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Transform Your Old Collared Shirts Into Aprons With This Super-Easy Hack

Whenever I cook or eat, I drop something on myself without fail.

I have a whole collection of shirts and dress shirts collecting dust because I’ve stained them in one way or another. I’ve always used ruined tees as cleaning rags, but I never have any idea what to do with my old collared shirts…until now, that is.

With just a pair of scissors and a dress shirt, you can create your very own kitchen apron. Start cooking in style with this affordable life hack that will help you avoid making unnecessary stains on the pieces of clothing you’ve purchased to replace the ones you’ve already ruined.

Pretty cool, right? I think I’ll turn another one of my dress shirts into a bib. You have to cover all of the bases, people.

How You Can Use These 10 Every Day Objects In Other Ways Is Genius. Absolutely LOVE #7.

Here are a bunch of really clever ideas for what you can do with 10 every day items… things like glass wine bottles, old bicycles or milk crates. With these ideas, hopefully you can turn something that you thought was junk into your very own work of art. Or just a really cool sofa made from wooden pallets. Hopefully these clever ideas will inspire you in some way.

1) Uses for wooden pallets.

2) Plastic spoons.

3) Old dresser draws.

4) Wine bottles.

5) Bottle caps.

6) Tires.

7) Credit Cards.

8) Bicycles.

9) Milk crates.

10) Globes.

Some of those ideas are really great, in fact I kinda want to go to my local thrift store now to pick up some old globes! Share these cool DIY ideas with your friends below.

You’ve Been Making Grilled Cheese Wrong All These Years — Here’s How It’s Done

Growing up, my family always referred to grilled cheese sandwiches by a different name.

I’m not really sure why or how it got started, but in my household, they were called toasted cheese sandwiches. It wasn’t until college that I was informed I’d been labeling this all-American favorite incorrectly for more than half my life. As if that weren’t traumatic enough, I just learned that I’ve been making them improperly for my entire life, too!

So to save you readers from that cheese-filled heartache, I’m going to share this chef’s secret with you. As it turns out, cheese doesn’t just belong inside of these sandwiches.

Feel free to share the trick with all of your friends! (Or just keep this mastery to yourself.)

Sprinkle it on the outside, too!

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Now that the secret’s out, make sure you never settle for a traditional grilled cheese sandwich again.

Stop Doing These 10 Things — They Make You Age Faster!

One of my favorite things to do at the county fair is stop by the guessing booth and have them try to guess my age.

While those “expert guessers” have no actual credentials that say they can guess people’s ages, the secret to their success sometimes springs from a variety of visual tells. In my case, I may never act my age, but factors such as height, the depth of your voice, and the presence of features like facial hair or wrinkles can lead a relative stranger in the right direction.

Your daily routines could also be impacting your perceived age. Who knew that habits like sleeping on your side or eating particular foods could age you more quickly? Here are 10 everyday habits that you can break if you want to slow down time.

1. Drinking with straws


Pursing your lips while drinking through a straw can cause wrinkling around the mouth. Instead, it is recommended to drink directly from the glass.

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2. Bad posture


Bad posture can impact your spinal alignment and increase tension in muscles and bones. Constant slouching can cause permanent abnormalities and as well as fatigue and pain.

Here’s An Easy Trick For Checking Your Propane Level This Grilling Season

It’s officially summer (FINALLY) which means that if you haven’t already commemorated the season with a backyard cookout, you should be planning one!

While it can be stressful to get everything in order — the meat, veggies, marinades, sides — you can’t forget the most important component…the grill!

Okay, so if you have one, you’re halfway there, but you also need to make sure you have enough fuel for it. If you don’t have a measuring device built into the tank, just grab a hot glass of water and do this.

How easy is that?!

Let’s be honest…we both know you’re going to check this when you get home from work today.

Happy grilling, everyone!

She Added Toothpaste And Lemon To Some Water — You’ll Never Do Your Nails The Same

Removing nail polish is such a pain. The harsh chemicals weaken the keratin that makes up your tips, causing discoloration, dryness, and breakage. It’s even worse when you try to get glitter polish off because it’s thick and textured — it often takes a number of scrubbing sessions to get the job done.

But if you add some new ingredients to your mix, not only will your polish come right off, this solution is less harmful and will leave your digits looking better than before!

Here’s the skinny:

  1. Clean off the top coat with a little bit of nail polish remover.
  2. Rub Vaseline on your nails.
  3. Mix a tiny bit of water with toothpaste and a squeeze of lemon (for whitening purposes).
  4. Then scrub your nails using the solution and a nail brush (or even a toothbrush).
  5. Apply another coat of Vaseline to promote healthy nails and smooth the skin around them.

This is so easy and her nails look amazing after! Way better than the dry, cracked mess I always end up with. Will you try this trick?

These Aren’t Just For Crafting Anymore — Here Are 10 New Ways To Use Your Glue Gun

Just when you think you’ve run out of uses for hot glue, 10 more come along.

I’m sure you’ve probably breezed through this list of awesome glue gun hacks by now, but where there’s a will, there’s another way to improve your life with one of these awesome tools. From cabinet drawer bumpers to an awesome wardrobe fix, here are a few hacks that will help you get out of sticky situations.

Forget duct tape! I’ll be using hot glue to fix everything in my house from now on.

15 Surprisingly Useful Body Hacks You Can Use Right Now

The human body is a strange, wondrous thing, but do we really use our bodies to their fullest potential?

I mean, think about it. Plenty of us run ourselves ragged, survive on coffee, and regularly become totally consumed by stress. This can really take a toll when it comes to sleeping, eating right, and maintaining focus.

If this sounds like you, here are a few body hacks that you definitely need to add to your arsenal!

1. Falling asleep right after you study will help you retain more information.

2. Putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth will get rid of brain freeze.

3. Sleep on your left side to reduce the not-so-nice sensation of heartburn at bedtime.

4. Scratching your ear can relieve an itchy throat, since stimulating the nerves in your ears can cause your throat to twitch a bit.

5. Wearing socks while you sleep has been shown to improve sleep quality.

6. If you really want someone to take in what you’re saying, speak into their right ear. That goes directly to the processing center in the brain.


7. Strike a power pose when you want a quick confidence boost. This is great to use before job interviews!


8. Saying a few four-letter words when you stub your toe has been shown to reduce pain.


9. If you’re making a long-haul flight, change your eating schedule to that of your destination a few days before takeoff to get your body adjusted.


10. Coughing while getting an injection can make it hurt less.


11. Feeling nauseous? Press between the two tendons in your wrist for 30 seconds.


12. If you need to hold your breath longer, hyperventilate a bit before inhaling one more time and diving in!


13. If you feel pain in your side when you run, train yourself to exhale when your left foot strikes the ground. This will take pressure off your liver.


14. Stretch to improve your long-distance vision. If you work on a computer all day, periodically close your eyes and stretch major muscles. This will encourage muscles around your eyes to relax as well. Constant strain is linked to near-sightedness.


15. Wake up a sleeping arm by tilting your head from side to side. This loosens up neck muscles, which will help that pins-and-needles feeling go away faster.


(via LifeBuzz)

So what are you waiting for? Strike a power pose and take on the day!

20 Ways To Decorate With The 10,000 Holiday Cards You’re About To Get In The Mail

If you’re like me, you probably get about a thousand holiday cards every December that you have no idea what to do with. This year, get the most out of them with these 20 decorating ideas.

Usually, I try to prop the cards up on the mantle, but there’s always far too many. With the ideas on this list, however, you can ensure that holiday cards become an integral part of your home’s holiday decorations. After all, the cards are beautiful! Why not use that to your advantage?

1. Frame a doorway with fresh or fake garland, then use clothespins to attach holiday cards.

2. Or dress up the railing on your stairs for the same effect.

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Once You Learn These Tricks, No One Will Ever Be Able To Lie To You Again

People lie. That’s a fact. If you ask some researchers, each and every one of us is lied to about 200 times a day (which probably means that we’re doing quite a bit of fibbing ourselves). Want to know the most depressing part of all? We only detect about half of those lies, because everything is terrible and humans are the worst.

Let’s change that, shall we? Add these tips to your myth-busting arsenal and watch the liars drop like disingenuous little flies.

1. Keep an eye on mannerisms and come up with a baseline.

There’s no standardized list of human behaviors that will help you pinpoint when someone is lying. The key is to learn the basic mannerisms of each person you talk to on an individual basis. If someone’s mannerisms seem unusual or forced, they’re probably pulling a fast one on you. Does your best friend usually look around casually when she’s talking to you? Stay on your toes if she starts maintaining steady, unflinching eye contact. She’s probably about to ruin your life or something.

2. The person you’re talking to avoids using “I” or “me.”

People like to distance themselves from their lies because they know that they’re being absolutely awful. Liars often truncate their language in really subtle ways to avoid associating themselves with the lie. There’s a difference between someone saying, “I loved that meal,” and someone saying, “Loved that meal. Really awesome.” If they go with the latter, you might want to forsake your cookbooks forever.

3. They always have the answer.

It probably seems counterintuitive, but someone who has all the answers is probably just lying right to your face, which isn’t cute. It’s natural for people to pause before answering questions, so be on the lookout for people who respond with zero hesitation. If a story seems rehearsed, it probably is.

4. They can’t tell you their story backwards.

You probably shouldn’t base your lie-detection skills off of what goes down on Criminal Minds if you don’t want to look like you just got off the bus from Crazytown, but there’s one thing that happens on crime shows that has real-world potential. If someone lays a ridiculous story on you, ask them to talk about the details in a random order. When they can’t, be ready to call them out on it.

(via Inc. / Real Simple)

A little bit of bridled paranoia can go a long way when it comes to figuring out who’s lying to you, right? Maybe not, but these tips could come in handy the next time your friend tells you that all-over madras is a good look.

Trust no one, friends.