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José Canseco steps up to the plate: ‘I am available to replace Jay Carney’


Jay Carney’s saying goodbye to the White House, but former MLB-er and occasional poet José Canseco wants President Obama to know that he’s willing to bat clean-up:


Just check out his qualifications:


We’re listening …


Unfortunately for José, Josh Earnest has already been tapped to replace Carney. But just because this press secretary thing won’t work out doesn’t mean the president should write him off completely:


There you go!



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Jos Canseco wants to apply for 10,000-word tweets

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter expanding its text limit from 140 words to 10,000.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey issued a statement today in an effort to clear up any confusion.

The first person we know of to apply for the 10,000-word expansion is Jos Canseco, which seems right somehow.

Or send virtual hugs.

Jose Canseco offers Cinco de Mayo history lesson; Suggests re-naming holiday

Really? Tell us more.

With those pieces of Canseco’s speculative history in mind, he suggested a new name for Cinco de Mayo:

Suffice to say that the “science isn’t settled” on Canseco’s version of historical events.