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These Unusual Homes Are So Cool, You Won’t Want To Go Back To Your Own.

If you have a roof over your head, you should count yourself lucky. If your roof is a Boeing 727 (and not because a plane crashed into your house) then you can consider yourself awesome. Your house would also be on this list of amazing and unusual abodes.

These places (both homes and hotels) are absolutely incredible. I don’t know how these people were able to dream these domiciles up, much less be able to afford them. You’ve got to check them out!

1. House Balancing on a Rock – Serbia

As you can see, it’s a house balancing on a rock. Cool!

2. Boeing 727 Hotel – Costa Rica

“This is your captain speaking, I just wanted to say that this is awesome.”

Finally, a plane with some leg room!

3. Hobbit House – Wales

This place looks great.

Way to be, J.R.R. Buildin’.

4. Transparent House – Japan

You know what they say about living in a glass house…

Don’t throw rocks and always wear pants.

5. World’s Slimmest House – Poland

“No dessert for me, I’ve got to be able to get back into my house.”

6. Flinstones House – USA

It’s a modern-Stone Age four bedroom.

7. Slide House – Japan

You’ll never be late again.

8. Brooklyn Clock Tower Home – USA

9. Dumpster Home – USA

This place doesn’t stink half as much as I thought it would.

In fact, it’s kind of cool.

Oh, okay now it stinks. Still awesome though!

10. Crocodile House – Ivory Coast

(via Distractify)

No matter how much you decorate your apartment, it’ll never look like one of these amazing homes. Share this post by using the buttons below.

With A Few Inexpensive Items, You Can Give Your Room A Luxurious Upgrade

If you’re tired of your boring old headboard and you’re also low on cash, check this out.

With a few simple tools, you can revamp this old standby for a fraction of what you’d spend on a new one. This light-up headboard is gorgeous, and you can alter the project to make one that’s chic enough for adults or playful enough for kids! Check out the instructions below.

People are so creative, aren’t they? I never would’ve thought of that! Home decor can cost a pretty penny, but projects like this can help you cut corners without sacrificing beauty or quality.

This Apartment Is Really Nice… But When You See What It Has, OMG. I Am Incredibly Jealous.

Most modern apartment design focuses on minimalism, fancy art, luxurious amenities and costing more than any living space ever should. Although the price is still probably outrageous, architect David Hotson found a way to mix in some whimsy into modern design. This is Skyhouse.

What makes Skyhouse unique isn’t its location or Feng Shui (although both are impressive). It’s the slide inside that pulls it all together.

Skyhouse was created in a NYC apartment space.

It is in a previously unoccupied penthouse.

The interior design is gorgeous.

It’s minimalistic…

But also filled with eye-popping color and art.

It’s an impressive house.

But mainly because of the slide.

Instead of taking stairs to get around this massive apartment, you take the slide.

The tunnel starts at the roof…

And it runs all the way to the ground floor.

This fun pad is located in the middle of NYC, in one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers.

Skyhouse’s design mixes fun in with modern ideas. There’s a rock wall, a swing…

The slide isn’t the only awesome part of this apartment.

Living in here would be a child’s dream.

It’s at the summit of the skyscraper.

Making this a rooftop playground.

Every day would be fun if you lived here.

(H/T Where Cool Things Happen)

The price of living in a space like this is probably obscene, so just let Skyhouse be an inspiration to you in your future building and design endeavors. “Fancy” shouldn’t mean “devoid of fun.” Even nice apartments can have a few pieces of playground equipment stuck inside… and they are still incredible. This apartment is to die for, share it with your friends!

If You Hate Your Neighbors Or Fear A Zombie Apocalypse, This Isolated House Is Absolutely Perfect.

Off the south coast of Iceland there is an island group called Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands in English), and one of those islands is Elliðaey. A tiny little island sticking out of the cold North Atlantic Ocean which is solely populated by seabirds that use the island as a nesting site, particularly puffins. What makes this little island so interesting is the single mysterious house that stands on it.

The only house on Elliðaey island off the coast of Iceland. Some 300 years ago this island was inhabited by five families that lived in huts and survived on fishing, raising cattle on the island and hunting for puffins nesting on its cliffs.

Years later, in 1953, the Hunting Association of Iceland decided to build a lodge on the island for their members to use during the puffin hunting season, that lodge is now the only standing building left on this remote island. The mainland of Iceland can be seen there in the background.

It has no electricity and no internet connection…but it does have a nice sauna. The drinking water is gathered from the atmosphere into a specially made collecting system

Mowing the lawn would be quite the task.

The whole island in all of its glory.

Unfortunately, only the Hunting Association members have the privilege of staying there, so a weekend cabin trip is out of the question for us. But one thing is certain – this is the perfect place to hide from zombies.

Source: whenonearth.net

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No, This Is Not A Plane Crash In The Forest. Take A Step Inside This Thing – AWESOME.

From these pictures you might think an airliner miraculously landed in the woods, but that is actually one man’s dream home. You see, Oregonian Bruce Campbell doesn’t just love planes, he lives in one. After buying a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 a few years ago, Bruce had it moved to his plot of land in the middle of the Oregon woods, parking it in what might be termed his garden. After the rather large mobile home was in place he got to work on turning the aircraft into a home for him to live in.

Campbell left most of the outside of the plane as was.

The entrance to the airplane home is at the back.

Instead of transforming the 1,066 sq ft interior of the plane to resemble a modern home, Campbell chose to leave a lot of the original equipment intact.

He uses the cockpit as a reading room and he even installed a computer monitor right in the middle of the instrument panel.

But there is no home without a bathroom, so he got one of the original plane bathrooms up and running.

He’s managed to turn the plane into quite a cozy space, but his most intriguing renovation has to be the transparent floor.

The original floor was torn out and replaced with translucent panels, allowing visitors to see the super structure’s ribs and controlling cables running from the cockpit to the wings and tail.

There is plenty of storage in the cargo hold and the wings serve as a great deck.

It must be awesome to meet new people and invite them back to his place…umm, his plane.

While most of us would use these stairs to get off a plane as quickly as possible, he sees it as a welcome home sign.

It’s wonderful when people have such a passion for something in their lives.

If anything, that is a very unique home, even if the interior is a bit plane.

A Boat Builder Had A Crazy Idea In The Forest. One Year And $11,000 Later, THIS Perfection Exists.

I’ve never met Brian Schulz, but he’s now my hero. He had an idea to build a Japanese Forest House in the middle of an Oregon forest… and after 1 1/2 years and $11,000, he completed it. What’s even better about this home in the woods, it was mostly built from natural, locally sourced materials. In other words, this place was mostly funded by his hard work and innovation – something truly inspiring. Take a look at Schulz’s home and his journey along the way below.

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this is the finished home in the woods of Cape Falcon, Oregon.

As mentioned above, the truly inspiring part about this house is that nearly everything you see was locally sourced.

Schulz said, “it is undeniable that the pursuit of local materials connects more deeply to your landscapes.”

“The simple act of searching adds richness to our lives,’ he added.

The entire idea started when he went to a recycling center and found a brass sink.

He started fantasizing about building an entire house around it.

So… he did.

He set out to salvage all of the necessary materials.

It’s incredible that so much of what you see in this house was pulled from his local surroundings.

Schulz says, “With deep enough pockets a person might be able to duplicate such a structure by writing a large check to a talented builder, but that would risk missing the point entirely.”

He also did quite a bit of traveling to find all the right resources. He conveyed that this was one of the best parts of the process.

“You meet people, you discover new places, you have adventures, you learn things, AND, you come home with beams, windows, doors, and shingles.”

No home would be complete without an outhouse.

A (mostly) natural outhouse.

This is Brian with a kayak that he built. He clearly has an unbelievable talent.

Schulz stated that the $11,000 cash mostly went to concrete, insulation and shakes. After all, it’s tough to build a home this awesome completely from your surroundings. All in all, he did a fantastic job that should inspire the creativity in all of us. As much as I love the house, his experience building it is absolutely priceless. Source: Cape Falcon Kayak A year and a half of work deserves some credit. Share this awesome house with others; inspire them.

A Guy Found A Hidden Crawlspace In His House. What Was In It Is Either A Cruel Joke.. Or Horrifying.

When Reddit user lmbrjack posted that he found a hidden crawl space in his attic leading to a locked door, the Internet braced itself for massive disappointment. In the past year or two, when people find locked safes or rooms, they seem to either never get into them or deliver a colossal let down when they finally open it. There’s rarely a gazillion dollars or Jimmy Hoffa inside, unfortunately. But lmbrjack delivered. And not only did he do so quickly, but it actually wasn’t a letdown. Well, mostly not anyway.

After moving in just 2 weeks ago, they wondered what this was. They assumed it was nothing but decided to investigate.

For an area meant to just store a hot water heater, it’s surprisingly nice, carpet included.

If you follow it back, there’s a black painted door.

With, of course, a lock on it. Fortunately, lmbrjack wasn’t about to go to sleep not knowing what was in there.

Once inside, the first thing he saw was a big black sentry safe.

Another view of the safe.

The walls, floor and ceiling are covered in soundproofing board and plastic tarp, all white. There are 3-4 outlets in the room with a small raised area the size of a single bed. Strange for a crawlspace.

Oh look, a random briefcase.

Inside: Old wooden box, jewelry box, envelopes with paper money of various countries and origins, 4 1 oz silver ingots.

Now it starts to get a little weird. Inside the sentry safe are some tapes.

“No, no, no, no” … that can’t be good.

6 Tapes in total, labeled I ’94, II ’95, III ’95, IV ’95, V, and one unlabeled.

“Save Yourself” in dripping ink. WHAT? That’s enough for me to get out of there.

As of this post, he’s yet to watch the tapes because he doesn’t have anything that can play VHSC tapes. According to lmbrjack, he’s working on that and will update soon. A lot of people think this is an elaborate hoax. The uploader, so far, is swearing it’s all real. Another user even came forward and said he recognizes the house and knows the previous owners. He claimed it was an attempt to grow mushrooms in the crawlspace and maybe he left some strange things up there. In response to the claims of “HOAX!” the owner of the house said: “I admit it is weird, yes I am a little spooked to sleep in my own home even though I probably only found some home movies and a joke in a failed grow room. I just wanted to share what I would find in this weird place in my crawl space and I knew anything I posted would be scrutinized. If I found a crate of solid gold even it’d be yelled fake. I’m not anything but a 22 year old Illinois suburb dwelling guy who likes working with metal in his backyard forge, playing PC games and making music.” I, for one, will be waiting to see what’s on those tapes. He should be updating that within the next day or two. Share this article with others below…. and investigate all of your hidden crawlspaces.

I’d Take One Of These Tiny Houses Over A Mansion Any Day Of The Week.

Whoever said bigger is better must have never stepped foot into one of these tiny, but totally awesome houses. That, or they had already bought a mansion and didn’t keep their receipt.

The houses below are really quite amazing. I was already on board with the smaller home thing when I realized there’d be less cleaning, but now that I’ve seen what you can do with such little space, I’m very much into it. I won’t say tinier is better, since it’s subjective, but smaller is definitely super! Take a look!  

Millau, France

Machynlleth, Wales

Weston Super Mare, England

Ojai, California

Hampshire, England

Green Mountain, North Carolina

Seguin, Texas

Turin, Italy

Stanwood, Washington

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

(via Tiny House Swoon, H/T Lifebuzz)

These are so awesome. Tiny houses prove that quantity is definitely less important than quality. Most of these are a fraction of the size of the house I grew up in, but they are so much cooler.

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This Creepy Mansion Sold For An Insane Amount Of Money. It’s Unbelievable.

Even when Louisville, Kentucky, was full of impressive houses, the Ouerbacker Mansion stood out from the others. The Romanesque mansion was home to coffee mogul Samuel Ouerbacker and caught the eyes of all who passed by with its beauty. Nearly a hundred years later, the mansion still attracts looks from people, but instead of instilling awe in passers-by it’s making people scream “Ah!”

That’s not to say the mansion is no longer beautiful. It still is, but in the scariest way possible.

It seems impossible for this mansion not to be haunted, which may be why it sold for an insane amount of money…

The mansion was purchased $1.

Yep. That might be because it’s so horrifying. Who would want to spend good money on ghosts?

Restoring a home in this kind of disrepair will cost thousands.

If not millions.

So even though it sold so cheaply, it’s doubtful there will be any major repairs anytime soon.

Yeah, good luck with that.

The city of Louisville has already dumped thousands into the mansion just to keep it stabilized.

It certainly has potential though.

Just look at it.

If you don’t care that your house looks super haunted.

Ouerbacker Mansion back in its heyday.

(via ALLDAY)

Most mansions cost a few million dollars, not just one dollar. Not only did the new owners gain a historic mansion, they probably bought a few evil spirits, as well.