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‘Modern ‘journalism’ in a nutshell’: Does this NYT Mag writer really care about free speech?

As Twitchy reported yesterday, a Washington Post reporter was escorted out of a meeting with John Kerry after having the nerve to ask him a question about human rights.

Well, for what it’s worth, New York Times Magazine contributor Julia Ioffe is totes fine with that:

Here’s the funny thing, though. A little over an hour later, she tweeted this about the GOP presidential candidates:

We’re getting mixed signals here, Julia.

Pretty pathetic, no?

It sure is. We don’t recall her raising any concerns when this happened:

And stuff like this certainly doesn’t do her any favors:

Let’s hear it for Real Journalism!

Olympic torchbearer tweeted ‘shockingly racist picture’ of the Obamas


Is it true that the woman who lit the Olympic flame in Sochi last night tweeted a “shockingly racist picture” of President Obama last year? The New Republic’s Julia Ioffe says so, and though the tweet was deleted, there are screen shots floating around:


CBS DC notes that while Irina Rodnina never apologized for tweeting the photo, it did lead to an official response from the U.S. ambassador to Russia, who called it “outrageous.”


Rodnina, a former figure skater, is one of Russia’s most decorated Olympians.