photographer writes, “since it is described with a term normally used to describe actions of war. Bringing war terminology to mankind’s relation to a singular plant and its germination might even describe something about our relation to nature itself.”

The eerie series speaks to the sometimes baffling power of nature, revealing the strange beauty of Kudzu’s devastating reach.

(via Feature Shoot)

While this invasion is of the natural variety, it’s important to note that this species was allowed to cover so much ground because human beings planted mass amounts of Kudzu well into the 1940s in order to prevent erosion near crops and alongside railroad tracks. From there, it erupted into the force of nature that Helene Schmitz captured so hauntingly in this series.

To see more of this photographer’s work, be sure to check out her website today.

He Walked Into This Hospital With A Guitar, And You’ll Melt When You See Why

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has never felt the emotional impact of music.

Although this is a sensation we’ve all experienced, music therapy is often the subject of scorn from both mental health professionals and the general public. Even if you aren’t particularly moved by what’s on the radio these days, researchers have found direct links between music and brain activity that contribute to overall emotional health.

And unlike many other forms of therapy, that of the musical variety can have both psychological and physiological benefits. Jargon aside, however, the actions of music therapists — especially when they’re helping children — speak far louder than words.

The combined efforts of dedicated therapists, doctors, and activists help children overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles every single day. To learn more about The Children’s Cancer Association, be sure to check out their website.

What This Barista Creates Will Make You Want To Hold Off On Drinking That Coffee

Latte art is nothing new to the barista scene, and if you love frequenting boutique coffee shops in your city, you’ve probably watched as your favorite coffee connoisseur elevated your latte with a flick of the wrist.

While swans and hearts are impressive when you consider the medium, Melannie Aquino‘s take on the trend isn’t your average approach to latte art. After watching a friend draw intricate designs on cups of hot chocolate one day, Aquino decided to give it a go. Her first attempts were a little shaky, but after four years of hard work replete with countless trials and subsequent errors, she developed a style that’s as adorable as it is impressive.

In five minutes or less, the San Francisco-based creator turns simple lattes into works of art that are too pretty to drink without a twinge of guilt.

“I begin by pouring milk into a shot of espresso,” she explained to BoredPanda. “I use a spoon to manipulate the foam into the shape of what I want to draw.”

In her words, “You need a marriage of the perfect espresso and microfoam in order to get the right contrast and bring out the little details.”

She does intricate line work with chocolate and uses contrasting colors and textures in her favor.

The resulting pieces are beautiful, whimsical, and totally delicious.

“The reactions on customers’ faces are the most rewarding parts of my job,” she writes. “A lot of people become regulars and it pushes me to do different designs and to do better.”

As you can imagine, her unique approach to the craft has successfully set her apart from the rest, and it’s garnered quite a bit of attention online.

She sketches and paints from time to time, but as she explained to Mashable, “I don’t really have aspirations in pursuing art outside the realm of latte art.” That being said, she does have a coffee table book in the works that will bring her creations in front of an even larger audience.

For a little glimpse into her process, check out the videos below!

Still can’t get enough? Be sure to follow Melannie Aquino on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates!