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Jos Canseco wants to apply for 10,000-word tweets

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter expanding its text limit from 140 words to 10,000.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey issued a statement today in an effort to clear up any confusion.

The first person we know of to apply for the 10,000-word expansion is Jos Canseco, which seems right somehow.

Or send virtual hugs.

Politwoops to return to Twitter

Good news: Just in time for the elections, Twitter hasdecided to restore access to Politwoops, which archives politicians’ deleted tweets, in an effort to“bring more transparency to public dialogue.”

“In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be working behind the scenes to get Politwoops up and running,” saidJenn Topper of the Sunlight Foundation.“Stay tuned for more.”

Sometimes it’s just an embarrassing typo that leads a politician or staffer to delete a tweet, but Politwoops has captured some gems over the years, like racy photos,pandas in a bathtub, and this up-close pic of a credit card.

New York Magazine collected some deleted tweets welcoming home deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Wecome back Politwoops! We’ve missed you.