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You May Love These Disney Songs, But Have You Heard Them In Their Native Languages?

Disney movies are childhood staples. Honestly, they are loved by kids and adults alike. Their stories of love and triumph are timeless, and many people can appreciate them on some level. But the songs are perhaps the most adored aspects of these films.

Disney is responsible for creating some of the most memorable songs of all time. Almost every Disney tale is inspired by folklore from around the world, and the company goes to great lengths to translate these stories into accessible narratives for English-speaking audiences. That’s why someone went ahead and translated these famous songs into their native languages!

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Disney Princesses Singing In Their Original Language #1- Alternative Disneyvia: Movie Munchies

Posted by Alternative Disney on Monday, February 15, 2016

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Disney Princesses Singing In Their Original Language #2- Alternative Disneyvia: Movie Munchies

Posted by Alternative Disney on Monday, February 15, 2016

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Your perspective on these Disney classics is probably a bit different now, right? You learned their countries of origin (if you didn’t know them already), and you got to listen to some amazing music along the way! It’s a win-win.

In The Middle Of A Desert, You’ll Find Something From A Bizarre Dreamworld

The desert is a barren wasteland that is devoid of water and life. Very few plants grow in deserts, very few animals live there, and even fewer humans call them home. But that doesn’t mean that incredible things don’t happen in arid lands around the world.

This is the Empty Quarter Desert — the largest continuous desert in the world. A bizarre natural phenomenon has started to occur there. A river of sand has started flowing through this wasteland, and it’s as confusing as it is beautiful.

Some people believe that a flash flood might be the culprit. They hypothesize that water is flowing just under the surface, making the sand move. Check it out for yourself:

The explanation may be shaky, but one thing’s for sure: this phenomenon has certainly created a buzz. People are investigating it and trying to figure out what’s going on. Regardless of what’s making it happen, I think the sand river is really rad.

This A Cappella Version Of ‘Hotel California’ Is Dope, And The Guy In Red KILLS IT

“Hotel California” is one of the most iconic rock songs of the 1970s. The Eagles released this masterpiece in 1977, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone today who hasn’t heard it at least once. From the dark meaning behind the lyrics to the instantly recognizable riffs, this jam has it all.

But you’ve never heard it like this.

These six men formed an a cappella group and decided not only to do a cover of the song, but to knock it way out of the park.

If the thought of missing out on that famous guitar solo bums you out, have no fear. Just keep watching.

(via Shareably)

That guy can seriously shred, and he doesn’t even need a guitar to do it! It takes so much work to reinvent a beloved song like this, and these guys pulled it off beautifully.

He Put A Bed Frame In His Yard To Add A Country Vibe To His City Apartment

When you live in a concrete jungle, it’s easy to start missing the great outdoors. You miss the trees, you miss the open spaces, and you even begin to miss the yard that you had to mow a billion times a year.

But if you’re growing tired of your concrete space, have no fear. With a little creativity and some simple materials, you can add some country flair to your city dwelling.

Doesn’t that look awesome and comfortable? Having your own private backyard that you can nap in is every city dweller’s dream!

When A Yellow Lab Found A Baby Bunny In Her Yard, She Had The Best Reaction

Meg is your average, adorable yellow labrador retriever. She goes about her days playing in the yard, but on one special afternoon, she came across a tiny new playmate. Thankfully, Meg’s dad, David Jackson, was nearby and filmed the incredible meeting.

Be prepared to die from cuteness overload.

Little John Stamos (aka the bunny) just stole my heart.

I think we could all benefit from bookmarking this video and coming back to it later when we need a pick-me-up.

You’ll Never Believe The Innovative Thing This Guy Did With A Trash Can

Every year, the average American eats nearly 18 pounds of bacon.

And while it’s great to get your bacon fill by buying a package of the smokey meat from the store, why not make it yourself?

If your first thought is that it’s difficult, expensive, and convoluted to smoke meat, think again. All you need is a trash can, a hot plate, some wood chips, and a grill grate. You’re about to make all your friends jealous with this thing…

That looks absolutely yummy — and so easy to make! I’d love to cut off a slice of that and have it for lunch right now. I know what I’ll be cooking tonight!

This Woman Almost Filmed Her Own Death When This 2×4 Flew Into Her Windshield

Wendy Cobb will probably never forget the 40 seconds you’re about to see.

She was driving along a highway in Shelby, North Carolina, when she noticed that two cars in front of her were holding up traffic illegally. Carefully, she took out her iPhone and started filming it, probably with the hopes of reporting it later. That’s when a piece of wood came careening through her car’s windshield, nearly taking her life…

The two-by-four came dangerously close to Cobb in the car, but luckily none of the shattered glass really affected her.

She feels lucky to have survived the incident, and who could really blame her? This is a crazy freak accident.

(via Daily Mail)

While it’s technically not anyone’s fault, this is exactly why it is so dangerous to leave giant pieces of trash on the road. Presumably, it fell off another truck. It was then kicked up into her car and easily could have killed Cobb or another driver. Even if she hadn’t been filming, this all happened so fast that defensive driving probably wouldn’t have helped.

Stay safe out there, everyone.

He Shot A Gun At Himself Underwater, And The Reason Why Is Just Insane

Everyone knows that pointing a gun at yourself or someone else is never a good idea, but this guy seems to have made a hobby out of it. Instead of playing sports or creating art, he spends his time testing incredible theories. For this one, he got into a pool and stood directly in front of a submerged gun. After a few seconds, he pulled the trigger.

This is physics at its finest.

Thank goodness we didn’t actually just witness a man shooting himself. Water is essential to human life, and this is just a very literal interpretation of that fact.

You’ll Never Believe What Fell Out Of The Back Of This Van On The Highway

Driving on the highway is incredibly dangerous. It’s insane that we all get from point A to point B safely as often as we do. When you think about the fact that we regularly drive giant hunks of dangerous machinery at high speeds, it all seems pretty crazy.

But on this Chinese highway, things got even more dangerous than usual one day. People were driving behind this van in Suzhou when all of a sudden, the rear door opened and a toddler fell out. The driver of the car was the child’s grandfather, and he had no idea what happened. Check out the startling footage below.

Apparently, the grandfather had the boy in the passenger seat, but he managed to squirm into the back. The rear hatch was broken, so the little one was able to open it.


(via BuzzFeed)

How scary is that? Thankfully, the boy was saved and no one was harmed. Judging by the little guy’s reaction, he was more confused than traumatized.

People Were Shocked When They Saw A Wrecked Semi, But When They Saw The Driver…

Pet owners know that when it comes to car rides, our furry friends have some seriously mixed feelings. There’s the dog that’s terrified, the one who wants to ride literally in your lap, and the other who’s so excited the whole time you’re on the road.

In Minnesota, though, it appears there’s a whole new category — dogs who dream of driving themselves!

In the small city of Mankato, police were alerted to a rather unusual automobile accident. A semitruck had crashed into a parked car in a parking lot…but when they saw who was driving, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

(via NY Post)

I guess no one will be asking this pooch for his insurance information. Hopefully the dog learned his lesson and won’t be getting behind the wheel of a car ever again. You need to practice before you can drive!