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I Couldn’t Stop Laughing At This 8 Year Old’s Hilarious Yet Kinda Gross Letter To Mom. LOL!

Mother and Blogger, Liesl Testwuide, sent her 8-year-old son to summer camp last year, in the hopes he’d have a great time and get to experience all that camp has to offer. It was the first time he had been away from home for more than a night, and she was eagerly waiting to get a letter from him since she knew the camp staff urged the children to write to their parents. After a while she got her wish when the mailman turned up. Her son had written her a letter telling her about all the things he had learned so far at camp, it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind but oh boy was it amazing.

Next year she needs to make sure to send him to summer camp with a whole book of stamps. Source: Hairpin Turns Ahead Share this boy’s hilarious letter to his mom with your friends below.

This Grandma Learned to Never Put Her Hand On A Shark Tank… Because DUH.

Sharks have always been one of my biggest fears. Needless to say, the video below has turned me into a pathetic and shivering mound of sweat. I keep checking to make sure a shark isn’t going to eat me. Sure, I’m on land… but that’s not the point, OK? Watch as this granny learns why you should never put your hand on the glass of a shark tank.

The video was filmed at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. Source: Logan Riley Share this ‘shark attack’ video with your friends below to give them a little scare.

Guilty Dogs Try Their Best To Hide The Fact That They Definitely Did Something Bad

You know what are the best? Videos of guilty dogs.

The pups in this video both look extremely guilty as their owner interrogates the two adorable suspects. The crime in question was a heinous one. Someone had the tenacity to ruin a perfectly good shoe.

While the two dogs, sitting side by side, both look like they might be responsible for the misdeed, the pit bull looks especially guilty. Starring sheepishly at the floor, the little guy does his best to avoid Dad’s gaze. He even went so far as to hide behind his brother’s back!

In the end, neither of these two cuties owned up to the crime. But personally, I think they were both in on it.

These 33 People Had One Simple Job… And Failed So Ridiculously Hard. LOLOL.

People, you only had one job. It wasn’t tough. It was easy. We promise. So then why. Why did you do this to us? We’d fire you if we weren’t afraid of unleashing you on society. Because let’s face it, you probably don’t even realize what you’ve done. Check it out below.

(H/T: BuzzFeed) Well? What do you have to say for yourself? 😉 As punishment, share with your friends using the button below.

Life In Canada Is So Much Different, And Colder, Than Life Anywhere Else.

Canada. America’s northern neighbor. The great wilderness that few of us know about. Our country’s hat. What most Americans know about Canada is that they say “Eh” and that’s about it. (Maybe stuff about Rob Ford, too.)

To find out more about the fine country of Canada, I present examples of regular happenings in this fine sovereign nation. I’ll show you Canadian versions of things that are quite different from what we have in America. They range from awesome to weird, but all of it is 100% Canadian.

Love at first sight.

The most Canadian way to die.

Who would do that anyway?

That’s cold.

Awfully polite.

I found a car!

Why thank you, kind sirs.


You’re forgiven.

What a sweetheart.

Hey, they have to eat somehow.

How obscene!

What’s the answer?

Why would you ever want to trap a Canadian?

Hockey > Babes.

That’s convenient.

Not anymore.

This actually looks awesome.

Hooray! They all survive.


The ice makes it easier.

I’d love to do that.

Holy cow.

I hope we all learned a little bit about what life is like in Canada (it’s a magical, snowy wonderland where absolutely everyone is polite). I also hope we all plan to moving there now because it looks awesome! Who wouldn’t want to see moose in their back yard?

This Dad And His Baby Recorded Some Awesome Dubsmash Videos For Mommy

The new app Dubsmash is a hilarious tool that people can use to make funny lip-syncing videos. It’s really simple, but the fun is endless.

This father and son decided that they would entertain mommy while she was at work with a little help from the app. Eric Bruce and his son, Jack, sent videos on the app to Jack’s mother, Priscilla, to entertain her at work. After a year, they compiled some of their favorites!

(via TIME)

These two are due for an appearance on Lip Sync Battle. Based on this, I think it’s pretty safe to say that these two are pros.

These Are The Last 19 Things You’d Ever Want To See In A Bathroom. OMG… Serious Fails.

Using a public restroom is always a dangerous gamble. There is a chance the toilet is clean and well maintained… but it’s far more likely that you’re just stepping into a war zone. Some of the most ridiculous things can be found in a public bathroom. It’s almost like architects make them frightening on purpose. These bathroom fails are some of the worst you’ll ever see. You’d never want to walk into a bathroom after a long night and see any of these things. Not only are some gross, but many just don’t make sense. These are bathrooms from Hell.

1.) You can bond with the person in front of you in line.

2.) Are they encouraging you to wash your hands?

3.) I hope you don’t like privacy.

4.) A family who eats together, bathes together?

5.) This bathroom will help you go #2.

6.) Performance anxiety? I hope not.

7.) This just defies all logic.

8.) Measure twice, cut once. Don’t just forget to measure and then have to cut.

9.) Wait, what are they doing in the bath tub then?

10.) Everything about this feels wrong.

11.) At least you won’t run out of toilet paper. Or nightmares.

12.) This can’t possibly smell okay.

13.) The struggle is real.

14.) This isn’t helping any.

15.) HOW?

16.) Peeing in this child-sized toilet would just feel… wrong.

17.) It’s a game of thrones.

18.) Couples should never, ever use this toilet.

19.) I have a feeling they installed the toilet after the door.

(H/T BuzzFeed) There is a reason why “waiting until you get home” always seems like such a good idea when you have to pee in public. Not only is it cleaner, but you’ll avoid the insane bathroom fails that are everywhere. (Don’t even think about using a Port A Potty.)

These Poor Trick-Or-Treaters Got Quite A Scare On Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for little kids. I mean, it’s the one day each year when taking candy from strangers is a good idea. It also allows these precious kiddos to dress up as their favorite monsters, superheroes, and cartoon characters. What’s not to love?

But it’s not all fun and games for little trick-or-treaters. Sometimes, they encounter quite a few bumps in the road on their quest to get candy from every house in the neighborhood.

Source: Trick or treat mishaps by vidibona on Rumble

As bad as it is to watch kids suffer, you have to admit that they’re pretty funny when they’re scared. These situations — no matter how scary — are never enough to deter them from filling up their buckets with sweet treats, though. You have to admire them for that.

17 Times Companies Seriously Couldn’t Have Cared Less (And We Loved Them For It)

People have been trolling others on social media since the dawn of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After all, it’s a lot easier to lash out from behind a keyboard when there aren’t any consequence involved. Things have gotten really interesting since massive companies have started harnessing the power of social media.

While they typically use outlets like Twitter for promotional purposes and damage control, something awesome happens when the social media managers behind those accounts start feeling sassy.

1. Nothing like a sports burn.

2. Why’d you tell on us, Oreo?

3. Need some ice for that burn?

4. That’s common knowledge, Rob.

5. Lucille Bluth is the queen of shade.

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251602_5709bb841bdf8”, auid: “537251602” });

6. No one likes a thief, Pharrell.

7. Instant regret!

8. Can’t argue with that.

9. He’s looking for love in all the wrong places.

10. Drag her, Tesco!

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251604_5709bb841bf79”, auid: “537251604” });

11. It’s science.

12. London transit likes to lay the passive aggression on thick.

13. Touché.

14. I feel like Deadspin’s social media manager already thinks America is great.

15. BuzzFeed is full of sass, but did they meet their match in Taco Bell?

16. E4 has zero chill!

17. That escalated quickly.

(via BuzzFeed)

We need more companies like this that are willing to lay the smackdown on trolls. Maybe it’ll teach them a lesson. Probably not, but at this point, it’s worth a shot.

A Little Boy Discovers His Own Eyebrows. And His Response Is Hysterical… LOL.

Life for babies is full of new discoveries every single day, things we normally wouldn’t even take into consideration. Like this toddler in the video below, he has the most adorable reaction ever upon discovering he can move his eyebrows when looking into a mirror.

The way he always laughed in the same way exactly the same amount of time after moving his eyebrows every time was awesome. AHAHA…AHAAA! 😀

Source: Lucas MacEochaidh

Share this happy toddler and his contagious laughter with your friends and family below.