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Pardon me? President, Hillary Clinton talk over ‘informal lunch’

President Obama had an “informal lunch” with Hillary Clinton today, and something tells us it was more than an opportunity for two formerco-workers to catch up on current events. The press wasn’t invited, which is no surprise, so the rest of us are left to guess what each of the two wanted from each other.

The vice president would have loved to have dined with them, but he was busy in Ukraine pledging millions to help thatcountry fight corruption.

At least Biden would have thought to have broken out the selfie stick.

This Mom Doesn’t Just Make Her Kids’ Lunch. She Makes Art.

Ivan and Lucas Ming must be the two luckiest kids in all of Singapore. Every day their mother Li makes them wonderful, delicious meals that are arranged to look like their favorite animals and characters from popular culture. Bears, pigs, Yoda, Hello Kitty, they’re all there.

If you’re a kid and you like something, Li Ming can craft a bento box lunch that looks like it. The only downside of having meals that look this great are you probably feel pretty bad about eating them. (For a second or two, at least.) 

Three Little Piggies


Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck

My Neighbor Totoro


My neighbor Totoro


Hello Kitty

Hatching Chick


Flower-Haired Girl


The Giving Tree


Mama Bird with Her Chicks

Willy Wonka

Hello Kitty




(via Li Ming, H/T Distractify)

I can’t imagine actually going through with eating these amazing masterpieces. They’re just too cute to be lunch! If you enjoyed looking at Li Ming’s bento box art, follow her on Flickr for future updates.