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John McCain on Ukraine bill delay: ‘Reagan would never tolerate this’


A Senate vote on a Ukraine aid bill likely won’t come to the floor until after next week’s Congressional recess. That fact sent Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on a bit of a rant Thursday afternoon.


McCain tomorrow will visit Ukraine with seven other senators.

John McCain attends Arizona Diamondbacks game [corrected]


Editor’s note: The original title of this post was “‘McCain-enstein’ attends Arizona Diamondbacks game [GIFs].” Due to concerns that the material was mocking Senator McCain’s war injuries, which was certainly not the intent, we have amended the title, removed a GIF and changed the lead tweet.

Twitchy apologizes for the tone of the original post.

Professional Senator’s daughter, Meghan McCain, has a new “favorite thing ever”:





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John McCain sucks up to Ben Affleck, wins ‘awkward photo award’ [pic]


Actor Ben Affleck visited D.C. this week testify on Capitol Hill and star in a super awkward GIF with John Kerry. “Your credibility is really remarkable because of the depth of your commitment,” a starstruck Sen. John McCain told Affleck during the Congo hearing.

McCain sent a predictably fawning tweet, but he attached this hilariously awkward photo. On purpose, apparently.


Is the bromance off to a shaky start?


Affleck recently said if he met a Republican actor, he “probably wouldn’t like this person.” But like his awkward-pic pal McCain, Affleck is now willing to do a little sucking up of his own.

Affleck has made nine trips to the Congo and hopes to travel there again soon. He praised the work of former President George W. Bush on African issues as well as the effort of Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

“Our Republican friends have perhaps been better on Africa than my party,” said Affleck, a Democrat.

Maricopa County GOP censures John McCain for RINO-like tendencies


The Maricopa County GOP on Saturday voted 1169–358 to censure Sen. John McCain over his “long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats,” such as amnesty, funding for Obamacare, the debt ceiling, and “assaults on the Constitution and 2nd amendment.”


The resolution concludes that the Republican leadership in Arizona “will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator,” at least “until he consistently champions our party’s platform and values.”

The full resolution is available here.

CPB to permit media access to Nogales processing center

It was leaked photos from the U.S. Border Patrol processing centers in the Rio Grande Valley that gave much of the American public an idea of the scope of the country’s current immigration problem, with unaccompanied minors pouring over the border into the U.S.A. by the tens of thousands.

The Department of Homeland Security began busing illegals from the overwhelmed and overcrowded facilities in Texas to Arizona. As Katie Pavlich reported, media were banned from touring the Nogales Border Patrol Processing Center, where thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America were sleeping in chain-linked cells.

In a reversal by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), media will be allowed into the Nogales processing center. Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake issued a statement today:

This would be welcome news, because it is obviously in the public’s interest to know the actual conditions in that facility, which is currently holding a large number of unaccompanied children who illegally crossed our southern border into the United States in recent weeks. We strongly urge CBP to be transparent and accommodate all reasonable requests for media access to the facility, while ensuring the privacy and safety of the individuals being held there.


‘2008 called’: Biden’s ISIS pledge zinged with McCain flashback [video]

Joe Biden’s “gates of hell” pledge about ISIS rang some bells:

To paraphrase President Obama’s backfired attempt to mock Mitt Romney in 2012…

Well done!

Oops! Sen. John McCain misidentifies Turkey’s Ambassador to the US

mccain 2

On Friday, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., had an “important meeting” with Serdar Kiliç, Turkey’s ambassador to the U.S.

Unfortunately, McCain incorrectly identified the Turkish diplomat as the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey.

After about an hour, McCain deleted the erroneous tweet and replaced it with this one:

The real U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr., was unavailable for comment.

(Image of deleted tweet courtesy of Politwoops.)

Young Republican official: Tea Party is full of ‘senile angry people’


Nothing gets establishment GOPers more animated than the chance to trash conservatives who actually want to take back the country from socialist statists, rather than just manage the decay and benefit from crony capitalism. The latest kerfuffle between those who lovingly embrace the status quo and the “radical” Tea Party began with a debate between Breitbart.com writer Brandon Darby and Sen. John McCain campaign consultant John Weaver, who orchestrated such resounding conservative victories as John McCain 2000 and John McCain 2008.

Shortly thereafter, Luke Niles, Southern Regional Vice Chair for Young Republican National Federation, decided to jump into the fray:



Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the Tea Party, establishment Republicans sound a lot like Rachel Maddow?


Notice who was calling names in this exchange. It was the same guy whining that his opponent was a “bully.” And of course, he impotently declares victory at the end:


We urge you not to tweet at Mr. Niles, as he seems awfully sensitive and will probably accuse you of bullying him. We’d hate to break his thin-skinned, myopic, surrender echo chamber.


How ’bout that? Niles deleted his tweets.

Riiiight. Also, Twitchy is forever.


Here’s what the Young Republican National Federation has to say: