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This Dog Was Scared, Wounded, And Starving When They Found Her. Now Look At Her!

Our Indian friends at Animal Aid Unlimited recently discovered a street dog that was in desperate need of help — and would’ve died without a rescue. The pup was suffering from a maggot-infested neck wound that was both threatening her life and making it miserable.

Without treatment she would have died in a day or two. Luckily they got to her in time and she’s been transformed into the most adorable, happy little dog now!

The men and women behind Animal Aid Unlimited really are angels on Earth.

If you’d like to contribute, please visit their site and donate! They do truly wonderful work and help animals that otherwise would be forgotten.

They Heard Screeching Coming From A Well, But They Never Expected To Find This

Villagers in Maharashtra, India, suspected that something was wrong when they began hearing howling and crying coming from the town well.

After a simple investigation, they discovered that a leopard had somehow managed to take a 60-foot plunge into the water. A group of them crafted a bundle of sticks that would serve as a life preserver until a rescue team could step in.

Rescuers from Wildlife SOS were quick to arrive on the scene. The team, led by veterinarian Ajay Deshmukh, decided that their best bet was to lower a crate into the well in hopes that the stranded leopard would become curious and want to check it out, allowing them to pull the jungle cat to safety. At first, our leopard friend thought the crate was an enemy, but after a while, the frightened feline figured out their rescue plan.

If it hadn’t been for these quick-thinking heroes, this precious leopard might have drowned.

For more information or to donate to the organization’s cause, click here!

This Dog Was Found Covered In Tar And Unable To Move A Muscle. Luckily Help Was Close By.

This poor dog had fallen into a pool of hot tar that completely smothered his body and had became rock-solid. The scared little thing was stuck to the ground and unable to move.

Luckily, a passer by saw him struggling and called for help. They used the help line of Animal Aid Unlimited of India who immediately came to the rescue. After 3 hours of massaging vegetable oil into the thick layer of tar, they got the dog looking like his former self.

Watch his amazing recovery in the video below.

(Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

The poor thing must have been so scared. At least he got a few hours of belly rubs out of the whole ordeal.

This Young Girl’s Tightrope Walking Skills Will Leave You Baffled And In Awe

When you were a kid, you were probably busy playing tag or hide-and-seek in your backyard after school. Once you were all pooped out, maybe you went inside to have a nice snack of milk and cookies (if your parents were “cool,”) or perhaps some fresh veggies. Learning a very specialized skill to perform in the streets with your family was probably nowhere in the realm of your imagination.

But this six-year-old girl in India has perfected the craft of tightrope walking in order to perform with her father. It’s hard to imagine the time and dedication that went into learning how to be this awesome at something so difficult.

Just watch for yourself:

What? Why?

How in the…?

This is amazing! I bet climbing that first three-foot-tall tree when you were seven is feeling a little less impressive right now, huh? It’s okay, you’re probably good at other things…you just won’t ever be able to walk a tightrope like this amazing little girl!

He Noticed Something Down In A Deep Well. What They Pulled Out Is Unbelievable.

With only a thin rope and their bravery, an Indian community that had joined forces with a local rescue group saved a drowning dog that had fallen into a well. Without a moment to spare, they sprung to action and lowered one of their members into the well to fetch the poor pup. That’s the easy part. Getting out of the well, as we’re all, ahem, well aware, is the challenge. Take a look at how the motley rescue crew came together to bring that dog to safety.

Hang in there, buddy!

Don’t worry, help is on the way!

Okay, the dog has been saved from drowning. Now here’s the tricky part:

actually getting out of the well.

Luckily, both the community and rescue group members could work together…

and pull them both up to safety.

Can’t ask for a happier ending than that!

Here’s a whole video of the rescue.

(H/T Life with Dogs) Great job, all of you! And to think, some of us can’t even work together with our neighbors on determining what could be considered an appropriate volume level for watching “Game of Thrones” on TV. Share this feel-good post using the button below.

India Bans Documentary About The 2012 Delhi Gang Rape

The BBC show, which was due to be aired on Mar. 8, contains a new interview in which one of the convicted attackers says women “should just be silent and allow the rape.”

India has banned a documentary on the fatal gang rape of a student in Delhi in 2012, an attack which sparked a huge and ongoing debate about women’s rights in the world’s biggest democracy. Officials made the announcement on Wednesday.

Women protest against alleged police negligence in investigating the rape in January. AP / Tsering Topgyal

Home affairs minister Rajnath Singh said the BBC show was banned partly because it featured an interview with one of the five people convicted of the attack, who made “highly derogatory” comments about women.

Rajnath Singh talks to journalists after leaving parliament on Monday Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Mukesh Singh was interviewed in jail for the documentary and made a string of incendiary comments that went viral this week, saying women were more to blame for their rapes than men, and women should not fight back during rapes.

The four convicted rapists, with Mukesh Singh on the far left. Uncredited / AP

His comments have provoked widespread disgust in India, but some people say simply banning the documentary ignores the true problem — poor attitudes toward women. Here is one of India’s most prominent journalists:

This senior women’s rights activist supported the ban and said the documentary was helping a rapist spread his views.

Interview with a rapist ? Promoting misogyny ?? What sort of reporting is this ? https://t.co/whk2ya5xdF

— ranjanakumari (@Ranjana Kumari)

Leslee Udwin, the British film-maker who made the documentary, said she was “deeply saddened” by the ban, in a statement published by NDTV, the Indian television channel that was due to air the show in India. It will still air internationally on Mar. 8.

Udwin at a news conference in New Delhi on Tuesday. Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters

India’s home affairs minister directed the city’s police to obtain a court injunction against the film on Tuesday night, Reuters reported. India’s information and broadcasting ministry on Tuesday also issued an advisory warning television channels not to show excerpts from the interview, which it said “appear to encourage and incite violence against women.”

The home affairs minister has not only questioned the content of the interview — he has also ordered an enquiry into how Udwin got into Delhi’s Tihar jail. Udwin, who made the documentary for the BBC’s Storyville series, says the federal government and the jail gave her permission.

In the December 2012 attack, the 23-year-old student was gang-raped and tortured after boarding a minibus with a male friend. She later died of her injuries. Four adult men were found guilty of rape and murder and sentenced to the death. A teenager was found guilty of rape and murder and sentenced to three years in a juvenile detention center.

The four men are all appealing their sentences. Mukesh Singh says he was driving the bus during the attack but did not take part in the rape.

These Elephants In India Get Their Own Spa Day Every Year. I’m Legit Jealous.

In the south Indian state of Kerala, elephants hold a high place of honor and are often seen in their Hindu festivals. The gentle giants are not only protected by the various temples, but also pampered once a year with their own spa-like rejuvenation ceremony.

The event takes place in July, during monsoon season, and is part of the traditional Hindu medicine practices known as Ayurveda. The elephants are hosed down, scrubbed with herbs and oils and given treats.

Elephants in this area of the country have been endangered since 1986, their population declining over 50% over the last three generations.

As the state animal, it’s clear that they take their care for the big guys very seriously.

There are over 700 elephants owned by temples and individuals throughout Kerala.

Aside from the religious importance, a few of the country’s elephants are used to help work in the timber yards.

(via Daily Mail.)

I bet they spend the rest of the year never forgetting how relaxing this day was.

Homeless Man Who Has Nothing Still Finds A Way To Take Care Of A Dozen Stray Dogs

Kamala Lochan Baliarsingh is an extraordinary 60-year old man who lives near the Bhubaneswar railway station in Odisha, India. What makes him so extraordinary is his kindness. You see, Kamala is homeless. Even though he is stricken by poverty and daily hunger, he has single handedly taken it upon himself to feed all the stray dogs in the area, often feeding them instead of himself if he didn’t gather enough food that day.

He gives an entirely new meaning to kindness and generosity.

(Source: The Incendiary Films)

This short documentary about Kamala was created by three Indian filmmakers behind a short-film company called Incendiary Film. The trio (Ridhi Rohatgi, Raj Sampad and Siladitya Ray) met Kamala one night and felt so touched by his generosity towards his ‘pets’ that they felt they had to share his story to the world.

This Dog Loyally Stuck By His Owner’s Side, Even In Death.

You might want to grab some tissues for this one.

Construction worker Bhaskar Shri in Chennai, India was only 18 when he passed away in a car accident earlier this month. The young man had adopted this dog, Tommy, five years prior and the two were constant companions. Tommy even joined Shri at work on construction sites.

And that loyalty didn’t end with Shri’s passing. His mother noticed Tommy had been missing and assumed the pup had found a new family, but the truth is much more heartbreaking.

Shortly after Shri’s passing, Dawn Williams, an animal rescue officer with the Blue Cross of India, walked past his fresh grave and spotted Tommy resting there. She didn’t think much of it at the time.

Blue Cross of India/Cover India Press

A couple weeks later, she walked by again to find Tommy still there. He hadn’t left Shri’s side in weeks.

Blue Cross of India/Cover India Press

She could immediately see he was in poor condition, clearly having gone without food and water in order to remain at Shri’s side. Williams gave him food and water and says she certain there were tears in his eyes.

Blue Cross of India/Cover India Press

After working with her team to talk with locals in the area, she discovered Tommy’s identity and went in search of Shri’s mother.

Blue Cross of India/Cover India Press

(via NY Daily News.)

Williams said that as soon as Tommy saw her, his somber disposition disappeared as he began jumping and licking the mother’s face. She was equally uplifted by the reunion and told Williams she would keep Tommy as a happy reminder of her son.

Google Autocomplete Reveals Hilarious Differences Between India’s Prime Ministerial Candidates

“Dumb chutiya joke idiot.”

1. Users of Google India really want to know Modi’s marital status:

Users of Google India really want to know Modi's marital status:

View this image ›

2. But are a bit harsher to Gandhi:

But are a bit harsher to Gandhi:

View this image ›

3. These are the facts they need confirmed about Modi’s past:

These are the facts they need confirmed about Modi's past:

View this image ›

4. But these are far juicier:

But these are far juicier:

View this image ›

5. There is rampant curiosity about things Modi is saying, or things being said about him:

There is rampant curiosity about things Modi is saying, or things being said about him:

View this image ›

6. Uh oh:

Uh oh:

View this image ›

7. Modi, it seems, can speak English and serve India:

Modi, it seems, can speak English and serve India:

View this image ›

8. While Gandhi can potentially try again elsewhere.

While Gandhi can potentially try again elsewhere.

View this image ›

9. Google users, in general, just want to confirm whether Modi is married, good, and contesting:

Google users, in general, just want to confirm whether Modi is married, good, and contesting:

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10. And Rahul… Well.

And Rahul... Well.

View this image ›