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A Little Boy Met A False Killer Whale At The Aquarium And They Became Fast Friends

Have you ever heard of a false killer whale?

I hadn’t either until just recently. They share many of the same characteristics of actual killer whales, but belong in a different genus — and apparently they are extremely smart.

Just ask Atticus, a little boy who recently visited the Vancouver Aquarium. He happened across one of these majestic and apparently curious creatures named Chester. While his name is adorable enough on its own, what happened shortly after they “met” prompted his mom to record the experience…

This is so cute!

Okay, I must have terrible timing — stuff like this never happens to me when I go to the aquarium. Tell me your secrets, children!

This Father Took Photos Of All The Places His Little Boy Fell Asleep. And It’s Hilarious.

When reddit user Scevans09 posted a gallery of his son sleeping, I expected it to be boring. We’ve all seen kids sleeping. But I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a kid fall asleep in this many awkward, crazy positions. His naps are basically an artform – and one I’m jealous of. I want to fall asleep literally anywhere.

Just like him:

Sitting up in a chair.

Laying awkwardly.

On the kitchen chairs.

In the car, thinking.

Under his brother.

Mostly on the bed.

In a Jean Claude Van Damme split.

In mid-lunch.

While playing.

On the wrong part of the couch.

On the other wrong part of the couch.

Still on the wrong part of the couch.

Getting his haircut.

Still playing.

While reading.

On hardwood floors.




While waiting on food.


This is just talent.

Nice arm position.

This is physically possible?

Stop showing off.

While tuning out his parents. It worked.


In the dirty clothes because why not?

Sitting up. He’s still got it.

While getting ready to play.




Okay, kid. You win at sleeping.

Source: reddit

Before you jump to conclusions that this kid is narcoleptic or has some serious other issue, his dad said the following:

“He had problems sleeping at night for awhile and then finally got his tonsils and adenoids out and has slept so much better since. I think that is why he would just crash all the time during the day.”

So, he’s all better but thankfully we have 34 brilliant photos of his epic nap-taking abilities. Share them with others below.