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Taylor Swift Stops by a Hospital and Sings A Song With a Leukemia Patient.

Reddit user GodIsMerciful recently underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. While he was undergoing treatment, Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital to surprise patients. During her visit, she dropped by his room to say hello.

When she noticed the keyboard in his room, she asked him to play a song for her. He decided to play a song he had recently started working on which was “Someone Like You,” by Adele. She said to him she would sing along the parts that she knew.

He was going through something terrible, but this boy was able to experience something amazing.

(Source: SuperGlue65)

Afterwards, the young patient said that Taylor was so sweet and made everyone’s day at the hospital. He even got a BIG hug from the superstar. 

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift has made a surprise visit to a hospital.

The Sign Says Do Not Enter. Now That This Guy Broke In, I Can See Why… Creepy.

For 170 years, this stern institution has stood in the middle of the wilderness. St Edmund’s Hospital’s intimidating facade could scare away even the bravest urban explorers. It was built in 1836 as a workhouse. In the 1930s it was converted into a hospital, but was abandoned in 1998. It has been empty ever since, and nature has been slowly creeping in and taking over. I can’t imagine being brave enough to enter this place…

The hospital was bustling for 70 years. However, now it has been vacant for 15.

It was both a workhouse and a hospital, two places full of pain.

Its windows are smashed and debris litters the floor.

Many homeless seek shelter within its crumbling walls.

There have been plans to demolish the site, but have since been abandoned.

Time and time again, people have attempted to get rid of this workhouse-turned-hospital, but it still stands.

The paint is peeling, the walls hold secrets, but it still stands.

We’re glad. If only we were lucky enough to see it for ourselves.

Then again… maybe we’ll avoid visiting.

Abandoned places are eerie enough, but when you know that a building has had a history as a disgusting public workhouse and then as an old-time hospital… you almost KNOW it’s haunted. You should Like Damien On Facebook and Visit His Web Site.

These 11 Unfortunate Dogs Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees. Ouch.

There’s a popular old saying that goes something like, “Hey, don’t eat bees.” Or maybe it’s just common sense. But either way, seriously, you shouldn’t eat bees. Fortunately, you already know this, but dogs are not so fortune – they’re firm believers that bees just want to play. 

But oh no. Bees do not want to play. The folks over at BuzzFeed found a few dogs who learned that the hard way. And yes, you’re a horrible person for laughing at this. 

1.) Yep, this dog definitely ate a bee.

2.) Charge: bee eating. Verdict: guilty.

3.) Ashamed, but still very much a bee eater.

4.) In his pre-bee eating days, he didn’t look so grumpy.

5.) Coming inside is probably wise. No bees in here.

6.) Yes, doggy, it was the bee that did this to you.

7.) No amount of puppy dog eyes will heal that swelling

8.) Why the long face? 🙁

9.) Even puppies eat bees.

10.) Oh dear GOD.

11.) This one must’ve eaten an entire hive of bees.

(via: BuzzFeed)

I would wrap this article up with the moral of the story, but it’s pretty clear: don’t let your dog eat a bee or it’s going to look ridiculous for a while. Warn your friends about the dangers (or hilarity, you twisted soul) of dogs eating bees by sharing this below.

Police kill rooftop shooter near San Francisco hospital

Police in San Francisco were confronted this evening with a gunman reportedly firing from arooftop construction sitenearSt. Luke’s hospital in the city’s Mission District.

NBC Bay Area reports that the suspect was shooting at the hospital until law enforcementresponded, at which time he began firing at the police.

NBC Bay Area reports that the unidentified shooterused a handgun to roba Big 5 Sporting Goods store of either a rifle or a shotgun and ammunition. His motive for scaling the construction site and opening fire remains unknown.

Here Are The Craziest Things Doctors Somehow Found In People’s Bodies. Unreal.

We all know that food and water is meant to be put into our bodies. (Hopefully.) But sometimes people get confused. They start to put other things in their bodies that aren’t food and/or water. This leads to serious medical complications that are very dangerous. And ridiculous.

Fortunately for us, most of these people go to the hospital and get X-rays. Somehow, those X-rays end up online and…the rest is history.

1.) A Lightbulb

If you were to ask this prison inmate how he got a light bulb lodged in his inners, he’d say he had no clue. So do we.

2.) Magnetix

You know how on a lot of children’s toys they have warnings that say, “Harmful if swallowed?” Well this is a great example of this warning because if kids swallow magnets, it causes a ton of intestinal problems that can become fatal if not treated quickly and properly. The kid that swallowed these magnetic toys found out that it can also be quite painful.

3.) Dentures

When an elderly couple were kissing, it turned awkward when the woman accidentally swallowed her man’s dentures. That’s hardcore making out right there.

4.) An Engagement Ring

A man wanted to get his girlfriend the perfect engagement ring, so he visited a jeweler and rather than pay for the super expensive ring, he decided to swallow it and try to walk out with it in his stomach. He was reprimanded once the police recovered the evidence 3 days later once he pooped it out.

5.) A Belt

A man lived with a leather belt lodged in his chest for years and didn’t do anything about it until he needed surgery for tuberculosis. It was the result of a car accident, and he just continued living with it until he needed surgery.

6.) Silverware

Doctors in the Netherlands were completely blown away when a 52-year-old woman came in to the emergency room complaining of stomach pain. After an X-ray they discovered 78 pieces of silverware in her stomach.

7.) A Key

A college student tried to dissuade his friends from going home one night because he insisted that the night must go on. How did he convince them? He swallowed the keys to his apartment.

8.) A Grenade

A suicide bomber decided to swallow a grenade with the intention of detonating it when he was within range of his target. The only problem was, how was he thinking he’d detonate it with the grenade in his stomach?

9.) A Cell Phone

A prisoner in San Salvador decided he must stay connected to the outside world, so he swallowed his phone.

10.) Frogs

Yang Dingcai, in southeast China says 40 years of swallowing tree frogs and rats live has helped him avoid intestinal complaints and made him strong.

Let this be a lesson to everyone reading this post. Don’t swallow things that aren’t meant to be swallowed (e.g., belts, frogs, lightbulbs, and the rest). That stuff doesn’t belong in our bodies and you definitely don’t want to end up in an article like this.