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‘Well that’s a relief’! John Podesta says there’s ‘zero truth’ to Hillary staff rumors

As Twitchy told you, David Axelrod appears to have takena “not so subtle” swipe at Hillary over reports that she’s considering a “staff shakeup.”

But John Podesta would like to make something perfectly clear:

Got that?

Don’t laugh! He means it, you guys.

‘Underpants gnome foreign policy’: John Podesta presents a mock-worthy summary of Hillary’s anti-terror plan

This morning, Hillary Clinton presented her ideas for halting the spread of terrorism in the world.

Chairman of Hillary for America John Podesta summed up Hillary’s strategy with this handy checklist:

Knowing the Clintons that checklist needs something else:

“Profit” definitely needs to be there.

As Podesta proved, achieving your goals on a checklist is easy!

See, leadership is so simple!

MSM mostly silent on ‘party of President Selfie McHalo’ accusing GOP of cultism

Center for American Progress Chair John Podesta recently signed on as White House counselor, and, well, it’s clear that he fits right in with the rest of the Obama regime.


In an interview with Politico’s Glenn Thrush, Podesta emphasized the importance of ensuring that Obama can “reset the agenda through executive action” — and he dropped this little nugget:


Via Politico:

This is not just about providing added muscle to a beleaguered and undermanned West Wing staff. According to interviews in recent weeks with an array of Obama insiders and a dozen current and former senior aides, Podesta’s hire is explicitly meant to shake things up inside the White House. In effect, I was told, it represents the clearest sign to date of the administration’s interest in shifting the paradigm of Obama’s presidency through the forceful, unapologetic and occasionally provocative application of White House power. Podesta, whose official mandate includes enforcement of numerous executive orders on emissions and the environment, suggested as much when he spoke with me earlier this fall about Obama’s team. “They need to focus on executive action given that they are facing a second term against a cult worthy of Jonestown in charge of one of the houses of Congress,” he told me. [Emphasis ours.]

Welcome to the age of the Great Uniter.


We’re guessing there’d be a tidal wave of conniptions across the media world. As it happens, there’s more of a ripple:



National Journal’s Ron Fournier, one of the few liberal journos who’s been willing to criticize the Obama White House, certainly took issue with Podesta’s remark:



Good on him.


That may be true, but while it’s not a shock that a worm like Podesta is spewing garbage, this remark is particularly egregious.











The Jonestown comparison isn’t something to be taken lightly.




Shame on Podesta. Shame on the entire Obama administration.


Outrageous — and truly frightening.



‘Not accepted’: John Podesta’s apology for Jonestown remark rings hollow

Not If, But When: Clinton Is Running For President, Aide Says

Not that you had doubts.

1. I grabbed John Podesta, who is expected to be Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, after a panel Tuesday at the Center for American Progress.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

2. I pressed him on the Clinton news of the day, and he pretty much refused to answer.

4. This appears to be the first time Clinton’s top aides have talked about the campaign like it is definitely happening:

6. So there you have it: She’s running.