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This Is What These 30 Company Slogans Would Look Like If They Were Really Honest. LOLOL.

Have you ever thought about what advertisements would say if companies were really being honest with us? Honest Slogans has, and it turns out, the truth would be hilarious. Instead of pitching us on why we should buy it (new! shiny! awesome!), ads would just tell us the truth. (Like what we all really do with Altoid tins.) Here are 30 of the best honest slogans we could find. You’ll love them because you know this stuff is true.

1.) Someone tell 8th grade boys this.

2.) Tsk, tsk, tsk!

3.) Hey, we all do it.

4.) Seriously, are their stores caves?

5.) It just ends up being like every other color.

6.) This tab? Yeah, it won’t work.

7.) So many dried out bottles…

8.) UHHH. YEP!

9.) Hey, if we’re being honest.

10.) Cheap and effective.

11.) For drunk people, that may help.

12.) Personally, I’m cool with it.

13.) Mass production is the new romance.

14.) Square bottles are for better water.

15.) You know you still want it.

16.) Sometimes, it’s just easier to read the book.

17.) Mmm, bitter water.

18.) Homeless chic is SO hot right now.

19.) They basically have naked mannequins.

20.) You know those tins rock.

21.) CURSES.

22.) Or “worked out.” Whatever.

23.) My childhood is shattered.

24.) How else are you going to be awake enough to play at 4am?

25.) LOL.

26.) According to WebMD, we’re all sick.

27.) The Earth knows you’re there, now.

28.) So bad… yet so good.

29.) Hopefully.

30.) They really emphasize the “old” spice of it.

Source: Honest Slogans “YES” to every single one of those. Especially craving Chick-Fil-A on Sundays. It’s almost magical how that happens every week. Now, share these hilarious honest slogans with others. They need to know the truth.